Elrond quickly became accustomed to his walking stick, as his leg continued to mend. Unfortunately, he healed more slowly than most elves because of his human blood.

Legolas was finally allowed out of bed after his own body had healed enough, but he found it more difficult to get around because of his hip. He was quite surprised to find that the twins had made him something too; a crutch, rather than a cane, for his injury required much more support. He was unable to use two because of his broken collarbone, but everyone was relieved to see that he got along fine with just one.

A few days later, Thranduil told them something quite unexpected as they finished breakfast. "The new kitchen is finished."

"Already?" Legolas said.

The King nodded. "Would you like to see it?"

Nodding, both Legolas and Elrond rose and carefully made their way towards the door, with the twins following.

Thranduil led the way, walking at the pace of the other two elves. When they reached the door, he opened it and gestured to Elrond. "After you."

The Lord of Imladris smiled slightly, remembering Thranduil's jest to let him be the first one to step foot into the room. Obediently, he walked in, with Legolas behind him.

"It looks different!" said the Mirkwood Prince.

The twins followed them in, looking around.

"Aye," said Thranduil. "I had it done this way purposely. I did not want the sight of it to be a reminder of what occurred."

"I believe that I prefer it this way," said Elrond, noticing that it resembled the main kitchen of his own house.

Legolas limped towards a table and sat down. "Anyone hungry?"

Elrohir chuckled. "You are, obviously."

Legolas smiled. "Indeed. Would you fetch a pastry for the invalid?"

The twins chuckled. "We shall do more than that, Your Highness!" said Elladan. He touched his father's arm. "Sit down, ada, we shall fetch you one too."

Thranduil crossed his arms, enjoying the fact that he could now do so, since his shoulder was nearly completely whole. "Do I also have the privilege of receiving one?" he jested.

Elrohir looked at Elladan, an unsure expression on his face. "What do you think? Should we let him have one too?"

Legolas chuckled.

The King gave a mock-hrumph.

The twins echoed the laugh, fetching enough pastries for everyone.

Anyone who soon passed the door of the new kitchen had the pleasure of hearing laughter drift through it, as echoes of the tragic event fell into the distant past.


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