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Wholly Addicted to you -The hole in my heart, the hole in my wall.



Within every life; lives a different story. Some may have more courageous stories to tell, some more sentimental, heroic, boring or dangerous. Some just downright weird.


Well… it has yet to be told.

I'm a sitting duck, waiting here living my mediocre life waiting for that story worth telling. For those memories worth repeating. For those times worth my smile.

The name is Sora, and welcome to my ordinary, boring life.

Well, it's not completely boring…I still haven't received my mail yet!

…Yeah, so unless a rain of mini horny Sephiroth-droplets start falling from the sky as I walk out to retrieve my daily mail; I may as well reserve the optimistics for happier times.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the tall, cerulean eyed, long silver-haired man I mentioned just now was; he's the new customer I'm fitting for a whole new wardrobe. It's also an interesting fact that if he and I were to lie in my bed, there'd be a cosy 3 inches space between us. If I see things my waythough, that cosy three inches would be a very cosy non-existent gap.

Talking of non-existent, what's up with my sex life? You'd think that at the age of 19 with nothing better to do than to fit other men into new clothes would at least get me onto a bed for the men to do a little 'fitting' of their own. Yet no, here I am still doing my job with the occasional touch on the chest after straightening a tie or a feel of a bum after finding some well-placed 'fluff' there.


Anyway, enough of the side tracks, the mail!

Slipping into my navy blue Chocobo slippers, I shuffle slowly over to the door whilst stifling a yawn. Unlatching the door I step into the porch and pull my jacket off the coat rack and pulled it over my shoulders. I haven't failed to notice my mannerisms already matching that of a frail granddad, but it was morning damn it.

Oh, how I hated mornings.

Anything earlier than 10:30 AM happening in the world would be blissfully ignored by me; who by nature would be wrapped up in my bed sound-o. Only, and I mean only after at least two cups of coffee and a slice of peanut butter toast later, would I be willing to acknowledge the world's existence.

Perky, aren't I?

Pulling open the porch door feebly, I waited until the draft of chilly air to whoosh past me abruptly until I ventured down my front path. With the world practically singing with liveliness around me, I gave a half-hearted glare and pulled open my mail box. Was there something I missed as I slept soundly in the comforts of my bed in the morning? Why did everybody look so happy?

"Mornin' Sora!" I inwardly groaned as I looked up to see the girl who lived across the street from me. Ugh…

"Um…Hey Karu." I attempted. I said it as low as possible just in case I said the wrong na--.

"It's Kairi." She said as politely as possible, yet through those gritted teeth, it seemed a little harder for her. Oh! Do I detect a little stress, dear? Welcome to my world…

The deal? I'm sexually frustrated.

It's not like I haven't had the offers, I'm just a picky little fuck who can't make up my damned mind! It doesn't really help that my sex appeal only seems to bonk the attention of girls. Why can it not call out to the guys?

Do they not like cute? I've mastered cute. Did they want sexy?

…I can do sexy. I think?

Oh dear god, what if I couldn't

I'd forever be looked upon as the sweet little brother the hot guys never had.

'Oh Sora, you're like my brother …I'd see it as incest.' And 'I said I'd protect you from all of harms way, not screw you until you're content.' Yes…I could see it all now.

Grabbing the mail, I slammed the lid shut and started up my front path again. I reached the step and flicked through what was delivered to my house. A few unworthy bills and an extremely late birthday card from my Grandmother. Jeez… I knew she was on her last legs and all, but a birthday card that was late by four months was ridiculous…

I heard Kai… Kairu? Was it? Shutting her front door and momentarily looked up. I watched as she reopened the door, peeked out and then hurriedly slammed it shut again after catching me looking. One of my bills slipped from my hand in surprise. Sheesh, talk about permanent pms…

I sighed and bent down to pick up my stupid bill, retrieving it from where it landed next to a dazed looking snail; I straightened back up to face a huge-assed 'SOLD' sign being hammered in replacement of the 'FOR SALE' sign. Oh, that's right… next door was on sale after the little evil lady died. Good riddance to her… she was downright crazy.

Well, it certainly sold quick enough; she only popped it two weeks ago. Watching a moving van slowly making its way up the street, I rolled my eyes and closed the porch door. As long as they don't get in my way… then we'll get along juuuust fine.


Jamming the key into my front door, I staggered inside and let my bag fall effortlessly off my shoulder. Heaving a huge dramatic sigh to no-one, I proceeded to take off my jacket and fling it in the direction of the coat rack. Whether it reached there or not I didn't care.

Coffee coffee coffee.

Making a bee-line straight to my kettle, I plopped it on and grabbed the coffee jar. Aaahh, sweet bliss.

I rubbed my temples as I thought about today. I had to measure up this podgy small man who had a rough voice and wandering hands. I was tempted in measuring his neck a little too tightly after I had felt his hand brush up the back of my thigh for the third time within the hour. Taking a small sip of my coffee immediately made a goofy grin appear on my face. Much better…


I frowned and looked over my shoulder. Sitting on the counter was Mog, my fat ginger cat.

"Hello, Mog… how's your diet going?" I hummed happily. That only seemed to result to Mog turning around grumpily and walking away with his tail held high in the air. Oh that's right… show your love and devotion to me by gracing me with your butt hole.

Yeah, he wasn't happy with me as I restricted his feedings to twice a day. What! Don't look at me like that… it used to be five! And I swear some of the neighbours were stuffing him with goodies too.

Ah well, it was always fun to tease him. What else was I expected to do when there was no one else around to? I picked up my coffee and moved into the front room. Placing my coffee down on the side, I grinned dopily as I saw Mog struggling to get onto the sofa. I would laugh at his efforts but I was afraid he'd scratch my eyes out.

Yeah, he was quite violent when provoked. I once laughed at him for falling off the window sill so he later had his revenge by sitting on my chest when I was in bed. It was all well and good until I had difficulty breathing…

So I tried to conceal my grins as I helped him by placing my foot under his bum and lifting him up. He half grunted at me and curled up into a ginger ball.

So much for gratitude. Fat cat…

I was about to sit down when I heard loud movement drifting through my walls. It took me a good couple of minutes of listening to figure out it was my new neighbours moving things around. I drew myself closer to the wall to try to figure out what was happening.

My eyes widened and I jumped back when I heard a loud crashing sound and then an angry voice after it. I smiled as I heard a few insultive words I could decipher travel to my ears.

Having fun listening to the commotion behind the wall, I rested the back of my head against the wall as I leaned there. It reminded me of when I had to move in; I had acted the same way, although my string of curses were a lot more creative. Mog didn't come out from behind the sofa for hours after I trod on his tail and then fell on my ass in the process; obviously swearing beautifully as I went down.

Stupid tail…

I was shook from my thoughts as I felt the wall vibrate as something heavy was pushed against it. I nearly squeaked embarrassingly as a voice sounded directly across from me.

"The philosophy section here… cooking books there… Russian ones there…Hey, where's my porno's, Boy?"

What the?

My eyes widened as I silently stood there, my cheeks slowly turning red. What a thing to overhear…

A muffled bark sounded through and I blinked a couple of times in surprise. He had a dog? Mog is gonna love that…

A few chuckles sounded next to my ear and I vaguely heard "Just kiddin', Obly…!"

I narrowed my eyes in concentration for a few seconds. Did I hear that right? Obly? What the hell did that mean?

Feeling as though I was intruding in their personal business I returned to my sofa and flicked the TV on.


After having watched some, 'ahem'… manly programmes (The Simpson's and The Moogle network, Ssshh!) I decided to make dinner. Well… I decided to attempt to make some concoction of edible food. I wasn't a great cook…

Last time I had to make a proper dinner for my friend Tidus, we ended up throwing away the purple-looking home made tomato soup and questionable burnt pork chops, and ended up ordering a pizza.

Hey… I didn't have time to be perfect at everything.

Mog was purring around my feet with his pitiful looks, occasionally trying to pass through my legs but resulting to getting wedged in between every time. I suppose I could feed him a little early. I reached into the cupboard and squidged up the sachet of cat food before squeezing it onto his plate.

He meowed loudly before trying to get up onto his hind legs to sniff but gave up after straining. Why was I feeding this fat lazy cat again?

Hearing the ding to my microwave, I took the pot of beans out and spread them over my toast. I chuckled despite how boring it looked. Oh yes, Bon Appetite!

I ate in silence listening to the content grunting sounds coming from Mog as he cleaned his plate with his tongue and the occasional sounds of moving from next door…

Yeah…I wasn't kidding when I said I lived alone apart from Mog. Hearing next door was considered a hell of a lot easier when no other sounds were there to distract me. Not that I was trying to listen or anything…

Aaahh, poop. I rolled my eyes as I looked down to where a hot bean had landed in my lap. I looked around to see if anyone was looking, stupid I know, and flicked it to the floor and called Mog over.

"Oy, Mong. Uh… I meant Mog... Hoover this would you?" I pointed to the bean and he gave me an impassive look, yet plodded over anyway and sniffed it. Slurping it up in one swift movement, he licked his mouth and walked away. I sniggered. Well… at least he was useful for something.

Some loud bangs were coming from next door now and it sounded as though they were hammering a few nails into the walls in various places. Were these walls as thin as I remembered them?

Apparently so…

Shoving my plate in the sink, I pranced around for a while. Yeah... when I'm bored I would just skip around the house and throw my body about here and there. Plebbish? …yeah, but it was fun!

Mog gave me a disdainful look through one peeping eye as he lay there next to the fire. I grinned at him and pranced over.

"What's up Mog? Watching me doing all this exercise making you jealous? No need for that!" I hummed and picked him up with much effort under his arms. He shrieked at me as I spun us both around laughing manically. It was way too fun to wind him up at times…

Looking rather ruffled as I plopped him down on the sofa, he glared at me (yes, glared.) and wandered into the back room. Ha! Loner…


"Awwww man."

I blinked and laughed. Next door didn't seem to be having much luck. I beamed as I plodded upstairs to take a quick shower. I sniffed my shampoo bottle before squeezing a blob into my hand.

Hmmm… raspberry. I would eat this stuff if I could. Scrubbing it into my hair I let the smell drift up through my nose. Yum…

After a hard days work, my shower was my reward. Especially after that sweaty little man was trying to cop a feel…

I stood there for another ten minutes watching the water spiral around my feet before disappearing down the plug-hole before turning the faucet off and stepping out onto the cold floor. My toes made wet noises as I walked to the rack and pulled my fluffy yellow bathrobe over me.

Whilst scrubbing my body dry, I stood in front of the steamy mirror. I rubbed a small patch away with my wrist and appeared at my droopy wet hair. Smiling, I shook my head and let the water fly everywhere. My hair lifted a few inches now not so weighed down with water and I smirked.

I heard quiet humming drift from the wall and pouted a little. Was he running the same routine as me?

I stood and listened quietly to his soft humming for a while and hid a smile behind my hand as he apparently hit a wrong note and cursed. My new neighbour sure was weird

I tip-toed down the hall to my bedroom and threw myself down onto my squishy bed. Aaahh…lovely. I snuggled into my pillow and snorted in surprise when Mog meowed next to my ear. I glared at him as he smirked at me.

Well, okay … he didn't smirk as such, but if he were human, I bet he would have.

I shrugged off my bathrobe and slide into my blue silk P.J's. I switched off my alarm considering it was Saturday tomorrow and I needn't be up for 7:30 Am for work. I sighed happily and pulled the covers up to my neck.

"Night Mog."

He grunted at me and I smiled. I rolled over to my side and drifted off to sleep.


"CRASH….rumble…. plonk…rumble…"

I yelped and threw my arms up in shock. What Thefuck was That? My pounding heart was hammering against me as I tried desperately to blink the sleep away from me.

I sucked in a deep breath as I tried to calm my breathing. Talk about a wake up call! I glanced over at my clock and it read 9:30 Am. Furrowing an eyebrow in confusion, I let out a huge groan. It was only 9:30 on a Saturday?

God forbid

I pondered over what had wakened me. I considered it being Mog falling off the bed but he was curled up in a ball on his side of the bed. Falling back down against my pillow I slid my eyes shut willing myself back to sleep; but to no avail. I was too awake to attempt sleep now.


I shrugged the covers off me grudgingly and rolled out of bed. I prodded Mog in the side and he jolted angrily.

"If I have to be up; then you can at least grace me with your presence." I half smirked. He must really hate me at times…

His tail flicked in annoyance and he rested his head back down totally ignoring me. I tapped my foot and decided to be cruel. "Fine; then your breakfast can go to sweet little Pompom this morning…" Oh yes… I got you that time, fatty.

Pompom was a cute little white kitten from a couple of houses down. Mog despises her. I think it's because Pompom gets all the attention from the people walking by and Mog, despite never showing it, is actually a strokies-addict.

Yes, I've caught his quiet purring every time I give him a beloved scratchie behind his ear. He tries to hide it, being the 'manly' cat that he is… but there's no missing it.

I smirked as I found him trotting down the hall towards the stairs. My eyes averted from him as I heard some crumbling sounds in the direction of my bathroom. Puzzled, I was about to go check it out when Mog meowed impatiently from the foot of the stairs.

Sighing I decided to go and feed him before he thought it was a good idea to snack on my ankle again. The first time wasn't pretty.

I hopped down the stairs a few at a time and pushed the kettle on when reaching it. I skidded over to the cupboard and brought out a sachet of Mog's food and fed him.

I loved my laminated floor… the fun I've had playing skid wars with Tidus. Oh, Tidus was my best friend. He'd come round about twice a week to hang out after work.

Mog seemed to like him a lot more than me. I'm guessing that's because he butters him up with chocolate buttons that Mog can't seem to get enough of. Weird cat…

I heard the sound of faint mumbling from upstairs again and cocked my head to the side. I ventured up with my coffee in hand. I needed to brush my teeth anyways.

I trudged along the landing and pushed open my bathroom door. I took a step in but trod on something extremely painful. Yelping in pain, I dropped my coffee as I hopped on one foot holding my other tightly.


Oh jeez, hoping around in hot coffee was a bad idea too… I cursed as one foot stung and the other foot was wet and burning.

"Um… Are you alright there?" ACK! I was so surprised to hear the voice that I jolted and slipped on the coffee. What followed next wasn't pretty… I slipped over and landed painfully on my hip. Worse luck. Groaning loudly, I immediately began to rub my soar hip better. This just wasn't my morning, maybe I should have stayed in bed.

I heard a chuckle and my eyes widened, I looked up to see…

Holy fuck…

There was a guy's head looking at me through a fucking hole in my wall!


I looked at him as though he was some kind of abomination and just sat there clutching my hip. I vaguely noticed droplets of coffee dripping slowly from my foot and the uncomfortable wetness seeping through my pyjamas. I groaned and sat up.

"I would offer you a hand… but you're rather entertaining to watch." The head through my wall exclaimed.

I winced as my hip twinge. "What the… hell?"

The stranger looked at me with a bemused expression. I ignored it and tried to figure out the situation clearly. When I woke up this morning, I had definitely not anticipated to wander into my bathroom and find my neighbour's head sticking through a huge-assed hole in my wall!

Not only that… but I didn't expect my neighbour to look so cute…

"Uh… maybe we should start over." The voice noted. I shuffled on my bum out of the wet patch and over to the side of my bathtub. I grabbed the edge and pulled myself up to sit on the edge. I looked down disdainfully at my now soaked P.J's.

A hand stretched forward in front of my face and I jumped slightly and looked at it in confusion. The man chuckled and smiled at me through soft eyes.

"Hey… I'm Riku, your new neighbour who put a hole through your bathroom wall. Nice to meet you."

I numbly took his hand, not knowing how else to react and shook it.

"Yeah, hey. I'm Sora, the owner of the house you appear to be wrecking." I grimaced yet couldn't help but smile anyway. I guess it was his nervous chuckling that followed after.

He rubbed the back of his head embarrassedly and gave me a small smile. "I'm sorry about that, I didn't know how thin these walls are; apparently very."

I smirked and shrugged, slowly getting over the shock. "Oh, I found out yesterday by that very poor humming of yours." His eyes widened and a faint redness graced the bridge of his nose.

"Oh, jeez. Heard that did you?" I nodded and smiled. Hey, shouldn't I be angry at him or something? He did just wreck my bathroom…

I watched quietly as he tried to hide his embarrassment and couldn't help but chuckle. Jeez, I don't think I could be mad… he looked too innocent! I fiddled with the wet patch on my P.J's not knowing what else to say… although this wasn't quite as awkward as I thought it should be… there was only so much I could say to a neighbour I've just met unexpectedly.

He looked down at me and bit his lip for a second. "Hey, wait there for a second." Before I had any time to protest his head had vanished and was out of my sight.

Whilst I listened to the rummaging coming from his side of the wall, I inspected the wall quietly. Sheesh, he certainly didn't go easy on it. He or I could easily slip through that hole any time we wanted. At least 10 fat Mogs could at once too if they desired to.

A pile of rubble was scattered across my bathroom floor, and I could only assume over his too. I realised that it was a piece of my own bathroom wall that I had so painfully stood on in the first place.

I glared at the piece stubbornly until I heard the presence of Riku return. He popped his head through to my side and stretched his arm back through, with it he brought two fluffy beige towels.

"Here." He offered whilst softly pushing them into my arms. I quirked an eyebrow at him in question. He raised one eyebrow in return.

"Y'know, for your floor and yourself. That coffee can't be nice to have all over you."

I held back a chuckle as I accepted them nonetheless. Lookit him trying to be helpful…

"You know, I am sitting in my own bathroom. I have towels here." I smiled innocently. Riku widened his eyes for a second before giving a hearty chuckle. I joined in too, just because his laughing was contagious.

"Well, that's true. I do however have the blame for all this in the first place, so the least I can do is offer you my towels." He finished, nose twitching as the smell of cold coffee met our noses.

I grinned. Well… that was true.

I mopped the floor up, feeling a little guilty for dirtying his fresh towel, and dried my toes and arm with the small hand towel he gave me. I picked up the now heavy and damp towels and was about to pass them to him, before changing my mind and dumping them in my dirty laundry hamper that was tucked in the corner.

He quirked an eyebrow and gave me a weird look.

"I uh… thought I'd wash them before returning them." I mumbled out before rubbing the back of my head.

"Alright, but no turning them pink with a pair of red undies or something…I happen to like these towels" He grinned and I couldn't help but pout a little.

"I do not have any red undies…!" I tried to argue but it was lost to the sound of his laughter. I tried to stay angry but his laughter just seemed to bring out the calmness in me, soon I found myself laughing along beside him once more.

"You sure are clumsy, aren't you Sora?" he asked after the laughing died to mere chuckles. I gathered he was referring to my painful performance.

"For someone who knocked a huge-assed hole here" I jutted my finger at him, effectively poking him in the chest. "…I could say the same about you."

"You're not going to let me live this down, are you?" He smirked, ruffling my hair.

"Why should I?" I mused, watching Riku as he adjusted his position. This was so strange… out of all the places I've made small talk to people; this was certainly one place that I didn't expect. It was so bizarre…

Feeling my bum numbing, I slid down the side and ended up sitting inside of my bathtub, from Riku's vision, he could only see my head and shoulders. Well, if I could only see that of his... I had to make it fair, right?


We both stopped smiling at each other and looked towards my doorway. There sat Mog, sniffing the air and scrunching up his nose with distaste… Ah yeah… Mog hated coffee…

"Why, Mog… what is the reason you decided to grace us with your superior greatness?" I enquired; locking eyes with Riku's surprised one.

"Mog? Interesting name…" He stated quietly before reaching his hand out and attempted to call my fat ginger cat over to him. I was surprised to see Mog wander over and sniff his hand, before head butting his head into his palm, rubbing it against him.

Riku chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

"He's a people-loving cat?"

"No …he despises people."

"Weird." …That's what I thought. Mog decided then that he would jump through the hole to inspect Riku's bathroom. I panicked and called Mog back. Oh gods, how embarrassing. Riku watched him wander around and sniggered slightly.

"It's fine." I watched as he actually had the nerve to walk out of Riku's bathroom down his hall. I groaned and apologized. Riku was playing with bits of the wall and I took this opportunity to take a good look at my neighbour.

He had slightly muscled arms and creamy looking skin. With bright shining aqua eyes and soft flowing silver hair – he certainly wasn't an underdog in the looks department.

"Is that natural?" I mumbled out and gasped as I realised I had said it aloud. Riku's gentle eyes looked up at me in confusion, once realising that I had meant his hair as my eyes kept glancing up at it in betrayal. He smiled and looked back down to continue playing with the bits of rubble as though my outburst was normal.

"It sure is. Odd, huh?" I smirked, thinking of Sephiroth.

"Not really, I know another guy with the same hair colour. His is natural too."

Riku looked up at me surprised. "Kadaj, by any chance? Loz, Yazoo? Sephiroth?" He listed. My ears picked up on the last one though.

"Yeah, Sephiroth… you know him then?" He nodded.

"Good friend of mine. Met him through Leon. My ex's boyfriends' ex." I laughed. Talk about descriptive…

"I'm measuring him up for suits. He wants around 12 of them." Riku nodded. Truth be told, I loved silver hair. It was so different from all the other mediocre hair colours out there. The fact that it could be natural made my mouth water.

My stomach rumbled and I looked down uncomfortably. I felt my cheeks reddening and saw Riku raise an eyebrow.

"I think my neighbour is hungry by the sounds of things." He laughed and I groaned at him.

"No teasing!" He gave me a warm smile and raised a hand to lazily salute me.


"Well, I'll see you around, Sora." He pushed himself off the wall and headed out of his bathroom with an air of elegance.

I sat there and stared at the hole. Well, that had been interesting. It was weird at how easy I had actually found it to talk to him. Usually, I never really bothered talking to people as they seemed to irritate me or just ignore me completely. Yet this…

Well, this was just plain weird.

Looking at the floor and the random bits of rubble that scattered it, I sighed. Mog had taken a like to him just by one convincing scratchie… I had to smirk at that, that damned cat usually hissed at anyone. Yet still… to wake up and have a full-blown conversation with the new neighbour by using a hole in our bathroom wall was definitely peculiar…

But what made this even stranger to me…. Was that I think I was attracted to him.

As weird as that may sound, he had really put a smile to my face…

Well, Riku… welcome to your new house, and your new neighbour…

With that last thought I smiled, and my attention was properly brought back to the mess that he had left on my bathroom floor. My eyes widened and I groaned loudly.

"Riiiiikuuuuu….You could have tidied up the mess you left on my floooooor!" I whined loudly.

With that, I climbed out of the bath and started to gather up the mess… but not without hearing that distant chuckle through the hole…

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