Luke and his girlfriend (not wife) Nicole are going through a rough patch. However Valentines Day is approaching and Luke asks Lorelai for help on how to fix their relationship. Between them they plan out a perfect romantic weekend for two.


Lorelai entered the diner and was immediately shushed by the crowd.

Damn they're fighting again, thought Lorelai. As much as I dislike Nicole, I hate to see Luke this unhappy.

She ordered her coffee to go, she didn't want to stick around and hear this. But before she went she couldn't help but hear Nicole scream, "Fine then Luke, spend Valentines Day on your own, and I'll make my own plans"

Lorelai sighed, seems like everyone is alone on Valentines Day this year, she thought self pitingly.

Lorelai left quickly before Luke and Nicole came down. But Luke did notice her through the window as she walked on past the gazebo. Damn, he said, I hate her to see me fail like this. God, this whole relationship is so screwed up. I have to fix it; we used to be great together. It wasn't his fault he hadn't anything romantic planned, we technically it was, but he just wasn't a romantic type of guy. He watched Nicole storm out and turned around to scowl at the town. He had a crappy day and when the bell above the door jingled just after closing he didn't even look up,"we're closed". He heard footsteps walking up to the counter. He turned around and poured out a up of coffee. He placed it on the counter and looked up. "Evening" he grinned to Lorelai.

She gasped,"How did you know it was me?"

"Well you're the only person that stays even after I'm closed". The shared a smile.

She looked suspiciously toward the up of coffee. "What suddenly you don't care about my health, no lecture, no bargaining?".

Luke smiled again, which was more than he had all day. "Oh there's a bargain all right. We'll you see" He said a little nervously, "Nicole and I have been having a lot of problems lately." Lorelai nodded encouragingly, "and she doesn't even want to spend valentines day together, so I was wondering if you would…"

Lorelai's heart started to pound furiously, Oh my go is he going ask me out?.

"I'm not really good at this" He continued

He really is going to ask me out

"I'm not a very romantic guy, and well, could you help me plan a romantic valentines weekend, its okay if you don't want to", he said as he saw her face falling,"it's just your really into the whole romantic thing, and I want to fix things with Nicole".

Lorelai put on a bright face," sure. I'll help you"

Luke breathed a sign of relief, "Thank you so much" He pushed the coffee toward her.

She took a sip and said, "So what you got in mind?"

Luke began fiddling with his baseball cap. "Em well, I booked a suite in the Jameson Hotel in Hartford".

Lorelai looked up, very surprised, "I'm impressed, and sounds like you don't need my help at all."

Luke looked at her skeptically, "Please I'm new at this and really don't want to blow it."

Really when he had booked the hotel he knew he would be asking Lorelai for help, so he had really been trying to impress her as much as Nicole, if not more.

"Okay, if you really want to impress her, you should plan out everything, have all the meals booked and paid for. And then book in lots of activities the two of you can do together."

Luke nodded, "Yeah, that doesn't sound too bad, so what kind of activities".

By now Lorelai was actually having fun; she was pretty much describing her perfect weekend with Luke. "Just pick things you both like, for example she would probably like a couple's massage".

Luke looked up, "What is a couple's massage?"

"It's just like a regular massage except you in the same room, and you can talk, it's a actually a romantic idea, although there is two masseuse's in the room. But its nice, I had one last year, its nice"

Luke was just the picture of discomfort as he imagined Lorelai and some guy having a 'couples massage', he nearly felt sick. Stop it Danes it's not like you like her.

Lorelai looked up seeing his obvious discomfort just knew it was because he thought of her and some guy, she didn't read further into it. "It was with my mother, long story"

Luke actually visibly sighed in relief, just mumbling an "oh".

Lorelai went on, "then you could book the full works, like a facial, and a seaweed bath"

"No way, I'm not doing that"

"Ah, but if you love her…"

"Not doing it"

"Wait you haven't told her you love her?"

"Just leave it Lorelai"

"Okay fine then, you should do something you like, oh I know"

"I doubt I'll like it, how about I pick something"

"Don't you trust me to pick something you'll like?"

"Frankly, no"

Lorelai looked hurt

"Fine go on what is it?"

"No no, I don't know you at all"

"Just tell me Lorelai"

She sighed, "Now you're going to pretend to like it, even if you don't"

Luke gave her a look.

"Fine I was just going to say that the Sythers are playing in that stadium just outside of Hartford, you like the Sythers right?"

Luke looked at her incredulously.

"How did you know I like the Sythers?"

Lorelai smiled a little, "I saw a hat and matching scarf in you apartment,".

She giggled.

"That sounds great, and then we could go get food in that little restaurant just off the stadium road, I had better ring and book it soon"

Luke said this actually thinking about him and Lorelai, he actually had to stop himself form saying 'they serve the best Italian, you would love it'. Man what am I thinking, I'm doing this for Nicole. Another part of him replied cheekily, Yeah you but you'd rather go with Lorelai

Lorelai started giggling like crazy, "Luke, look how enthusiastic you've become about this, maybe all this romantic stuff was in you all along"

Yeah and I just needed the right woman to bring it out, he thought, looking at Lorelai.

Meanwhile Nicole had come to make up with Luke but stopped when she saw HER laughing with Luke, they were chatting and having fun, when SHE started laughing, and the way Luke was looking at HER. She thought venomously, but it's not her fault he's in love with Lorelai, but its not Lorelai's either. She turned and left before either of them noticed.

A week later Luke had all the arrangements made and was heading out to go surprise Nicole, they hadn't talked in a few days, but Luke doubted she had made plans with anyone else. He guessed she was at home working. He got into his jeep and drove about 200metres when his engine suddenly started smoking. Luckily he was just outside Gypsy's. He got out swearing under his breath. Gypsy ran out and told Luke it would be at least two days. He turned around walking toward his diner when he actually bumped into none other that Lorelai Gilmore. She lost her footing and fell; Luke caught her just before she hit the ground. He pulled her up with the arm he had caught her with around her back. He pulled her up and they made contact for a second.

Lorelai looked at him nervously for a second before smiling brightly.

"You really know how to make a girl fall for you" she said jokingly.

"Sorry, I'm sorry", he said apologetically,"my car just broke down and I'm surprising Nicole with that weekend away today".

"Well I'm not doing anything; I could give you a lift?" She said.

"Oh no, I couldn't" Luke trailed off.

"No Luke I offered, hop it, come on, that's what friends are for", she said as they shared a meaningful glance.

When they reached Litchfield, Luke grabbed the flowers he had gotten out of his truck and went up to ring the doorbell. He noticed an unfamiliar car outside but continued on. He rang the doorbell and a shirtless guy answered.

Lorelai looked shocked, No way did Nicole just cheat on Luke, and how anybody could cheat on Luke, why would anybody cheat on Luke. He's like the perfect guy. What did I just think? It all dawned on her Luke is the perfect guy.

"Are you Nicole's brother or something?" Luke asked nervously.

The man laughed, "If I am then what we just did would have been extremely wrong"

Nicole came out, "who is it Hun?" she asked coming up to the door with a robe wrapped around her.

Luke just stood on looking shocked, 'well I guess I won't be needing these', was all he said before throwing the flowers on the ground and turning and leaving. Nicole mumbles an "I'm sorry" before Luke had gotten in the car and Lorelai had driven off.

They drove for about five minutes before Lorelai said, "so, where to?"

Luke reached into his back pocket and pulled out a bunch of tickets. Well could you drop me to the hotel like we'd planned I guess."

Lorelai just nodded and continued driving. She felt awful about what Nicole had done to Luke. But he didn't seem as upset as he should have. He turned toward Lorelai.

"Hey what are you doing this weekend?"

Lorelai waited a second before answering, "Nothing, I'm not even working because all the lovy dovy ouples at the inn make me sick".

Luke Chuckled. "Soo, do you want to come with me?"

Lorelai looked skeptical, "On your romantic weekend for two?"

"No on a fun weekend for two…friends" He smiled, "come on I've got two tickets for everything. It'll be fun. Besides, you picked a few things that you like to do; I know you'll like it. I mean you helped plan it!"

Lorelai smiled broadly as the drove up to the hotel, "Sure I'd love to, but I'll have to buy new clothes since I didn't bring any, you like shopping right?"