Chapter Four


Tony waited outside the door as Kate locked up the house and put her big black winter jacket on. The snow fell into their hair as they walked towards Tony's car. There lay at least a foot of snow beneath their feet. Unfortunately, the car refused to start. "Damn!" Tony shouted as he slammed his car door shut. "Tony. Calm down. We can walk to the park. It's not snowing to hard." Kate rested her hand on his shoulder and let him away from his car. "Fine. Let's go." Tony grumbled. "Tony. This is supposed to be a day of fun, it's gonna work if your grumpy." Tony faked a stupid grin and made Kate laugh. They walked down the street, stomping their way through the snow. Throughout the way, the saw kids and parents playing in the snow. The soft gentle flakes glistened in the sunlight streaming through the park. Benches were tinted with white powder and the trees were topped with the same. The clear blue skies made the day seem even better.

"This is great already." Kate gleamed with happiness. She looked around, but Tony was nowhere in sight. Out of no where a snowball smacked her on the face and ran down her back. Tony popped up out of the tree and started laughing like a hyena. He was still laughing when a snowball about the size of a fist slammed into his face. Thus, the snowball fight had began. Tony began running as fast as he could, so he could tackle Kate and push her face in snow. When she realized what was going on in Tony's head, she made a run towards the nearest bench in which she hid behind. Tony however, caught her and tackled her down. Luckily for Kate, she had had some defensive training when she protected the president. She spun around and Tony fell on to the floor, his face smashed into the snow. He turned around in his laying down position, caught Kate around the legs with his and pulled her down so that she fell right on top of him.

"Tony?" Kate whispered. Tony wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "Kate!" The kids seemed to run around the two who were laying on the snow bed near a soft forest and a couple of benches. Their faces were pulled together slowly. The gentle kiss warmed up their cold bodies. As fast as it started, it ended. "Kate?" Tony said worried. Kate pulled back and got up. She brushed her hair back and sat on the bench. Tony sat up but was still in the snow leaned his hands and rested his heads on them on the back of the seat. "What was that?" Kate replied. "It's called a kiss Kate. I know you haven't had many boyfriends but I'm sure you and Kevin had a couple of them." Tony laughed. Kate couldn't help but let out a little giggle. "Tony. You know that's not what I meant." "Yeah I know." Tony said, his voice suddenly got really low. He stood up and sat on the bench next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Without even realizing it, Kate Todd, the invincible Kate Todd, laid her head on his shoulder.

"I thought he was the one Tony, I really did." Kate sniffled. "Honestly Katie…if he was the one, he would have understood it was a joke, he would have stayed and not left you. Not like he did." Tony took a deep breath in and let it out watching the cold cloud forming above his face. "So…why are you staying?" Kate blurted out. She jumped up once again. She had no idea why she said that. It's like something in her took over just enough to ask the question and then left her once again to take the blame for it. "Because….because I love you. And I might be the one. I just need you to take a risk." Tony said taking her hand. "When did you know that?" Kate took a step closer to him. "Since I saw you, but I figured it out last night." Tony whispered into her face. "Oh DiNozzo, your slow." Tony laughed and held her tight and kissed her gently on the cheek. "Tony. I love you too, I think." Kate replied, kissing him back. "How will I know?" Kate said after a long pause. "You just need to give me a chance. Take a risk and I'll prove it to you that I'm not all you see me as at work." "Okay. I'll take a risk, but this is the last one I'm taking. How are we gonna tell Gibbs?" Kate said into the snow. A soft ring came from her pocket. "Gibbs. Hey, we were just.." But Kate was interrupted. "Gibbs already knows bout Kate and Tony. Just make sure it doesn't interfere with work." Gibbs yelled through Abby's ecstatic cries of excitement. "Got to go Gibbs." Tony said into the mouthpiece and hung up. Tony picked her up and held her in his arms, never letting go and kissing her. This is a risk I'm defiantly willing to take. Kate said in her head.


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