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The eerie silence at the front gate was broken by laughter. Kokoro, her granddaughter, and their pet 'cat' were all on the remains of Rocketman. Kokoro took a swig of her normal drink of alcohol.

"Ngagagaga. Their every move is so much fun."

"Giants~ Giants~ The Giants are out friends!" Chimney laughed happily with the ;cat; mewing happily.

"Anybody with common sense…Would never touch this island. Just watch, Chimney…Whether or not they survive, the world will be astounded by something that nobody has done in the past hundreds of years…When this battle is over, that Straw Hat brat's name along with that lightning brat's name and the strange brat's name will be known throughout the whole world."

"You're good to go," Ben said in one of his alien forms.

"Thanks, Echo-Echo!" Zatch grinned.

Echo-Echo was a simple-looking, humanoid creature made of silicon. He had grey-white skin with a dividing line going down his body. He had a large head, and his face simply resembled thick green lines in the form of eyes and a mouth. The inside of his mouth resembled a stereo speaker. He had 4-fingered hands and shoe-like feet. There were also crater-like growths on each wrist, and cassette-like growths on is calves. Hey had what appeared to be biological earphones, with wires leading down to a square MP3 player-like part with a green "10" on it. He had a synthesizer-like voice. He also seemed to be techno-organic. There were twenty of him with a microphone connecting to all their backs. Zatch and Luffy took in a deep breath.

"Ro~~~Bi~~~~~N! Br~~~A~~~~~Go!" Luffy and Zatch roared into the microphone, letting their voices amplify thanks to the Echo-Echo brigade, "We've come for you~~~!"

"Chief, sir! A guy with a straw hat, a boy in a dress, and a group of white midgets…" A marine began before correcting himself, "Actually, it's a young boy in green and black when they changed into a single white midget are shouting on the roof of a courthouse!"


"No doubt…They're Luffy no Mugiwara and Lightning Boy Zatch Bell, the leaders of the Mugiwara Pirates!" the Marine continued, making Spandam sweat furiously.

"Shut up! Last time I looked, Blueno was on the rooftop!" Spandam exclaimed angrily as he rushed over, "Wasn't he guarding the roof? What the hell is he doing at such a critical time?"

"Found them," Kevin said as he pointed at the roof Luffy, Zatch, and Ben were on as part of the structure across from their roof exploded, "Oh, there's Franky, the Goth, and Robin!"

"I am not a Goth, you ass!"

"Good hearing too," Kevin smirked.

"Aniki is alright, right?" Koral Q asked.

"Come on!" Gwen called as the three began to run up the steps Gwen was creating with her abilities.

The trio managed to get up to the roof. When they got there, they heard Robin's declaration that she just wanted to die. They saw Franky being kick into the railing as Kaku and his Mamodo showed up with the other CP9 members. They all saw the CP9 jump up to the hole in the building. Ben and Zatch saw them run over.

"Robin! Is death what you want?" Luffy demanded.

"Oh man…Here comes his serious face," Kevin said, "Bout time I get to see it."

"What the hell are you talking about? You!" Luffy demanded with a bored face and picking his left nostril with his pinky.

"Listen, Robin! Brago!" Ben called out as he and Zatch stood at Luffy's side.

"We've come all the way here!" Luffy continued as the floor behind them exploded.

"So we're going to recue you anyway!" Zatch called as Nami and Tia landed perfectly beside Gwen while Chopper in Heavy Point and Shodoruk Ponygon landed on Kevin, "And if you still wanna die…"

"Then die afterwards!" Luffy finished as Zoro and Zeruk Kolulu climbed up through the hole.

"That's what I should've done to climb up from the start."

"Zoro! Kolulu-chan!" Nami gasped before striking Zoro on the head, "I knew it was you! We're only still alive because we took an indirect hit!"

"If we'd been hit directly, we'd be dead by now!" Tia added as she began to strangle the poor swordsman before another explosion on the roof took place.

"Dash! Shishinabe Shoot!" Sanji roared as he and a crying Kanchome appeared and landed, "We're definitely the first ones to get here!"

"Uh, Sanji…" Kanchome tapped his partner's shoulder and pointed at Zoro.

"…Mo!" Sanji flipped with his visible eye popping out and his teeth jagged, "Marimo, how did you get here before me and Kanchome?"

"Ah, you're late. Did you two get lost?" Zoro asked as Kaya and Nya walked onto the roof through the stairway entrance near them.

"That's pretty funny since you do that all the time," Zeruk Kolulu laughed before a high-pitch scream was heard.

"Ah! Sogeking!" Chopper exclaimed as he pointed at the sky to see a screaming Sogeking and a shrieking Winterfly, "And Winterfly!"

"Eh? They're flying!" Tia gasped.

"What've they been doing all this time?" Sanji asked.

"I wonder if they can land safely," Kanchome gulped, only to watch them land on their face.

"I beg of you, Robin…! I don't care what you want, whether you choose to live or die…!" Luffy called out, "But whatever you decide, say it while you're with us!"

"That's right, Robin-chwan!" Sanji called.

"Robin, Brago, come back!" Tia, Kanchome, Kaya, Chopper, and Nami called as all of them jumped onto a part of the ledge like Luffy, Ben, and Zatch.

"It's not the same crew unless you two are there!" Kevin called.

"But we haven't been there for long," Gwen noted.

"I know, but I watched their interactions on that ship before we got to Water 7 and it really isn't the same without those two," Kevin argued.

"Now leave everything to us!" Luffy and Zatch declared.

"I've got the pathway for us," Ben said as he activate the Ultimatrix.

He slammed it down and began to change. His left arm grew jagged crystals on it, covering it completely before forming on his head. His eyes turned into yellow ones as four spikes emerged from his back, the longer of them sticking out of his back near the shoulders while the two smaller ones were halfway down his back. His head had a flat spike jutting out to the back of his head. He wore a black layered shirt, white pants, and black boots. On the center of his torso was the Ultimatrix Symbol.

"Diamondhead!" the alien declared, "Time for a little bridge!"

Diamondhead slammed his left hand on the roof. A giant bridge made of crystals erupted from where he touched the ground and snaked its way over to the other side. Kevin let out a long whistle.

"Sweet, dude," Kevin said before absorbing some of the crystal that made up the bridge.

"Amazing, Ben-kun..." Kaya awed with Nya mewing in amazement.

The group began to run over the bridge. As they ran across it, they heard Spandam threaten them with a Buster Call and then Robin arguing about it. They stopped midway as she explained the Buster Call and what it truly did. Spandam began to laugh and talk about the flag at the top of the tower being the very symbol of the world.



"Shoot that flag," Luffy ordered.

"Roger!" Sogeking replied as he took out a long pole with a slingshot that held a Dial in it, "New weapon: The great pachinko called 'Kabuto!' Carefully observe its power! Ultimate Phoenix Star!"

He reeled the Dial attached to the slingshot back before releasing it. A giant bird made of flames roared out of it and shot at the flag. It struck the flag and ignited it. Everyone on Enies Lobby gasped and gawked at the burning flag. What the crew just did meant one simple thing; they have declared war on the World Government.

"Are you bastards insane?" Spandam demanded, "Don't you dare to even dream that you'd survive having the world as your enemy!"

"I'd be happy to live with that!" Luffy roared, "Robin! I haven't heard from you or Brago yet! Say what you really want to say! Say that you want to live!"

'…Live? I thought it was something I couldn't wish for…Nobody has ever allowed me that. If I can really declare my wish…I…' Robin thought as she began to cry, "I want to live!"

"Robin…" Brago whispered before nodding, "Take us with you…!"

"To the ocean!" both cried out in unison.

"Woo-ohh, I love you guys, damn it~~~!" Franky sobbed.

"Here we go!" Luffy, Zatch, and Diamondhead roared.

"Someone get Cutty Flam!" Spandam ordered as he harshly grabbed Robin and Brago.

Everyone saw Franky stand up and face Spandam. Their eyes widened when they saw him take out a set of papers. Spandam began to freak and demand it.

"What are they arguing about?" Gwen asked.

"My guess is that the thing Franky's got is the blueprints for that 'Pluton' they wanted," Kevin replied as they ran over the bridge, only a third of the way there due to all teh twists and turns it had, "Dammit, Ben, why'd you make it like this?"

"Still not used to controlling my crystals after five years of no-use," Diamondhead replied.

"Ah! He just burnt them!" Tia exclaimed.

"Aw man…" Kevin groaned while Franky saw his 'family' calling for him in the building below the bridge.

"You wanted them to improve your car, didn't you?" Gwen asked.


"Maybe some other time with some other weapon from here…" Sogeking said as he patted the boy of the back.

"Mugiwara! I see you've taken good care of my subordinates so this time, I, the Master Dismantler Franky-sama, will be your super great ally in this war!"

"Whatever!" Luffy roared.

"We're still mad at you on Yuki and Usopp's matter!" Zatch added.

"…Eh, but they're right there next to you…" Franky sweatdropped.

"Cutty Flam! You…How dare you…Ruin my blueprints!" Spandam roared as he shoved Franky off the building.


"Aniki!" Franky Family cried out.

"On it!" Diamondhead called before changing in a flash of green light, "Jetray!"

Ben now looked like a large, red and yellow alien similar in appearance to a manta ray. He had hands with 3 digits, and feet with 2 digits. He had yellow brows above their eyes, which had a yellow stripe leading down to yellow lips. He had a small, lizard-like tail. He had ray-like wings, which are yellow in front and red in back. His sides had markings that resembled gills, and he had a zigzag pattern around his upper torso. Jetray released a sonic boom as he flew at Franky. He grabbed Franky and flew back onto the bridge.

"Thanks," Franky grunted.

"No problem," Jetray replied.

"They came! Damn it! You two, come with me!"

'If only we could take off these Sea-Stone Handcuffs…' Robin thought.

"Now, I'll let you do whatever you like, CP9! Crush them in this judicial tower! You have permission to butcher them up! Lucchi, you're with me!" Whatever you do, protecting my life is your first priority, got it?" Spandam ordered, "Funkfreed!"

The elephant let out a cry before transforming into a sword, shocking Robin and Brago. Spandam caught Funkfreed and sheathed him. Lucchi turned to the bridge and preformed Rankyaku on the bridge, shattering it and sent the crew falling down into the water. Suddenly, Rocketman with Usa and Ko on the top shot at them from the ramp of the half-lowered bridge. Ko threw out various chains with clubs on the end, wrapping around all of them and bringing them back to the flying train. They crashed through the first floor of the building.

"I got a nosebleed!" Usa, Kokoro, and Chimney said in unison, all three of them and the rabbit having a nosebleed and just that while the others were injured badly by the impact.

"You should have something more severe than that after a crash!" Ko and Franky snapped, their eyes blank and bulging out while their teeth were shark-like.

"Wooosh!" Zatch exclaimed as he, Luffy, and Fourarms erupted from the rubble.

"We made it!" Fourarms cheered before turning back into Ben.

"Thanks for the help, Monster-Baa-san!" Luffy grinned before shouting, "Hey guys, get up already! That was nothing!"

"Good thing for your force field, Gwen," Nami said as the others emerged from the rubble in a rouge sphere.

"Thanks," Gwen replied as the bubble dissipated.

"You guys are all weird. Just so you know," Ko said.

"There's a staircase over there!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Let's hurry and get Robin!" Luffy ordered.

"Wait!" Fukurou called out, hanging on the ceiling.

"What's that?" Zatch asked.

"Chapapapa…! They've broken in!You won't find Nico Robin and Brago even if you go to the room you saw earlier. Lucchi is taking them to the Gates of Justice."

"What?" Ben exclaimed.

"Ah…And the chief, too…He's heading there now but I won't tell you how to get there," Fukurou continued.

"Is it just me, or is this guy explaining too much for his own good?" Kevin whispered.

"Yep," Ben nodded as Fukurou explain that each member of the CP9 had a key that had a chance to open either the cuffs that belong to Robin or Brago.

"Then give it to me!" Luffy demanded as he shot a Gomu-Gomu no Pistol, only for Fukurou to use Soru to dodge.

"Looks like he can do that, too," Gwen examined as Fukurou appeared near them.

"Don't rush! I never said this was the real key!"


"There are five CP9 in this building," Fukurou explained, "And if you try to get Robin first, we're all ordered to throw our keys into the waterfalls around here. Chapapapa. See ya!"

"Hey! Get back here, you ass!" Luffy demanded.

"Hold on, Luffy," Kevin said, "I've got this. You and Zatch deal with Lucchi. We have fifteen left when Luffy leaves, so I'll take Franky with me and we'll chase after Zipper-Mouth."

"I'll go with Nami and Tia," Gwen said.

"Usa and I am going after Jyabura-teme…" Ko hissed as her sister released a light pink aura from her form.

"I'll go with Luffy and Zatch. I need some payback for what the pigeon guy did," Ben cracked his knuckled before activating the Ultimatrix, "Spidermonkey!"

"Alright, you all know what to do," Zoro said.

"Find the bastards, rip a new one in them, and get those keys! Win, even if you die!" Zeruk Kolulu roared before they all ran off, the old biddy, her granddaughter, and the 'cat' staying near the remains of the Sea Train.

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