A Lord of the Rings story by Deana Lisi
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Legolas shuffled wearily into his bedchamber, soaked to the skin. He'd been outside since before dawn of the previous day, helping to dam several rivers that were overflowing in the abnormally-wet autumn. Winter was not far away, so it was a very cold rain. Legolas shivered, normally not bothered by nature's chill, but being drenched non-stop for the past two days in the windswept rain was enough to make even an elf feel cold, especially this time of year.

Closing the door behind himself, he tiredly leaned against it, eyeing his soft, warm bed. If he hadn't been so wet, he would've thrown himself onto it without hesitation. The sound of heavy rain caught his attention and he looked towards the balcony, knowing that hundreds of elves were still out there, desperately trying to control the flooding.

Legolas sighed, glad to finally be inside, but at the same time, wishing that he were still out there. The past two days were a blur to his tired mind, and he wasn't surprised at all when his father had gone to fetch him after finding out that his son had been working non-stop for nearly forty hours.

Legolas smiled slightly as he remembered being startled when someone had suddenly grabbed his shoulders and turned him around.

"Legolas!" Thranduil had exclaimed. "You have been out here more than long enough! Inside with you—take some rest!"

Legolas had said nothing, simply staring at him, unsure whether to be irked at his father's words, or to laugh at the uncommon sight of the soaked King.

"Heredil!" Thranduil called, noticing that his Captain was working beside Legolas. "Take my son inside!"

Legolas nearly protested that he was fully capable of going himself, but he figured he'd give Heredil the opportunity to get out of the wild weather too, if only for a few minutes.

Thranduil seemed to realize something. "How long have you been out here?" Before Heredil even had a chance to speak, the King shook his head. "Inside, both of you! You are not to come back out here tonight."

That, Legolas protested. "Ada—"

"No!" said Thranduil. "You are too tired. Go." With that, he pushed them towards the palace as if they were naughty elflings.

Having no choice, Legolas and Heredil both headed towards home.


Legolas jumped, startled when someone knocked on the door that he was still leaning against. He realized that he'd nearly fallen asleep where he stood, and he opened the door, surprised at who he found there.

The twin sons of Elrond smiled at their friend, who seemed too shocked to speak.

"Well met, Legolas!" they both exclaimed, in unison.

Legolas blinked lethargically, wondering if he was dreaming.

Elrohir stepped forward and hugged him, chuckling at the Prince's expression, while Elladan critically studied him.

"You look exhausted, Legolas!" said the older twin, hugging him after Elrohir finally let go.

"Aye," Legolas said, finally finding his voice as he happily returned their embraces.

Elladan pulled back and held the younger elf at arms-length. "Your father did not exaggerate; you do look like a drowned rat, tithen pen!"

Legolas wasn't surprised at Elladan's words. His father had obviously known of the twins' arrival, and sent them to 'care' for him. He rolled his eyes. "I am too old to be called that!"

Elladan smiled. Legolas was very young, only about twenty in the eyes of a human.

"How long have you been outside?" Elrohir asked.

"Since pre-dawn," Legolas answered.

"Ah," said Elladan.


"Ai!" said Elrohir. "With no rest?"

Legolas said nothing.

"Food?" said Elladan.

Legolas remained quiet, looking sheepish.

"Ever the elf to push himself to the limit!" said Elladan, taking his friend's arm and walking him towards the adjoining room, both elves leaving a water trail as they walked.

Legolas let the older elf lead him, too tired to protest. He was quite used to the twin's overprotective behavior, though it had begun to annoy him as he got older. He remembered having asked them years ago why they so often treated him as if he were fragile, and was quite surprised to find out that he had been born much too early and was not quite healthy in his first few years, having left the womb before his elven healing ability had fully formed.

In the bathing chamber, they found a hot bath already drawn, obviously commanded by Thranduil before he'd gone in search of his son.

"Do not fall asleep in there," Elladan joked.

Legolas smiled. "I shall try not to."

Elladan smiled back and left, taking two large towels to wipe up the water that lay all over the bedchamber floor.

Legolas quickly stripped and got into the tub, sighing with bliss at the feel of the hot water. He wished that he could lie there forever, and despite his promise, he quickly dozed off. He was only asleep for a few minutes though before the loud rumble of thunder woke him. The rain seemed to grow even heavier, and Legolas sighed, wondering how bad the flooding would ultimately get before the rain finally stopped.

Legolas quickly washed his body and hair, feeling the chill starting to leave his bones. Despite the cold temperature and biting wind, he hadn't worn a coat, for it proved to be too cumbersome for such work, especially when waterlogged.

A sudden knock sounded. "Legolas?" said Elrohir.

"Come in."

The younger twin entered, carrying a bundle. "Here are some clothes."

"Thank you," Legolas said, with a smile.

"Will you be out soon? Elladan went to get some food."

The Prince nodded. "Aye, in a minute."

Elrohir nodded and left.

Legolas rose from the tub and dried off, donning the garments that Elrohir had brought, not surprised that they were nightclothes.

Re-entering his bedchamber, Legolas found the twins gone, but the fireplace lit, and he sat on the rug before it, letting the flames disperse the rest of the cold within his body.

Thunder continued to rumble, reminding Legolas of the elves still outside in the violent weather. He sighed, staring at the flames almost hypnotically, until he started to doze-off again.

The twins returned a few minutes later, wearing dry clothes and carrying food. They smiled at the sight of their friend asleep on the floor, leaning against the soft armchair.

"Legolas?" Elladan softly called, squeezing the Prince's arm.

The blond-haired elf blinked half-closed eyes, looking up.

"Food before sleep!" said the older twin, pulling Legolas to his feet.

Legolas felt groggy now, the two brief-tastes at slumber refusing to leave his brain. He barely noticed as the twins practically put him in the bed.

"Stay awake, Legolas," he heard. "Just a few minutes more! Drink this."

A cup appeared before his face, and Legolas tried to blink the sleep away as he took it. He sighed happily at the taste of hot broth; the twins had obviously known how cold he'd been. He drank the whole cup down, relieved when it revived him enough to eat. "How did you two suddenly appear here?" he asked, eagerly accepting the bowl of meat and potatoes.

"We rode horses," said Elrohir, matter-of-factly.

Legolas and Elladan both smiled as they ate.

"It was meant as a surprise," said Elladan. "Ada is here too."

"He is?" said Legolas, happy to hear that.

Elladan nodded. "It seems that we came at a good time; your kingdom looks like it could use our help."

"In more ways than one," Elrohir quipped.

Legolas gave him a mock-indignant look, and Elladan chuckled.

"Aye," Legolas eventually said. "We have never had such a prolonged period of such heavy rain before."

"How long has it been raining?" Elladan asked.

Legolas thought for a minute. "Nearly a week. For the past three days, it has not stopped at all."

Thunder rumbled again as they spoke, though the rain seemed a little lighter now.

"And it is nearly cold enough to snow," said Elrohir. "I hope that you do not have a hard winter too."

Legolas nodded, yawning.

"Sleep," Elladan said, taking the empty dishes off the bed.

Legolas yawned again nearly as soon as the first one ended, and he shifted to lie flat.

"Sweet dreams, elfling," Elladan joked, reaching over and grabbing Legolas' still-damp hair, pulling it out from under his head and laying it on the pillow away from his skin.

"Hannon le, mellyn-nin," the Prince replied, sleepily.

As he drifted off to sleep, Legolas had no idea of the tragic events that would occur the next day…


'mellyn-nin' : 'my friends, plural'

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