Question Unanswered


Troy Bolton

Gabriella Montez

Sharpay Evans

Ryan Evans

Taylor Mckessie

Chad Danforth

Summary: During practice for the musical, a popular question gets asked. And after a sleepover at the Evans', they finally get their answer.

Chapter One: Sleepover Anyone?

It was rehearsal time, which usually meant bruises and loud screeching and everything else horrible in the world, but today it just meant boredom. Troy and Gabriella were sitting on the stage looking dead to the world, while Chad and Taylor who came to watch them were sitting in the auditorium seats. The former was listening to his mp3 player and counting the dots on his beloved basketball. Taylor, however, was unaware of all this as she was doing some very complicated looking calculus homework. They were all waiting for Ryan, Sharpay, and Ms. Darbus to come back from their hunt for some obscure theatre prop.

Chad, finally getting sick of waiting took off his headphones. "Look, its been a half hour, I say we leave and go play a game of one on one."

Gabriella sighed "No way, Ms. Darbus is already mad at us for missing yesterday's drama club meeting."

"Even though we technically aren't in the drama club." said Troy, finally looking awake.

"Well, the wonder twins don't look like they're coming back." Chad said, looking ready to leave anyway.

After this, everybody started settling back into what the were previously doing, until Gabriella spoke up again. "Speaking of them, don't you think they're a little strange?"

This caused Taylor to finally look up, and Troy to smile.

"Of course they are. It's so obvious that their mutual love for sparkly clothing has driven them to confess their love for each other. They are secretly married with two point seven kids, have the world's largest beach ball collection, and a passion for skip-it." Troy said with a straight face. It caused everyone to go into hysterics. He continued, "What exactly do you mean by strange?"

Gabriella looked a little hesitant, "Well, that minus the beach balls ,skip-it, kids, and marriage. Taylor decided to speak up at last, "So you've noticed it too." Chad, not following along, had to ask, "What are you two talking about?"

Taylor answered," Haven't you noticed how lately they've been standing a little too close for comfort?" " Or since we've all become friends they spend even more time with each other?" Gabriella added.

Once again there was silence in the auditorium.

Then,"Oh, come off it. They've always been like that.", Chad said, going back to his basketball. However, he was rudely pulled into the conversation again when Troy said, "No, I think they have a point."

"Really?", the girls said, looking hopeful.

"Please tell me you are kidding man." Chad looked like someone had just punched him in the face. "Of course I'm kidding, you two are out of your minds." Troy said, smiling.

Gabriella replied looking slightly amused," Think what you want, I guess we'll have to prove it to you.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Chad challenged. " You'll just have to see it for yourself." Taylor said.

Troy smiled. "Which means they can't prove it." "Yes, we can, It's just that you guys hardly see them at school. So, maybe if you see them out of school you might notice it. Let's invite them to go out and do something." said Gabriella, looking like she just had the greatest idea ever. Taylor went along with this and suggested a sleepover. This wasn't taken very well.

Troy: "Are you joking? My dad would never go for that."

Gabriella: "Neither would my mom, and besides, I need to finish my sociology project that's due Monday."

Chad: "My parents don't really care what I do as long as no one gets killed. Hey Taylor, how about just you and me?"

This received a look from Taylor. "Or maybe not." he finished.

Luckily for Chad, Troy came to the rescue. "You know Taylor, that is a really good idea. I wouldn't have to tell my parents, but do you really think we'll see them cuddling? And what makes you think they'll even go along with this?"

"We all know Ryan will do whatever his sister does, and once Sharpay hears about it, well, she'll probably invite herself. She hates being out of the loop. So, I guess I could get probably finish my project tonight, because if they do go along with this, there is no way I'm missing out. So, who's house are w even going to?" said Gabriella looking around.

"Not mine!" Troy shouted at once. They looked at Chad. "As cool as my parents are, they hate kids. And Friday is Stargate night. You do not want to mess with them." So the group turned their head towards Taylor. "I'll ask my parents, but I'm not sure they'll go for a girl-guy sleepover."

Sharpay choose this moment to walk in. "What sleepover?"

"Oh, we were thinking about having a sleepover tomorrow. You know, a little fun after all this hard practice for the musical." Troy said smoothly. " Sounds like fun, me and Ryan would love to join you guys. Where at?" Sharpay said, picking up some books off the stage.

"We're not sure yet, we were thinking-" Gabriella started, but Sharpay cut her off. "Perfect, we can have it at my house. Daddy's out of town all week so we don't have to worry about business meetings. See you tomorrow." She turned to leave.

"Wait! What about practice?" Troy said, just as she reached the door. "Ms. Darbus had to leave forever ago. Something about her dog running into a tree." Sharpay said, once again turning to leave. And once again she was interrupted. "What have you and Ryan been doing this entire time?" asked Taylor innocently.

"Oh we were just um", Sharpay hesitated, "we were practicing outside on the school step and Ryan remembered that he left his books in here. It's a good thing he did because we completely forgot about you guys." And with that, she was finally able to leave.

The Next Day

It was all set. Sharpay would be driving the girls to her house, and Ryan the guys.

As the last bell of the day rang, they all met up and walked to the school parking lot. You had to feel sorry for the four of them, they had no idea what they were walking into.