A.N.: Okay, I kinda got the idea for this from French 101. I thought it was sweet how Maddie was trying to make Esteban feel better and this is what my twisted subconcious spewed out. Please, don't kill me cowers in corner ! And I'm sorry if in anyway I screw up with the characters.

London Tipton came racing out from the elevator yelling, "Maddie!"

While she caught the attention of a few guest, Maddie, the blond candy girl ignored. She was staring, dreamily, at the door. London ran down the stairs and stopped dead, right in Maddie's line of sight.

"Maddie!" she repeated herself, "I'm talking to you!"

"Huh," Maddie seemed to come out of her trance. "Oh, it's you," she said with a slight groan.

"Who else?" London replied, clearly missing Maddie's unenthusiastic response, "Now, Maddie, seeing as you have nothing important to do..."

"Except my job," Maddie remarked. London shot her an annoyed look.

"And despite the fact your sense of style is, " London tilted her head, "Non-existant. I need your help."

Maddie glared at the heiress but muttered, "What is it, London?"

"Which shoes do you think goes best with this purse?" she held up a magazine with two high heels, one in white one in gold, and a long purse with white and gold consecutive stripes The purse vaguely reminded Maddie of a zebra. A zebra that had been spray painted gold.

"Does it really matter what I think, London?" Maddie asked, "I mean you can afford both of them."

"True," London said smiling. Then her face grew serious, "But I need to know, Maddie, I can only wear one of them."

"London, you'll look fine in both," Maddie said exasperantly.

"But I don't want to look fine," London pouted. She turned to face out and posed, "I want to look fabulous!"

She turned back to look at Maddie.

"Okay, okay, go with the gold," Maddie replied.

"Alright, I'll go with the white," London said, "Thanks, Maddie."

She started to head off, and stopped. Maddie's dreamy stare had finally caught her attention.

"Maddie, what are you staring at?" London demanded, turning her headto look in the direction Maddie was. All she saw was Esteban picking up a guest's suitcase. The bellhop seemed to be having trouble despite the case's small size.

"It's just Esteban," she said, turning back to Maddie.

A small sigh escaped from the other girl. Instantly a look of shock crossed her face as she bolted up from her leaning position. Her face grew red with blush.

"I mean," she stuttered, "Yeah, it's just Esteban."

She glanced nervously at London. London returned the glance with a suspicious glare.

"Maddie, is there something you're not telling me?" she demanded.

"Yes," the blond replied, "I mean no. No, of course not. There is nothing I need to tell you."

London raised an eyebrow. Then she gave her best heiress pout. The one not even Moseby could beat.

"Okay," Maddie said, giving in, "But you have to keep this a secret."

"Scoots honor," London promised.

Maddie stared at her increduously.

"It's scout, London," she said deliberately, "Scout."

"Whatever," London replied, smiling.

"Fine," Maddie leaned in and whispered, "Please don't laugh, but, I think...I think I might have a crush on Esteban."

London stared at her for a couple of seconds. Then she let out a loud laugh.

"Oh, that's good, Maddie," she gasped, "For a moment I thought you were serious."

"I was serious," Maddie said,tones of hurt, annoyance, and embarrasment clear in her voice.

London stopped.

"You were serious?" she exclaimed.

"That's what I just said," Maddie replied, " And now I feel like an idiot for telling you. What was I thinking!"

"You were thinking of all the things your friend, moi, could do to help you with this...thing," London offered.

Maddie shot London a look and said, "Like what."

"Well," London said, "I could talk to Esteban..."

"NO!" Maddie yelled. Moseby looked up from his work to look at the two girls.

"I mean," Maddie whispered, "Don't! Please don't do that, London!"

"Fine, fine. You don't need to scream it to the lobby," London replied.

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