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The rain hadn't eased the slightest since it started its attack yesterday morning. Colonel Jack O'Neill was getting used to its constant drumming on the roof. He was sitting comfortably on the couch with a beer in his hand and feet propped up on the coffee table.

It had been a long, tiring day. Px3-771 hadn't been covered with Jaffa, or any other hostile creatures, it was just the whole day over all that tired him out; the scorching sun, the long hours walking around doing nothing as Daniel played with his rocks and carter with her dirt. The old ruins Daniel had wanted to explore had been a three hour walk away from the gate. The whole time Jack had been wondering what he'd done to deserve this; General Hammond had suggested none other that Felger and his geeky buddies accompany them today-apparently there was something of scientific value there that they could drool over. So there he was; leaning against the thick trunk of the alien tree with his cap pulled down over his face, leaving just enough of a gap that he could watch Felger stutter and smile nervously every time Carter came near him, he swore Felger nearly passed out when she brushed his arm. He found it amusing how Carter could have that effect on men, sure she had the same affect on him, but just watching it now actually proved how…amazing she was.

So that had been his day, although the most proverbial moment had to have been when they were heading back to the gate and Daniel was chatting perkily away about how the ruins described the ancient laws of the town, when all of a sudden the rambling stopped and was replaced with a loud 'oomph' jack looked behind him to see Daniel face first in the dirt. He'd tripped over a large root that pocked out of the ground.

"Watch your step there Daniel" jack commented dryly.

"Yeah, thanks jack, really" he had said attempting to stand, as soon as he put weight on his right foot he fell again, not completely to the ground this time, thanks to teal'c and Sam standing near by

"Oh, that's not good" Daniel muttered wincing in pain.

Jack sighed "okay Daniel can you make it back to the gate" he paused and looked at his watch. "Were about 20 minutes away"

"Yeah I think so" Daniel said with his arms still around Sam and Teal'c's shoulders.

All the time that had been happening, the scientists stayed deadly quiet fearing if they said a word they would get a mouthful. Felger though had been thinking he would break an ankle any day just to have his arm around Major Carter…Teal'c not so much.

A while later every step Daniel took he cursed or winced loudly.

"Only you Daniel could do something like this on a perfectly harmless…non life threatening…safe planet" carter said breathlessly, having to support half Daniels weight and his back pack, plus hers as well, was tiring. Jack smiled slightly at carters comment; he turned around and saw Felger smiling to, Colonel O'Neil gave him a piercing stare, causing Felger to find his boots particularly interesting, an act that didn't go unnoticed by Carter.

So finally they had arrived back at the SGC. Tired, irritated, hot and grumpy. Albeit safe.

Sympathy grew for Daniel as they realized his ankle wasn't just sprained but broken. They were surprised that he hadn't made more of a fuss, he must have been getting used to dying and being injured constantly. Daniel had been confined to the base for a couple of days, but still couldn't walk properly for a while, so sg-1 got some well deserved down time until he healed.

So here jack was, watching hockey re-runs, drinking beer and listening to the storm brewing out side. He was starting to get drowsy when a knock at the door stirred him. He tried to will the person away until they knocked again a little louder. Sighing he got up and answered the door. It took all his will power to keep his mouth from dropping open. Sam Carter was standing on his door step soaking wet, she was wearing tight black pants and a white T-shirt, the same thing she had been wearing when she left the mountain, but it looked…slightly different when wet and clingy in certain places.

"Carter? What the hell are you doing here?" He winced after he'd said it, knowing it sounded like she wasn't welcome

"No, I mean its freezing and…well wet, why aren't you at home?"

"Could I please come in sir?" she asked. He'd gotten a little caught up in the moment and forgotten she was still standing in the rain.

"Oh yeah, sorry" he said opening the door wider. She rushed inside, her arms hugging around her stomach.

"Be right back" he said. Jack went to get a towel out of the hall cupboard. He returned and placed it around her shoulders. Rubbing her arms up and down…

"So back to my original question, why aren't you at home?" he stopped drying her arms and motioned for her to follow him into the kitchen. He put on the kettle and then leaned against the bench, looking at her.

"Well, this is sort of embarrassing and hard to believe but…" she paused as she pulled something out of her pocket, she held it up and jack had to hide a smile at the broken key

"It was absolutely pouring down, and I was just in such a rush to get inside that I…I don't know, forced it a little too hard" she said trying to look innocent.

"I would have gone to Daniel's to get his spare key, but as you know, he's at the base, and your house is closer so…can I borrow you spare key?" she smiled up at him.

"No" he simply said. Her smile disappeared quickly

"What do you mean no, it's my key!" she protested

Jack looked out the window at the ever increasing storm "it's bad enough that you already drove here in this weather, but I'm not letting you drive back in it, its getting worse."

"Okay, firstly, that's my decision; secondly what was I supposed to do? Sleep in the car? And thirdly what am I going to do now?" Sam had raised her voice a little at his turned back, when he turned back around he was holding a cup of steaming coffee out to her, she took it thankfully.

"Well, firstly Major; I am your commanding officer, you being a member of my team, I have to watch out for the safety of all my team members, so therefore its partly my decision and I could order you to stay" she opened her mouth to pretest, but the look on his face forced her to shut it "I would be doing the same if it were Daniel or teal'c. Secondly… yeah I got nothing for that one, but thirdly give me your clothes"

Sam choked on her coffee and nearly dropped the cup.

"Excuse me!" she said shocked, praying she heard wrong.

Jack couldn't hide his smile "I said, give me your clothes…" as much as he wanted to drag this out, he had to put a stop to the thoughts playing in his head

"I'll put them in the dryer, then when there dry…well we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" he smiled walking away.

Sam was still a little stunned, but followed him down the hall to his bedroom

"If you think I'm walking around in just a towel, you've got another thing com- ..oumphm" she was cut off as a hand full of clothes was thrown in her face.

"Wouldn't dream of it carter he whispered as he passed her, closing the door to give her privacy. Okay, in the small amount of time she'd been there, she was starting to see a new side to jack O'Neill, sure they flirted and teased but this was…well different.

"I should've slept in the car" she mumbled staring down at his clothes.

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