Sam didn't have any idea where she was running to, of course he'd find her - he lived here!

Her eyesight had adjusted to the darkness a while ago but it was still hard to see. She could hear his pounding footsteps behind her, slowly but surely gaining ground against her retreating position. She felt so immature running away from him, but part of what kept her running was the fact that she was actually having fun … yes Sam Carter was having fun, stirring up an already angry Colonel. She couldn't even suppress the occasional giggle that slipped out.

Racing up the stairs was the hardest part, not only was it dark, but she also had to constantly pull up her pants.

He was certainly not far behind her, she felt him grab at the loose clothes a few times, but Sam was smaller and her actions swifter so she had no trouble escaping his probing hands. She slid around a corner and made it through an open door.

Thinking she could buy at least 30 seconds, she rushed in and quietly closed it. Once in there she rested her forehead on the wood, panting. A loud 'oomph' could be heard coming from the hallway; he'd probably slipped on the top of the stairs. She couldn't help but giggle. Sam finally had time to think; what would he actually do when he caught her ... the fact that he was going to catch her was inevitable.

"Carter!" she heard him shout from the hallway. She had to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop the laugher from spilling forth. Everything was silent for a while; he was probably looking in another room.

Sam sighed and stepped backwards. She froze. Something was defiantly different, she could hear breathing … The back of her neck started to tingle, she wanting nothing more but for the ground to open up swallow her whole. She didn't even have enough courage to turn around. She swore he could hear her heart thumping.

"Damn," she cursed aloud.

She steeped forward quickly and went for the handle but Jack clamped his arms around her waist and spun her around.

She struggled and yelled her protests, they weren't taken serious by either of them seeing as they were smothered by giggles. Moving his hands he grabbed her wrists and held them so they were the only things between their bodies, he kept walking forward, forcing her to step backward, their legs always crossing each other. Suddenly the back of her legs hit something and she fell backwards. Jack fell on top of her.

Great, of all the rooms she ran into, it just had to be his bedroom.

He was now pinning her to the bed, her hands held above her head, there bodies panting in time, she could just make out his expression, was that a smirk?

"Hiya" Sam said cheekily.

"Didn't know I had an adjoining bathroom did you?"

"No, no I didn't, sir"

Even in the dark she looked beautiful, the miniscule amount of light that crept through the dark clouds and into his bedroom, outlined her features; what caught his attention most, was the mischievous grin and glint in her eyes that he saw so rarely.

She was still panting, her body pressed against his. He loosened his hands as his eyes flickered to her lips. Should he? Did she want to? Do they risk it?

So many questions but they were all answered when her hand slowly slipped around his neck and brought his face down.

When their lips touched Sam's stomach did back flips: they had waiting so long for this very moment, and it was everything she had imagined and more. At first it was soft, unknowing, hesitant - their lips caressing each other, but soon Jack parted her lips with his tongue and she willingly allowed him entrance, a moan escaped her throat and her hands clung to his back. Jack smiled against her lips. The fact that it was forbidden made it that much more intoxicating.

It took a while for Sam to come to her senses, a kiss like that turned even her brain to mush; she pushed her hands against his chest.

"Mmph…we can't," she said, unwillingly pulling her mouth away from the warm mass that was her CO.

"What do you mean we can't, we have been for last 5 minutes?" Jack sounded genuinely confused as to what she was trying to say.

Sam sighed and gently sat up, Jack eased off her and sat next to her on the bed.

"I'm sorry, we just can't, the regulat..."

"I understand, you kiss me, push me off … completely … understandable," Jack said abruptly, clearly making out he didn't understand.

Sam sighed again, "I do want to, I really do … but right now, it's impossible"

"It doesn't have to be," Jack replied, his voice low and serious.

"Don't do that, Jack. Can't you just accept the fact that we can't - not yet anyway?"

"NO!" Jack yelled as he shot up from his seat, unable to stay still any longer. Sam just looked down at her feet, ashamed and saddened by all that was happening.

"God, I've waited so long to find something that would make me even close to happy again … and I found it, Sam. I finally found it, and you're just sitting there telling me I can't have it!" He wasn't yelling anymore, but the hurt was clear in his voice.

Sam was hurt, angry, so many feelings, did he not realize that she felt like that to? But to have a relationship … it would risk so much. The world still needed them to save it. What if it didn't work? What if they both had horrible flaws that were unbearable to each other? Could they ever work together again? She wanted to talk back at him, to yell, but nothing coherent would come out right then, so she just stood up and made for the door, Jack stood in the way but she pushed past him.

"Sam, don't," he pleaded as he tried to grab her arm, but she just brushed past him. She navigated her way through the dark house, tears threatening to fall and blur her vision. It wasn't a huge fight, but what he had said, really hit home.

She shouldn't have kissed him, it just showed her a glimpse of what she couldn't have, and then to push him away … he must have thought she was playing with him.

She heard him coming after her, just like minutes before, but this wasn't a game anymore, it was deeper: she was running away from a life she could only dream of - he was trying to catch her; make the dream real. If she walked out now, maybe things could return to normal.

After a while the stolen looks and touches might return, rumors would always be there about the two, but if she stayed, gave in to his callings to 'stop' would she be able to deny those rumors honestly anymore, or would she have to face work every day feeling guilty, like she was in the wrong. Have to question every promotion she got?

All these things and one stood out … what if it didn't work … what if she stopped running, gave in, and in the end … they decided against anything at all, what if she lost his friendship … not to have even that … just the thought just made her run faster.

She often thought about how cruel the regulations actually were. You were to work with people, hour after hour, day after day, in situations where you weren't even sure you'd make it out alive, and yet you were still expected to feel no emotional attachment to them?

Any feelings aroused caused almost certain court marshal, and the respect, built up over years of work and sacrifices for your country…world as it was…to just be diminished. Did the person that wrote them have any feelings at all?

Her rational mind knew they were there for a reason, a good reason if you thought about it, but she refused to let her rational mind win at the moment.

"Carter stop now! That's a god damn order!"

Sam fumbled for the door handle, she hadn't cried yet, and she was glad of the fact. She didn't want to seem weak – not in front of him … not at a time like this.

Jack caught up and covered her hand over the doorknob.

"Where you gonna go, Carter? How will you drive in weather like this? Sooner or later you're gonna have to get your clothes, and I'll still be here, you can't avoid me forever"

"No, sir. Not forever."

"I just wanna talk," he said, sounding extremely unsure himself.

"No offence, sir, but your not the most diplomatic and verbal person, talking may be harder than not."

Jack considered this for a minute before saying, "You're probably right."

Jack heard a dry laugh come from Sam.

"Carter, please?"

Sam looked down, and slowly pulled her hand away from the door,

"Thank you" jack said sincerely

"Look…" Sam started, but stopped abruptly, "can you…can you smell something?" she said, turning her head curiously toward the offending smell.

All of a sudden the room was filled with an extremely loud beeping noise. Its piercing siren caused them to cover their ears…

"It's the smoke alarm" Sam yelled, pointing out the obvious…"Oh god…THE SAUCE!"


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