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There are a few places you shouldn't go to at night…an abandoned lot…a churro factory…a desert…Three people just had to pick the desert. A green car with black lines running down it in two spots parallel to each other stopped in front of a dilapidated building in the middle of Death Valley before three figures stepped out. One was a girl with her long dark red hair in a ponytail. She wore a red shirt, a black vest, and a black skirt with long black stockings. She had jade eyes and red lipstick on her face. The next one was a boy taller than her, but was coated in various minerals and wore speedos. He had onyx eyes. The last one was another boy. He had green eyes and brown hair. He sported a black shirt, a green jacket with a white vertical line and the number 10. He also wore blue jeans.

"So this is where that signal came from, right Kevin?" the girl asked.

"The transmission said to come here, Gwen," the mineral teen replied.

"So let's go in," the last teen said as he walked into the building.

The other two walked in. Inside, shining in the moonlight, was a single green and black book. On the cover was strange writing and a symbol; two connecting triangles with a circle on each point.

"A book?" Kevin asked, "This transmission was sent by…a book?! What good is a stupid book?! HUH?!"

Gwen slapped him on the back of the head with her hand coated in a rouge energy.

"Ow…Hitter…" Kevin mumbled as the other teen male picked the book up.

"Ben, what are you doing?" Gwen asked.

"I'm curious about what's in it," the teen replied as he flipped the pages, "Hey. I can read it."

"Really?" Gwen asked, sarcasm heavy in her voice, before she looked over Ben's shoulder at the book, "This is weird. I've never seen a book like this…I've never even seen this writing before…"

"I have," Kevin said, "This book is something that only appears every 1000 years. Just burn the thing and don't worry about…"

"'The First Spell: Herosen,'" Ben read.

The book began to glow.

"YOU IDIOT!" Kevin barked before there was a flash of light.

The light faded to reveal the trio, along with the car, had vanished.

It was a joyful day on a caravel with a ram head on the front and two masts with different-designed sails and tangerines. On the ram head, two figures were sleeping on it. One was a little kid with big bronze eyes, blond hair, lines that went down the lower half of his face starting at his eyes, and wore a blue dress, blue dress shoes, and a big bow on the front of his dress with a topaz jewel in the middle of it. The other was a teen with black hair, a scar under his left eye, a red vest, blue jeans, and a straw hat. Both were snoring when a splash and a crash woke them up. The two shot up and saw Ben, Gwen, and Kevin struggling on getting onto the ship while they saw Kevin's car on the deck.

"SUGOI!" the straw hat wearer exclaimed with stars in his eyes, "Hey, Zatch, you think they wanna join my crew?"

"Yeah!" the boy replied with stars in his eyes, "And look at that thing! It's so awesome!"

"BEN, YOU IDIOT!" Kevin barked as he whacked Ben on the head, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO READ THE DAMN BOOK! NOW LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!"

"Uh…Kevin? Did your eyes just turn white and your teeth become fangs?" Gwen sweatdropped.

Kevin shrugged his shoulders before seeing Zatch and the teen come up to his car.

"HEY! BACK AWAY FROM MY CAR!" Kevin barked.

"Your what?" the straw hat wearer asked.

"I think he means this metal thingy," Zatch replied as he patted the hood of the car as he sat on it.

"Aw man…NOT THE PAINT, YOU BRAT!" Kevin barked as his left hand and arm changed into a sword.

"AH! A MAMODO!" Zatch screamed, "Luffy!"

Luffy took out a red version of Ben's book.

"ZAKER!" Luffy shouted.

Zatch's eyes lost color before he shot a bolt of lightning at them. Gwen's hand glowed with the rouge energy before she swiped it in front of the three, forming a barrier that cancelled the lightning out. Ben took out his left arm, revealing a strange green watch on it. He pressed the sides and the center rose, revealing a hologram.

"Time to go Diamondhead," Ben said as he slammed the face down.

Time slowed down as energy from the watch entered his body through his very DNA. His body shrunk slightly as he bent over a little. His head reshaped to resemble a primate head with four eyes as his clothes vanished so blue fur could cover him. A tail and two more arms sprouted out of him. Ben was now a four-armed monkey with four green eyes, black skin, and blue fur.

"DIAMON-Aw man…" the monkey sighed, "Spidermonkey…"

"SUGOI!" Luffy and Zatch exclaimed with stars in their eyes.

They ran up to Spidermonkey.

"That is so cool! Are you a superhero?" Zatch asked.

"Did you eat a monkey Akuma no Mi?" Luffy asked.

"I'm sorry, but a what?" Spidermonkey asked.

"What's going out here?" a voice asked.

The five turned to see a girl with a developed figure, orange hair, brown eyes, a blue and white tee, and an orange skirt was leaning on the battered and poorly fixed rail with a girl with long red hair, a pink and red dress, and jade eyes beside her.

"AHH! IT'S A METAL MONSTER!" a voice screamed.

"EEK! A MONSTER!!" a second voice screamed.

"OH NO!!!" a third voice cried.


The trio turned to see a tanned, skinny teenager with black curly hair and a long nose. He wore a dark yellow plaid bandanna, special sniper goggles, brown overalls with a white sash and no shirt underneath it. The next was a toddler-sized human/reindeer hybrid. His left antler had a metal plate wrapped around it. He wore a pink, fuzzy top hat with a sideways medical cross and a purple pair of shorts. He also has a remarkable feature that no other reindeer had; a blue nose. The next was a little girl with short icy-blue hair in a blue shirt and jeans. The last was a small…horse?...sheep?...something… whatever it was, it had brown and peach fur and hooves. That should be enough for you people. All of them, minus the strange creature, were hiding behind a little girl with curly pink hair and a pink dress and a muscular man. He was carrying around three swords, bundled up with his green haramaki over his right hip which is favorable so he could easily draw any one of them with his left hand; his right hand was resting over the swords. On his left ear were three earrings and he normally had a bandanna tied around his left arm. He wore a white shirt, dark green trousers, and black shoes. The swordsman took out a katana.

"Whatever it is, it's dead," the swordsman said.

"Yeah! Go kill it, Zoro!" the long-nose whimpered.

"Idiot," the swordsman stated.

"Kolulu, your big brother's a jerk," Usopp said.

The little girl glared at him.

"Hey! Leave my car alone!" Kevin growled as his left hand turned into a backgammon made of stone and green crystals.

"Excuse me, but what's a car?" a voice asked.

They turned to see another girl with soft peach skin, long blond hair, and gentle sky-blue eyes wearing a orange shirt, a blue vest with long sleeves that ended at her wrists, and a red skirt walking down a set of stairs from the upper deck with a small pink and white kitten in her arms.

"I believe there's an explanation to be heard, correct?" a voice asked.

Everyone turned to see a teen with gray skin, black hair, black markings on his face, piercing yellow eyes, fangs for teeth, and a black outfit stood beside a tall, attractive woman with shoulder length black hair. She wore a black jacket and skirt made of leather over a purple shirt and skirt. She also wore a gold arm band with white strings attached to it and the letter N on it.

"There is," Spidermonkey said as he changed back to Ben in a green light.

"So your names are Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Kevin Levin?" the woman asked.

"That's right, Robin was it?" Gwen replied.

"That's right, Magician-sama," Robin replied.

"You wanna join my pirate crew?" Luffy asked.

His reply was a kick to the face by a tall, slim young man with blond hair, often well-dressed, and kept his hair brushed over his left eye. He wore a black, double-breasted suit with tie and long-sleeved, blue-buttoned shirt with pinstripes. He also wore dress shoes. These shoes were extremely durable. He also had a cigarette in his mouth. He also had hearts for eyes.

"Ah…Be still my heart, for I am seeing a marvelous red-haired beauty before my eyes," the man swooned as he gave her a parfait, "A sweet for a sweet."

"Oh, thank you," Gwen said.

"Hey! You stay away from her, you lame cook!" Kevin threatened.

"Stone brain!" the man growled.

"Oi, what are you fighting about, shit cook?" Zoro asked.

"Stay outta this, crap swordsman!" the two replied.

"HEY!" Zoro growled.

The three began to duke it out with Kevin using his blade and backgammon, Zoro his swords, and the cook his feet.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" the orange-haired girl barked as she whacked them on the head with a blue metal staff.

"Ah…Nami-swan's hits feel like angel kisses to me…" the chef swooned.

The girl then kicked him between the legs.

"AND TIA-CHAN'S DON'T!" th chef screamed in agony.

Zoro and Kevin laughed before Tai glared at them.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all," the other girl bowed, "My name is Kaya. This is Nya."

"Nya!" the kitten mewed with a wave.

"Nya says she's happy to meet you," the reindeer translated.

"So do you have a Mamodo?" the long-nose asked as he pointed at Ben's book.

Ben shook his head.

"I just found this lying on the floor and the next thing we knew, we were here, Usopp," Ben replied.

The long-nose nodded.

"So what's that on your arm?" the reindeer asked.

"It's called the Omnitrix, Chopper," Ben explained, "With it, I can transform into 1,000,903 different aliens."

"You mean like that monkey?" the blue-haired girl asked.

"That's right, Yuki," Ben replied, "One's even a ghost."

"A ghost?" the chef groaned, "Can it go through walls with others?"

"Yeah," Ben replied before the chef screamed as Tia kicked him once more between his legs, "Um…Is Sanji going to be okay?"

"He'll be fine," Nami replied.

"Tia's scary…" a boy with a duck bill, blue footy pajamas with a yellow pouch, and brown hair whimpered.

Tia began to strangle the poor boy, growling, "Kanchome…"

"Meru-mei," the thingy said.

"Ponygon says that he's happy to meet you, Ben," the reindeer translated, "I'm happy to meet you too."

"Same here, Chopper," Ben nodded.

"In case you forgot, Ben; we're on another planet with no way home," Gwen said.

"More likey, an alternate reality," Kevin added, "I've been to nearly every planet in the universe back in the days and…well…I've never heard of a world like this. I have heard about Mamodo and the Mamodo Battle though."

"Until we find a way beck, Kevin, why don't we stay with them?" Ben asked, "These guys are great."

He pointed at Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Yuki, and Zatch and laughing and doing a can-can routine while cheering.

"…Fine…" Kevin sighed, "But if they break my car, I'm breaking bones."

Usopp, Chopper, Ponygon, and Yuki gulped in fear.

"Do you have a library on the ship?" Gwen asked.

"No. But we do have a reading shelf," the goth replied.

"Okay, Brago," Gwen nodded before she followed Robin and Brago.

Me: Next time, the crew lands of the island of ship builders called Water 7 to fix the Going Merry, but what they find out will shake them to the core.