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Previously- Chapter1

Luke plans a romantic weekend for himself and Nicole but she cheats on him, everything is booked so

"Hey what are you doing this weekend?"

Lorelai waited a second before answering, "Nothing, I'm not even working because all the lovy dovy couples at the inn make me sick".

Luke Chuckled. "Soo, do you want to come with me?"

Lorelai looked skeptical, "On your romantic weekend for two?"

"No on a fun weekend for two…friends" He smiled, "come on I've got two tickets for everything. It'll be fun. Besides, you picked a few things that you like to do; I know you'll like it. I mean you helped plan it!"

Lorelai smiled broadly as they drove up to the hotel, "Sure I'd love to, but I'll have to buy new clothes since I didn't bring any, you like shopping right?"

Chapter 2

Luke and Lorelai check in, go for the booked dinner and movie

Lorelai couldn't help but find the whole situation very date like and wondered if Luke was thinking the same. She looked up to find Luke looking at her. She smiled, he smiled back. Just to think I thought I was going to be miserable this valentines, thought Lorelai.

And now…

Chapter 3

Lorelai and Luke continued their usual flirting banter, although it was different than usual. Lorelai allowed herself to read into the comments, looks, and even subtle compliments he frequently gave her.

"So tomorrow is the couples' massage" Lorelai said teasingly, "Its going to be so good. With all the work at the inn lately, I'm just glad to get a break. Did I tell you thank you by the way"

"I believe you did. But I'm glad you're here, damn Nicole" Luke said allowing himself to think about what she had done.

"Even though I wasn't exactly a fan of your relationship with Nicole, you don't deserve that" she said reaching across the table and giving his hand a squeeze.

Luke looked up, a little shocked "You weren't?"

"Well-I-I, no not really" she said, annoyed she had let Luke know of her secret jealousy. She had not meant for it to come out like that. "She wasn't good enough for you" she said by way of explanation.

Luke smiled allowing the irony to wash over him. He was the one not good enough for Lorelai. He smiled at her gently.

When he realized his hand was still is hers, he quickly pulled away.

Lorelai looked a little surprised, she thought he had liked it, she had.

Luckily their little moment of tension was broken as their starters came out.

"Luke Danes have I told you lately how much I love you?" Lorelai blurted out as she saw the delicious barbecue ribs that were her starter.

Think before you speak, Lorelai thought, embarrassed. And the tension was back.

Luke was a little shocked by what she said when she had smiled giddily as saw her unhealthy starter arriving. He was even more surprised by what came out of his own mouth.

"No you haven't, but it's okay because I don't believe I've told you how beautiful you look all night"

Where the heck did that cheesy line come out of. Luke thought as Lorelai looked up shocked.

Her cheeks turned slightly red as she felt embarrassment surge through them.

"I would have looked a whole lot more beautiful if you had let me go shopping" she grumbled surprising herself at how naturally she had taken his compliment. It was corny, she knew, but anything like that coming from Luke was sincere, she knew that also.

As Luke opened the car door for her, she was reminded once again by the date like feeling of the night. She mentally checked of the date requirements in her head.

Taken to a movie by a handsome guy, wait handsome?

He bought her junk

He laughed at her jokes

He took her to dinner

He told her she was beautiful. She flushed slightly hearing the words in her head again

And now, he opened doors.

Luke glanced over at her, realizing she had been quiet for a while.

He left her to her thoughts as he tried to concentrate on the road.

They weren't far from the hotel when Luke unexpectedly pulled up. Lorelai broke out of her daydream as she glanced around.

"Eh..?" She asked by way of question.

"Just come on" Luke insisted.

Lorelai looked at what they had pulled up outside of and sort of froze to the sidewalk.

What the hell is he bringing me here for? She thought, maybe he had planned to bring Nicole here, no he wouldn't. Although Luke has done a lot of things tonight that I never thought he would, she thought remembering what he had said to her during dinner.

Luke turned around when he realized she was not following him.

She was staring up at the neon lights of the building and looked highly embarrassed to say the least. If Luke was not so curious as to the cause of her embarrassment he might have laughed. He followed her stare and realized he had pulled up outside of a strip club.

Luke grabbed her hand laughing. He walked a few paces down the street until they were outside a very hip looking ice-cream parlor. He released her hand.

Lorelai blushed furiously.

Damn, she thought, usually it is her that makes Luke blush.

She knew that he knew what she thought she knew.

"Mmm Ice-cream" Lorelai offered lamely.

"If you want?" he asked

"I want" she replied now regaining the natural color of her cheeks.

"Are you sure" Luke continues "Coz there's a really great strip club back there if you want?"

"Ice-creams fine" She said in voice which showed he had gotten in his little jab.

He did not continue teasing her as she would have if the situation was reversed. He just opened the door. She smiled gratefully. She knew Luke could have taken the embarrassment if it had been him. But he was not sure if she could.

After their ice cream, well Lorelai's ice-cream and Luke's frozen yoghurt, they walked back to the car. Lorelai managed to look up while passing the strip club and shook her head in laughter as they climbed into the car.

"The look on your face when you thought I was bringing you to a strip club" Luke teased "If ever I wished I had a camera, remind me to get one tomorrow to catch future moments like that"

"Just drive mister"

Although it was not far until the hotel, Lorelai found she was pretty beat by the time she reached their room.

Luke swiped the key with his right hand, while he balanced the essentials which he had purchased for Lorelai in the gift shop in the lobby.

On entering the room the both noticed the lack of a couch. They just ignored it and Luke said evenly "Why don't you use the bathroom first to get ready for bed"

For bed?, Lorelai thought as she washed the make-up off of her face. So I'm sleeping in the bed, she wondered.

When she came out she noticed Luke had unpacked most of his stuff and changed into sweatpants and a lighter shirt.

Luke looked at her funny and she realized that she had been staring.

"Well I-I" she mumbled as she gestured for him to use the bathroom. He walked past her confused by her strange behavior.

Your friends, Luke told himself, nothing more, this is a nice thing she is doing, coming keeping me company after Nicole. Luke couldn't help but turn back and check her out in her over sized hotel shirt that was her nightie for the night.

This did not go unnoticed by Lorelai. She shuffled uncomfortably and eventually decided to get into the bed. Luke soon came out and he glanced around the room sizing up the situation.

"I guess I could sleep on the floor, it'll be like camping" he gestured toward the floor.

"Or, you could sleep in the bed, I mean its massive. It's your weekend you should at least get to sleep in a bed" damn, where did that come out of. Lorelai thought.

Luke did not say anything but just nodded making his way over to the bed.

"Ok-ay then" he gave her a half smile as she scooted over to the other side of the bad.

Lorelai's stomach was now doing flip-flops as LUKE climbed in beside her.

Her hand went to the butterflies in her stomach sort of wanting them to settle down.

Oh yea, that's where it came from. She thought happily as she watched Luke turn on his side to go to sleep.

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