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Wholly Addicted To You – The one? Or the Two?




'Bzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzz—.'

"Mmmmwuah?" I jolt awake and blink my bleary eyes open, looking around to see if anyone was attacking me. When I approved the coast was clear, I lean up on one elbow and faintly register that my door bell is ringing.

I groaned and flop back down. I don't know what I did to piss off the big guy up in the clouds, but I don't think I deserved this. After letting the persistent ringing go on for a while longer, noticing they were now making tunes, I gave up and flung the covers off me, trying to tug my legs free. Noticing they were stuck, I peeked down to see Oblivion sprawled across them, happily twitching his left paw whilst drooling.

I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily. "Oblivion, oy… you, yes you, who else would I be talking to, ya dope?" I was amused at how confused and surprised he looked when he cocked his head up at the mention of his name.

"You hear that boy? Yeah, I gotta answer it, mind getting off me?"

He looked at me a few seconds longer, stuck his sloppy big tongue out happily and scrambled off my legs, approaching my face for a big morning lick. I saw that tongue coming a mile off and scrunched into a ball, covering my arms over my face like a shield. He made that happy whining sound, curious as to why I was covering my face from his lovings.

"Obly!" I chuckled, pushing him off gently as the door bell persisted again.

I pattered down the hall, rubbing my arms when the chilly air caused goosebumps to prickle on my skin. Jumping the last few steps on the stairs, I grabbed the door, noticing the bell was just ringing constantly now, and yanked it open.

"Yo!" Was all Axel managed to say before I groaned and slammed the door shut in his face.

There was a sparse few seconds of silence until Axel let what had happened sink in and a muffled "H-HEY!" came from the other side of the door. I rolled my eyes and listened to his protests. Honestly, I didn't want to be dealing with this right now. As soon as I had realised who was standing there a jolt of dread ran through my body.

It wasn't from Axel's whacky appearance surprisingly either, but from what herepresented.


I cringed as a bubble of anxiety I had been trying to squish swirled in my stomach. I felt light, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I couldn't help but feel down right miserable.

Despite that, when the letterbox flap opened and brushed against the palm of my hand, I crouched down until my Blue eyes were gazing into Axel's bemused ones.

"Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?" He grinned, although not as cocky as usual.

"Woke up to the wrong guy knocking at my door." I said honestly. Axel didn't seem to be phased however.

"Heh, you'd be surprised how often I hear that." I look to the side guiltily, realising that I couldn't hate Axel. After all, it wasn't his fault; he was just a guy doing his job.

"Yeah, okay" I said to no one in particular, as I pulled myself back up and opened the door, figuring there really wasn't much getting out of this. Axel didn't step inside however; he lingered on the door, probably contemplating whether he was due another door to his nose fiasco.

Looking me up and down, he furrowed a brow and frowned at me, obviously seeing my defeated stance.

"What's up kid, the boyfriend not putting out?" He said, jerking a thumb to the house next door. I half glared at his blunt nature, what was with him and sex anyway? And how did he know anything about Riku and I?

He must have noticed my confused look because he grinned, raising his arm up above him to lean against the door frame. "Heh, I had a hunch." He waggled his eyebrow and watched me turn red. I felt exposed standing there in my boxers and skimpy white tee, and unconsciously folded my arms over my chest.

"He's not my …uh, he's not my boyfriend." I mumbled, trying hard to keep the pout from jutting out too far.

Axel sighed and pivoted so his arm came across my shoulder and steered us inside. Leaning down, he gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze and muttered into my ear.

"But youso want him to be, huh?" He grinned, foot gently kicking the door shut behind us. I nod, not sure how else to lie to a guy who seems to know every sexual detail about you as soon as he lays eyes on you. Hmph, why fight a loosing battle?

"So what's the problem, kid?" He asked, plonking us down on the kitchen stools. He reached into my fridge and pulled out some orange juice. I was only vaguely ticked off about him doing so, but the bubble of worry kept me from kicking him in the balls.

Hmph, at least he poured me a glass too.

I wasn't quite sure how I felt spilling my problems to this dude who has no sense of morals, but as he passed me my juice I felt myself explaining everything to him. He nodded here and there, eyebrow rising as I got to the steamy makeout session last night in the play tunnels. I was averting my eyes from him and felt my ears grow hot when I went into detail.

Did he drug my juice? I felt like I was verbally puking all my secrets!

He drained the rest of his glass and licked his lips, grinning at me devishly. "Sounds like quite the catch. He looked like a catch, anyways, nice ass." He added, as if he was recalling from yesterday from his view on the floor.

I pouted. "Not helping."

He held up his hands defensively, shoulders hunching slightly. "I still don't see what your problem is, tyke. So I'm filling this hole of yours. You still have front doors, dontcha? And if I'm not mistaken you are neighbours. It'll be pretty hard to avoid ya." He grinned, as if finding this funny, yet I wasn't convinced. What if it just didn't happen? What if we were only aware of each other's presence because of the meetings in the bathroom? My heart sunk.

Axel saw the self pity in my eyes and groaned, rolling his eyes as he got to his feet, leaning over the counter, to look into my eyes.

"Look, Riku doesn't sound like an ass, and if you sit here worrying about all this shit then nothing will end up being solved right? So I want you to march over to Riku and have a talk with him. Because hey, if none of this gets sorted, then you two will never fuck each other's brains out, got it?"

You know, somewhere in Axel's sick and twisted musings, was some sense of logic. I really did need to speak to Riku. I couldn't let this go. I couldn't. With some little fire settling in my chest, courtesy of Axel, I got to my feet and took a deep breath. I couldn't really think about what I was going to say, my mind blank and my body jittering. I supposed I looked like some punk on crack, but I could hardly do little about it!


Axel saw my newfound passion and grinned, coking his head to the side and gave me a once over, as though studying a creation he had just made. I suppose that is what was…

"Good on ya, kiddo. One thing…"

My body was tingling; I was all pumped and ready to go.

"Whassat?" I said quickly, running through all the possible locations Riku might be.

"As sexy as those spindly legs of yours are you might consider a wardrobe change first, heh."

I looked down at my knobbly knees and blushed.


Fully dressed and ready to go, I clambered through the hole, feeling the top of my spiky hair brush against the crumbly surface. I made my way down the hall quietly, hoping not to scare the shit out of Riku if I saw him. Mog was sat on Riku's bed when I checked in his bedroom.

I frowned, it was immaculate, throw pillows decorated the bed and the sunlight washed across the bed. I refrained from smelling his pillow and gave Mog an accusing eyebrow.

Yeah, he abandoned my bed for Riku's, he better feel bad. I don't care if sometimes I accidentally flailed in my sleep and kicked him in the bum, as my pet he has a duty to fulfil!

Turning out of the bedroom, I feel stupid as I opened his storing closet, as if he'd be in there.

Closing it quietly, I made my way downstairs, where Obly was waiting patiently for me to reach him. What? Do all animals prefer Riku's house now? I scratched briefly behind is ears as I wondered what room to check first. I headed for the kitchen, to find it empty, frowning I turned around nearly tripping over Obly in the process. He had taken it upon himself to follow me around like a shadow.

"Where is he, boy?" I questioned quietly, doubting I'll find him at this point.

I checked the lounge, finding that deserted too, soon the study was ticked off as negative too. Had he gone out? Well he certainly wasn't in the house.

I groaned, he picked the worse times ever! I quickly glanced into his garden just in case he found it necessary to plant his pot plants this time of morning. Fine! I give in. If the bastard was so rude to be absent when I wanted to have a serious talk with him then fine. By. Me! Hmph!

I swivelled around and headed back to my house. Mog was now sitting in the hole as if waiting for me with a 'I knew he was out all along!' look and I shooed him back over to my side. Obly lovingly followed.

Wait, wasn't Axel supposed to be fixing this? I cocked an eyebrow in confusion, mumbling about incompetent builders and went to find him.


"AXEEEELL!!!" Did I step through a portal or something? Where the hell had everyone got to?

It didn't take long to find him, his snorts of laughter and wildish chants at the TV led me to my living room, where I found him sprawled out lazily on the couch, laughing at some lame show and looking quite at home.

I picked up an orange from the fruit bowl to my side and lobbed it at his head. With a dull squish sound it collided and Axel dramatically collapsed on one side.

"Ugh! Man down, Man down!!" He wailed then proceeded to play dead. I blew a piece of hair out of my eyes and waited for the drama queen to recover. He picked the orange up lazily, throwing and catching it in one hand before turning to me with a smirk.

"You called, darling?" He tried.

"Don't you have a job to do?"

"Sure, but it'll cost ya." He winked and grinned impishly.

I threw my arms up in the air and flopped down on the couch, entirely giving up. These people were impossible. I leant forward and grabbed the pillow that had lumped underneath me and threw it to the floor. It collapsed on Axel's foot and he gently shook it away, my eyes caught sight of the strip of flesh that was on show where Axel's top had rode up when he flung himself to his side and I poked it

"Put your dirty self away" I chided, hand flopping lazily beside me.

"Unf. Careful, I could nearly class that as molestation from a client." I closed my eyes and sighed.

"He wasn't there, I take it?"

I shook my head and sunk lower into the couch. Much of my bubbling energy had left me by this point and now I was stuck waiting. I hated having to wait. Whoever said patience is a virtue was obviously a right idiot.

"No and now I have to wait. Just how rude can you be?"

Axel gave out a bark of laughter as the door bell went. My hopes rose as I jumped to get it and as quickly as they came they went.

"Hey Sora, Riku wasn't in so we decided to crash around here--."

I slammed the door shut. Again.

No way in hell was Kadaj and psychotic cronies crossing my threshold.

"Why you little shit head, when I get this door open be prepared for the biggest wedgy in history!" He cried and started banging on the door.

"Go away!" I squeaked wondering why it was me who had to endure this kind of torture.

"Goddamnit, let me in!" Through all the shouting I thought I heard some muffled sobs.

"Oh for crying out loud, Loz! Stop fucking crying!"

"I'm NOT!" Sniff. Axel casually sauntered over to me and crouched down, I thought he was going for my crotch, so I jumped to the side and he looked through the letterbox.

"Who IS it?" He sang through the small gap, peering at three leather-clad crotches. The banging came to a halt and soon Axel was looking into the eyes of the same colour.

"Oh, what do we have here? …looks hot." Axel muttered and Kadaj quirked an eyebrow. He suddenly grinned.

"Open the door and maybe you'll get a taste."

It didn't take more than a second before Axel had the door open and Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz were making their way single file into my cramped hallway. Kadaj and Axel were eyeing each other up before Kadaj casually yanked Axel's collar towards him where he gave Axel's upper lip an erotically slow lick. He turned his head to the side in order to give me a nod in greeting before making his was to my front room.

"Payment served." He grinned, addressing Axel before disappearing around the corner. Loz and Yazoo followed, not before ruffling my hair on the way past.

Axel looked beside himself, "Sora, I gotta tell ya, you have some wicked friends."

He turned on his heel and made his way to the front room, where I heard him dive onto my couch which inhabited all three visitors by the sounds of their protests.

"UNF!" "OOF!" "GAH!"

Before I made it to the door, I heard Axel whining in protest as they tried to shove him off. "What, what!? H-hey! I'm resting here!"

I rounded the corner where I saw him clutching to Kadaj's thigh, feet looped around Loz's arm, in an attempt to anchor himself. I watched them struggle for a while before Kadaj gave up and settled for playing with the strands of fiery red hair at the nape of Axel's neck. The sight was strangely pleasing to the eye, and I felt my cheeks grow warm.

I don't know how I had managed it, but somehow I had ended up having my front room strewn with gorgeous sexually charged men and not one of them was the one that I was seeking!

I felt the need to have a small fry like me around the house, just in case I needed to batter away and wondering hands. I felt like goddamned jail bait.

I headed for the phone, planning on calling Roxas.

Heck, I didn't need to outrun my predators after all, I just needed to out run my friend.

With that, I dialled the number.

"Yuuuuuuuuuup?" Was the sleepy reply I received after the 12th ring.

"Roxas,dude, are you still in bed?"

"Yuuuuuuuuuup." Came the drawled reply. Okay, he sounded slightly proud.

"Roxas, I need you to come round." I said bluntly. Hey, I might as well just spit it out. I turned to see Kadaj walking into the kitchen; rummage around through my cupboards, pulling out various items and food products. He flipped the switch to my kettle and pulled out four or five cups. Grabbed a whole loaf of bread and nudged me off the refrigerator in order to grab the butter. I growled at him for completely ignoring me and caught Roxas mumbling down the phone.

"What for? Got a room full of tigers that might pounce on you like you're a slab of meat?" He gave a throaty chuckle, imagining him rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and my eyebrows rose at his ability at being freakishly accurate. My eyes followed Kadaj as he grabbed the milk in one hand, some turkey meat and a lettuce in the other.

"Err, actually… yes." I said, lowering my voice.


"Look, just get round here, I uh… I have a present here for you." I lied, knowing Roxas's inability to keep from presents.

"Okay, but will you feed me?" He whined in a needy voice.

I groaned. "Fine." I said, putting the phone down. Hell, I was feeding everyone else it seemed. Giving Kadaj a once over, I resigned. "Need help?" He turned, regarding me, supporting his weight on one leg, jutting his hips out, and held a knife and a juicy red tomato I didn't even know I had out to me.

I took it silently and we began preparing turkey salad sandwiches and tea for everyone.

"So where's Riku?" I asked, breaking the silence more than anything.

"How the hell should I know?" Kadaj said, giving me a look which clearly stated 'why else would I be in your kitchen otherwise?'

"Didn't he invite you round or something?"

"Riku? Hell, he never invites us unless he has to; we just came round because to be honest we had a blast the other night."

I blanched. How the hell did shoving peas down my pants—Oh. Yeah, guess they did have fun. "Well don't expect every time we meet you can find new and interesting things to shove down my pants." I huffed, waving a knife covered in tomato juice at him. He grinned, wiping of a tomato drip from his chest and grabbed a few plates.

"No promises," He beamed, "Now hurry the fuck up and help me take these plates through."

I stood up straight and slapped a hand to my head in a salute. "Yessir!" I yelled and grabbed two plates and a cup of tea. Walking hurriedly yet carefully, I caught up with Kadaj just as we walked through to the living room. Axel was now resting his legs over Loz, head in Yazoo's lap, looking quite the epitome of an asshole not doing his job. Seeing us walk in, he raised his head a little and looked innocent.

"For me? Dyaaah, ya shouldn't have."

"We didn't." Kadaj mumbled, taking joy out of seeing Axel's pout.

"Hell, there's a plate for me, I counted!" Axel exclaimed, making a lunge for Kadaj, who sidestepped and Axel hurtled over the edge into a heap on the floor. Loz, who nudged Axel's foot from out of his face, took a plate and laughed as Axel's whine resounded around the room.

The doorbell rang as I passed a plate to Yazoo. I saw a blur of red scramble past me and before I realised what was happening, I heard Roxas's sheer yell of surprise as he was attacked by the flaming red-haired homo.

"SOOOORA!!!" Roxas cried. I ran to his aid and found him spread-eagle on the floor; the red head perched on top of him, nuzzling his face into the blonde's chest.

"Roxas baby I missed you!"

I took two ample handfuls of Axel's worn-green hoody and yanked him up. He only let go for a few seconds, before wrapping his hand around Roxas's waist and bringing himself back down.

"Sora, is this a present? For me?" he sniffed, genuinely believing I invited Roxas round so he could molest him.

"Loz!" I yelled, waiting for the well-built silver haired man to come to Roxas's rescue. My puny muscles could hardly lift his wiry frame up for merely three seconds, whereas Loz could eat Axel for breakfast.

Hearing the heavy feet approach, I yanked Loz down so I could whisper into his ear. It took him a few mere seconds to register the scene in front of him, probably not even realising that under the bulk of Axel was a small terrified friend of mine.

He stood over them, placing his hands under Axel's armpits and lifted him clean off the floor. Roxas came with them about a foot off the ground before he slipped out of Axel's grasped and landed heavily on the floor. I took him by his ankles and yanked him through Loz's legs. He blinked up in surprise as he was going through, seeing Axel's love struck face hovering above him for a few seconds, before Loz's crotch.

He wasn't sure which one was more unappealing, really.

Pulling him to his feet and dusting him down I smiled apologetically at him. "Sorry, I forgot about him." I jerked a thumb at the writhing redhead, who was now making grabby fingers at us. Roxas gave him the finger and made his way into the kitchen where Obly happily took this opportunity to receive attention from a new face.

Axel made to follow but I pointed sternly to the front room, and left no room to argue.

"Loz, take 'im away." I ordered at the new-appointed bodyguard.

Joining Roxas in the kitchen, where he was already rummaging my hidden stash of chocolate biscuits, I folded my arms and pouted.

Just what was this? A free-for-all? I felt like I was feeding a pack of pigs, or running an orphanage. My shopping bill is going to be huge next week. I rubbed my temples and slumped down at the kitchen table.

Just where was he? Every other acquaintance has happened to make an appearance today, invited or not and I feel like I was running out of time. I started biting my bottom lip in worry, feeling anxious and tuning out the loud noises coming from the front room.

"So, who is all that lot?" Roxas who had poured himself a glass of milk found a chair opposite me and grimaced here and there whenever a loud screech or shriek of laughter filtered through to us.

"One is the builder who wants your ass, the other three are model friends of Riku. Don't ask why they are in my house."

"Right. So they are the pack of tigers, and now we're the meat. Thanks pal, real noble of you."

I grinned despite my on-growing headache. "Better you than me, buddy."

I heard banging and cluttering coming from upstairs and thought it might possibly be Riku returning. I jumped to my feet and made it to the doorway before Roxas called back to me.

"Don't leave me alone! I am small and fragile!" He hissed. I frantically looked around me and found a whisk. I chucked it at him and he timidly caught it.

"Here, use this to fend off predators."

"Awhisk? You're giving me a whisk!? What am I going to do? Mix them to death!?" Roxas growled, totally in disbelief at my reasoning. I shrugged and tuned back into the movement upstairs, taking the stairs two at a time, I felt out of breath as I reached the top. Damn, I really need to exercise more.

Glancing at a foot going through the hole in the bathroom, my heart leapt as I thought that I finally had a chance to speak to Riku. Taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly, I made my way to the hole and nimbly climbed through, greeted with Riku's bathroom for the second time this morning.

Not wasting a beat, I headed towards his bedroom, where I could hear rustling. I slowed down, hoping to god to walk in on him changing, oh sweet heavens what a sinful sight that'd be.

…I think I dribbled a little. Tiptoeing into his room, I saw a head of silver hunched over a clothes draw. I furrowed an eyebrow confused.

When he turned and held up a pair of pants, I nearly hit the floor in frustration. "Aha! Found you." Kadaj said, holding up Riku's boxers, all prepared to bury his face in them.

"Kadaj." I said, clenching my teeth together. He looked at me with genuine surprise and had the decency to drop the boxers.

"Are you attempting to make my life miserable?"

"Well, it wasn't my immediate plan, but sure…"

"I'm really not in the mood for this shit right now, so take your ass back over to my side and wait for Riku like a good psychotic social reject, okay?" I said, shoving him towards the bathroom. I really had gotten my hopes up, I was all riled in telling Riku everything and these bunch of morons were trying my patience. And so was fucking Riku, just where WAS he!?

Pushing a reluctant Kadaj through the hole I scraped my knee on the way through and swore beautifully. As I blinked back the stinging tears and limped a couple of steps a whistling of a tuneless song made me look up.

Axel was walking towards the bathroom, a sizeable tool box in one hand and swinging another object in the other, he looked perversely happy.

I rose a single eyebrow at him. He grinned, then continued whistling as though he was the cat that got the cream.

Looking at the now motionless whisk that he was holding in his hand, I could see that he pretty much was.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "What did you do to him?"

He looked innocently surprised, but gave up almost instantly when he saw my glare worsen. "I just showed his how whisky I can be." He chuckled, strolling past me, opening up his tool box near the hole. Not before he placed the whisk in his back pocket like some sort of valued prize.

I watched him for a few minutes, measuring the hole and taking notes, occasionally scratching the top of his head and rubbing his chin, deep in thought. I frowned when he started chipping away rough edges, needing a relatively smooth surface to reconstruct the wall.

So this was it. He was finally getting to work and Riku wasn't even home yet.


Green eyes glanced up at me, then went back to sanding down rough patches. "Yeah, kid?"

"Er… h-how long does work like this usually take?" I tried to keep it vague. If Axel caught on to what I was implying, he didn't say so.

He 'hmmed' and furrowed his eyebrows for a second, leaning in close to study the inner surface, running a finger along it gently. He was silent a few seconds before remembering I had asked him a question. He glanced at me again and reached for a chisel.

"Well, uh, let's see… a hole this big… can't say it'd take me longer than a coupla hours." He took a rubber band off his wrist and gathered his wild hair into a loose pony tail, tying it up he grabbed a bucket and a giant sponge and started soaking the wall down after filling the bucket up with water from the bath.

"Oh… okay… cool, I guess." I said, shrugging and turning to leave.

"But for you… I guess I'd say maybe four." I turned to see his wild grin as he sent a wink my way. Then as if pretending he had said no such thing, concentrated in soaking the wall down again, long nimble fingers squeezing the sponge dry.

I turned and walked back downstairs, but this time, I had a faint smile on my face.

When I re-entered my front room, I wasn't surprised to see Tidus and Wakka sitting amongst everyone else, handing out chilled beer to anyone who wanted one. The couches were full, so they had brought it upon themselves to drag my kitchen chairs through to perch on.

Mog was on Tidus's lap, who looked ecstatic to see my fat ginger cat. He was feeding Mog chocolate buttons again and I couldn't bring myself to care. I looked around me, strewn limbs and various plates of food were everywhere within eyesight and the noise level was increasing steadily.

Wakka had set up Guitar Hero and now everyone was severely interested in watching or playing. I took one look at Roxas, who was sat in the arm chair, and with one knowing look, it was confirmed that it was he who had invited Tidus and Wakka around.

He wasn't even remotely guilty, looking slightly ruffled from where I can assume the red-head had gotten his hands on him. I guess it was his form of revenge for me abandoning him. Hmph. Bastard.

A wet nose pressed into my palm and I looked down to see Obly standing there looking hopeful, a slobbered tennis ball in his mouth. I have no idea where he got it from but I found myself plucking it from his mouth and headed for the garden, patting my thigh for the long-haired black dog to follow me, he slinked past me like a shadow, waiting at the door excitedly.

I opened it and he ran down the length of the garden and back in a flash, waiting for me to throw the ball, I did, and sighed, sitting down on the high decking. Obly jogged back at a leisurely pace, looking mighty proud of himself for catching it. He kept getting distracted by everything that slightly moved, desperately having to go sniff it or lick it.

Man, dogs get it easy. Sniff a butt, sex a butt, done. Us humans? Hell, do we overcomplicate things or what.

He dropped the ball in between my legs and it bounced on the pavement, I looked down at him from where my head rested on my palm and brought a hand up to his shaggy black head.

"Where is he boy?" I wondered aloud, not expecting an answer. I was beginning to think that he had disappeared off the face of the planet.

Whining, Obly brought a paw up to rest on my knee, rough pads sliding slightly on the graze I had gotten from earlier. I don't know what had come over me honestly. It was just… I had been happy before I had met Riku. I didn't have any one, sure… but I was used to it. I had routine and I didn't mess with it.

Now I felt enraptured, it felt like over these past few days every waking moment was concentrated on Riku, a happy bubble that started off as lustful eyesight, gradually grew without me noticing and now I realised that a little hole of loneliness that had been gnawing away at me was being filled.

I was scared because now I had tasted it; I didn't want to give it up.

I spent a good half hour outside throwing the ball and watching Obly stealthily collect it without fail. His glossy coat caught the light as his strong legs carried him steadily, tail trailing after him in a flurry of different directions.

After he came back, panting and looking quite worn, I took him back inside and filled a bowl of fresh water for him, watching as he, in haste, knocked the bowl with his paw, thoroughly soaking the floor around him.

I rolled my eyes. Thanks, pal.

I couldn't help but grin though as his giant pink tongue started sloppily drinking.

All I had to do was talk to him, then I can take what ever he gives me and get on with my life.

With a little bounce in my step I swung my arms as I headed for the front room.

I was surprised that when I walked in it was completely deserted.


I felt the hairs on the back on my neck tingle and I looked around. The TV had turned to white noise and I shuddered, listening for any sign of human life. Treading quietly into the hall, I made to walk up the stairs when I heard rustling coming from what seemed…. To be… the cupboard. Under my stairs.

Right. What the fuck was going on? Making my way over there I stopped mid-step when I heard murmuring.

"Ow! ---that---- elbow----my ribcage!!"

Only catching snippets of the hushed conversation, I tiptoed closer and caught what was being said. I had to stop the bubble of amusement from rising in my throat.

"What the hell is he doing? Shit, this got boring half hour ago---."

"Ssh! He might hear you, fuckhead."

"---But I really gotta peeeeee"

I slapped a hand to my mouth in order to stop the laughter. I just realised what a bunch of pre-schoolers my friends were.

"Why the fuck was I teamed with you? You have the brain capacity of arock."

"Yeah, well—FUCK YOU."

I heard some scuffling and what seemed to be a painful whack. I winced when the sound of Tidus's muffled complaints drifted through the door. Okay, so I leave my friends alone for half hour and they decide to play Hide and Seek? Just, wow.

"Stopbreathing on me, maggot." Kadaj's clipped remarks made this so much more hilarious, out of all the people to be paired, low-tolerance Kadaj and shit-for-brains Tidus was such and excellent choice, in my opinion.

"I can't heeeeelp it! I'm all hot and bothered!" Tidus whined, "And Ireally gotta pee." I decided to leave them at it, feeling far too sadistic to relieve them of their torture yet. Hell, paybacks a bitch, baby.

I was surprised to see Axel still hard at work when I reached the top of the stairs, I guess I kinda pegged him as the kind to want to join in, especially as he could have won himself a little team mate like Roxas. Yet here he was, pencil in mouth, sketching on the bricks with a stick of white chalk, fingers were slightly dusty from the substance. Occasionally he would murmur to himself speaking around the pencil, humming odd tunes, sometimes whistling all whilst concentrating.

It wasn't until he paused and glanced up, double taking at the sight of me that he realised I had been staring at him for the last five minutes.

"Oh, wotcha." He grinned.

I took a few steps forward, leaning over a little on one hip as I glanced around the room. "You haven't happened to see any retarded guys around here have you? Come in all different shapes and sizes." I added.

Axel scratched his arm absently, looking up at me, eyes flickering to the side slightly as he tried to recall.

"Hurmmm…. Not unless you count Loz trying to hide in the tub a while back. I think he gave up when he realised feet sticking out of the end wasn't all too oo-na-tuuur-rally." He sang, jerking his thumb in the direction of my bedroom. "Might want to check in there though."

I sighed and turned to follow through with Axel's hints. I appreciated what they were doing for me. I wasn't entirely oblivious to everything around me; they were doing this to keep my mind off the wait, the anxiety. Well, it was kind of working, I guess. I opened the door as silently as I could, and quickly surveyed the area.

I was tempted to bash my head off the door frame at the sight before me.

In the middle of my bed, under the covers, was an awkward shaped lump, the very top of the mass rose up and down slightly in a similar rhythm. Seriously, Loz…. Out of all the possible places… you should have just taken the tub.

I was contemplating how to attack the man. I thought about prodding him to death, but that might result in tears, on his behalf.

I took a corner of the cover and decided a quick exposure was the best route. He obviously hadn't heard me yet, as the breathing wasn't quietened. I took a deep breath as my heartbeat quickened; the element of surprise was thrilling.




Yanking as hard as I could, I screamed at the top of my lungs.


My eyes flittered across the surprised form, mouth spread wide in a happy grin as I exhaled sharply. And then… as soon as I had thought I was the surpriser… I was in fact the surprisee.

Sprawled out on my bed, silver hair splayed in different directions, and a healthy pink flush donning his cheeks from what I expected was caused from the stuffy atmosphere under the covers….

Was Riku.

My mouth was agape in shock, I could tell, bobbing up and down occasionally as I tried to utter sounds… eyebrows so far up past my hairline that I was in fear of them not returning.

"Bu-but… Bu-but…you… wuh?"

After his initial shock, Riku propped himself up on one elbow and gave an impish grin.

"You found me." He repeated, nodding slowly, bringing a stretched leg up bending his knee gracefully. I continued to stare, in wild disbelief and warning my brain to stop creating illusions before me.

Riku must have found me terribly amusing, because he tilted his head back and chuckled a deep-throaty sound, which resonated through me, immediately sending hot sparks into my belly. He eyed me through half lidded eyes momentarily, before blowing aside a stray strand of shiny silver hair and patted the mattress in front of him, beckoning me to him.

I felt my knees tremble slightly but shook the feeling away and made my way over. My thighs lightly tapped the front of the mattress yet I made no move to actually get on my bed with Riku. That would just be… well, I have little to no self-control as it was.

Riku eyed the way I stood there and then smiled warmly at me. The silence stretched a little while as I watched how he used his hand to support his head, hair bunching slightly in between his fingers. I felt slightly uncomfortable, my whole speech slowly leaking out of my head with each passing second.

His eyes flickered down to my hand, and with a look of sudden interest, reached the hand that was resting comfortably on his hip and stretched it towards my own.

"Let me see your hand." He said, intently staring at a certain spot. I glanced down at it, seeing nothing wrong, yet he took it, and closely studied it for a few seconds before he gave an almighty yank and I was lurched forward.

I yelped as I was sprawled over the bed, faintly registering Riku's wild chuckles as his nimble fingers found my shoulder to steady me and guide me. I still felt my body bounce a little as the mattress soon settled down again and now I was on my side, facing inwards towards the fiend himself.

He looked me in the eyes, feeling much more comfortable in this position and beamed one of those winning smiles at me.

"Miss me?"

Feeling my face redden as flashes of last night flooded back into mind, I found it increasingly hard to keep my eyes locked to his so I settled to dropping my head against the pillow, effectively hiding my face as I groaned loudly.

"d'yaaaah…. You're teasing meee." I whined, voice vaguely muffled through the soft fabric I was practically eating. Riku must have got the gist of what I said because he settled for another laugh. I smiled to the pillow, feeling jittery that Riku could laugh so easily at me. It felt nice…

Heh…What was I supposed to be talking to him about again?

Pulling my face out of the covers, spikes bristling gently across the fabric, I made to pout at him, but he just threaded his fingers through my hair and ruffled them.

I considered whether this was a good time to talk to him, but when he leaned down and pecked me on the lips affectionately, I lost all will to. So what if I had to perhaps talk about serious matters later with him, I wanted to enjoy what was happening now, this sweet intoxication.

So when Riku rolled us off the bed, lacing his fingers through mine, tugging us out of the room and leaning in close to whisper, "Let's go find the others, hm?" I simply found myself nodding.

As we headed down the stairs, I couldn't help but notice Axel's innocent whistling. I eyed him as he passed a sly grin my way, and I felt as though I had been tricked.

Which, by any indication that smirk gave; I supposed I had been.

The warmth from Riku's palm pressed tightly against my own was alluring me into distraction. I didn't even notice Kadaj and Tidus sprawled outside the closet scrappling in shouts of indignation and frustration. It was only when Riku started tapping his foot against Tidus's head did I realise what I was seeing.

"Oh!" I squeaked, hurriedly trying to find my next words to cover up the appallingly girly note I just made.

"I forgot to say I found you!"

This stopped Kadaj and Tidus in their tracks. They looked up at me in disbelief, which I think was slowly turning into anger, at least from Kadaj's side of thing. I saw him disentangling his limbs from Tidus, who was looking bruised and scuffed up in places, and it registered that I was in a highly dangerous position.

My arms clenched around Riku's bicep as I went to stand behind him.

"You… You knew what kind of torture I was in, and you didn't say a word!!"

I shrieked as he made a swipe for me, wild short locks flying past in a lunge. Riku had side-stepped us in a playful motion and Kadaj was now back on the floor. I was swept off my feet and I clung to Riku's neck as he jogged us down the hall and through the living room, laughing all the way. I could sense his competitive nature rising in amusement.

"You'reDEAD Sora! And your little bodyguard too!" Kadaj positively fumed, kicking Tidus out the way in a childish attempt to get past. As I was being hurtled through my kitchen, wheezing in an attempt to quell my laughter, I became aware of how much a group of friend's immaturity levels increased when shoved into a house for a day.

I felt my blood pounding through my body as much as I felt Riku's taunt stomach pressing against my side with every breath he rapidly took. As he scrambled to get the back door open, I urged him to hurry and realised that it must be difficult to open a door whilst carrying someone bridal style.

Peeking over his shoulder and seeing Kadaj swing around the living room door, heading for the kitchen without faltering what so ever, I screamed again in laughter just as Riku urged the door open. Obly was outside and was now running circles around Riku's legs as he jogged us to the bottom of the lawn.

"Stay here, my Prince!" Riku shouted dramatically, depositing me in a patch of wild wheat grass. The strands came up to my bent knees and tickled my shins as I watched Riku spin around and jump into a defence position.

He saw Obly jump near him, excited with the sudden burst of activity from us all and wanting to join in, so he ordered him to guard me.

Obly ran a circle around Riku's legs once more, tail wrapping around his shin before he bounded back over to me, jumping up and attempting to lick my face. I broke back out in a burst of laughter as I fell back, arms springing to my face to prevent his slobber, feet flying up in the air theatrically.

I pushed hard against Oblivion's strong furry chest just long enough to get a glimpse of Riku and Kadaj, who were now locked in a wild play fight. They were rolling around in the shorter grass, arms and legs flying wildly.

Obly managed a warm wet lick on the inside of my ear and I flopped down again, curling up in a little ball.

"UGH!" I cried, by this point my sides were shuddering in protest at the lack of oxygen, I tried to take a giant gasp of air, but the laughter was too strong.

Riku's and Kadaj's amused insults and laughter only spurred my own on. As Obly pressed his wet black nose to my eye, forcing it to close, I quickly turned my head, only to have his quick sniffing tickle my ear. I cried for help through my laughter and was surprised to find a rope hit my forehead.

Looking up, I saw Wakka grinning back down at me from my Yew tree, Yazoo perched higher up than him, watching Kadaj pin Riku to the floor.

"Hey brudda, grab your life line, ya?" He called, wiggling the rope a little more. He didn't need to tell me twice. I gripped on and he pulled me up.

My arms were loosing strength and he took my hand as soon as he could reach it and pulled me up the rest of the way, I perched on a branch and caught my breath, feeling the adrenaline pump through my body.

Wakka slapped a hand to my back and chortled. "By the way he was lickin' atchoo, I though' you were toast!"

He turned and cupped his hands to his face as a makeshift megaphone.

"Yo, Riku! We caught your Prince! Who ever wins da battle gets da prize, okay ya?"

I turned at him and frowned. "HeEEEyy! I thought you were supposed to be saving me!" I squawked indignantly.

"No hard feelings, bro. Just spicing da games up a little, yanno?"

I wanted to push him and his seasoned accent off of my goddamned tree. Of ALL the cheap tricks!

After hearing the new challenge arise however, Riku and Kadaj paused and glanced at each other. It lasted for around three seconds until they were at it again with newfound fervour. Their squawks and shouts became more frequent as they tumbled through weeds and mud clumps and quite possibly a few dazed beetles.

"Do not fear! My Prince! I shall be thy—UNF." Riku hit the floor hard as Kadaj tackled him; they rolled, Riku managing to land a knee into Kadaj's stomach, which caused a stream of profanities to follow.

"FUCK, Riku! You dirty… UGH, fuck!!" Ignoring the potty-mouthed behaviour, Riku managed, after much struggling, to roll Kadaj onto his back and arm lock him in a semi-painful grip.

"Sephiroth is going to be pissed if you bruise me!" He muttered, blowing some grass from him mouth.

"Yeah, yeah… and you bruise like a peach, I got it, Beauty Queen." Riku grinned, messing up the boy's locks just to piss him off further.

"You give, prissy?" He asked, finding himself quite comfortably perched.

"Yesss," He hissed, obviously sore about loosing. "Now get off, you weigh a ton!"

Riku relented, making a show of brushing himself down. I had to admit, I was feeling quite turned on by that display of roughhousing… and now Riku was flicking his hair over his shoulder like a goddamned tease. If he wanted me to fuck his brains out right on the spot… then he was making it very easy for himself. I squirmed.

He strolled over to the tree, resting his hands on his hips, standing like a winner from a fairground waiting to collect his fish. I was gazing down at him, admiring the rise and fall of his chest and the way his lips were slightly parted when I felt Wakka grab the underside of my arms and yank me up.

"Your prize, My Lord." Came Wakka's strong accent as he started lowering my dangling body towards Riku's outstretched hands. I felt like a damned puppy!

Riku's hands planted themselves loosely on my waist and they trailed up the further Wakka lowered me down. I ended up wrapping my legs around his waist, fingers spread wide atop of his shoulders.

"Is he house trained?" Riku asked, looking me over as though looking at the quality of his prize. Hmph!

"Yeah, an' da best part is that he comes with a house, ya?" Wakka laughed, sliding down the rope. What was this tomfoolery I was being exposed to?

I jumped when I felt a nose against my neck, sniffing me like I was a--

"Hm, doesn't even smell like dog. Overall I'm impressed." His hair tickled my chin and I pushed him away with a palm to his forehead.

"Riikuuu!" He grinned, going in for another sniff but I held him back.

"I'm not a dog! You have one of those, and he tried to lick me to death!" I huffed, pointing an accusing finger at Oblivion, who was inspecting the strange lump on the floor which he could have sworn smelt like Kadaj. Riku's eyes followed my point and nodded.

"Dogs learn from their masters, Sora." Damn, my name just rolled off his lips—wait, just what was he imply—

"EEYAH!" Oh my God, he did not just lick me. My belly was doing strange flip-flops and I needed to get down before Riku realised just how much I enjoyed that.

I wriggled out of his hold and fell down his legs. I stood up and brushed myself off, finding Loz standing in the doorway of the house, with a drink in hand. Everyone noticed I was staring and started to laugh at Loz's pout.

"I gave up hiding, I would have died before anyone remembered I was still at it."

We all laughed harder.

I went to check on Axel and how far he had progressed but was surprised to find an abandoned post. I tutted, he had been good up to now too.

It didn't take long to find him. After noticing everyone was in the garden except for a certain blonde Axel had decided to conduct his own search. He had found him in less than five minutes flat and was now manhandling him down in my study. Roxas had been hiding under my desk, I could tell because they hadn't made it very far before Axel began ravishing him.

I briefly wondered whether this was some case of molestation, but from here, Roxas didn't hate it entirely.

Well, sure he was occasionally throwing punches at Axel's back but they were weak and half-assed.

"You know, I'm going to have to charge you for that."

Axel ripped his head away from where he was nipping at Roxas's neck to look over his shoulder at Riku, who had sneaked up behind me.

"Well worth it, my good man."

Roxas, who had noticed I was there, seized his opportunity to be rescued.

"Sora! Thank God! Get this beast off of me!"

I smirk, leaning against the doorway.

"From what I can see, buddy, he is getting off on you."

"That's not what I meant!" Roxas called a slight desperate tone in his voice as he saw me turn and walk away.

"Sora--! TRAITOR!!" Roxas whined, then yelped when Axel gave a throaty chuckle and began devouring him again.

Nah, I was just doing a friend a favour.

By the time I regrettably noticed that they had all joined forces to help eat me out of house and home, I was stacking dinner plates in large portions and carting them off into my small messy kitchen.

It took around four trips, arms full of glasses, pots and empty dishes, salt and ketchup. My arms ached as I brought them up to wipe at my sweaty forehead but I felt slightly pleased at my ability to tolerate these people and appear to be a reasonably good host.

reasonably, anyway.

I scooted around, rolling my sleeves up high above my elbows as I filled the sink up with hot water and plenty of washing up liquid. I didn't tell anyone, but goddamn, playing with the bubbles was fun.

I swished the water around until a sizeable mountain of foamy bubbles arose and I couldn't help the childish grin that crept onto my face. I started making shapes with my hands, doing impersonations and extravagant hairstyles for my knuckles. I was right in the middle of impersonating Hand!Sora karate kicking Hand!Kadaj when Riku and Roxas strolled through, each carrying the rest of the condiments.

Roxas gave me a glance, and deemed it perfectly normal because he dropped the loud jars on the side and returned to the living room. Riku, however, was intrigued.

"Sora…. Just what are you up to?"


"Playing with bubbles?" Okay, that scored you some points right there Sora. Riku's sexual drive just shot up with that one.

"Is that what you usually do?" He asked, eyebrow quirked in an oh-so-sexily amused manner.

Well… besides fantasizing about you or rolling around my house in boredom, …yup, pretty much…

"No!" I said anyway, quickly grabbing a plate and soapy brush. Man, I had a mountain of plates to scrub. I dunked in the first plate and started. I managed to get to my fourth plate before I couldn't take it anymore. Riku was just staring at me, I could feel it.

Quickly turning around, suds trickling down my arm, I locked eyes with Riku.

"You can't still be hungry." I said, throwing an arm at the plates behind me. "Mog isn't even hungry after all of that."

Perched on top of my kitchen counter, Riku shook his head. He unfolded his leg which had been resting on top of the other and lightly jumped down. He sauntered over, well okay, he didn't saunter but hey! It was pretty damn close, and rolled up his sleeves in the same fashion to mine.

He grabbed a tea towel and it became clear that he was offering his services. Don't think like that, if it had been those kinds of services I meant, do you really think I'd still be standing here?

Yeah, I thought so.

"Here, I'll dry up." He said, tying his hair up into a loose ponytail and standing next to me. He was standing so close that occasionally our arms would brush and it was distracting me terribly.

On more than one occasion Riku handed me back a plate saying I had missed a spot and my cheeks would warm even more so.

I was in a mini-daydream thinking about all the possible times I could tell Riku that he had missed the spot, but the thought was instantaneously corruptive to my privates and I changed my trail of thought before Riku could comment on using certain parts of my body as a tea towel holder.

We washed up relatively in silence but it was comfortable and enjoyable, I'd pass a plate to Riku, our fingers would brush, he'd dry it up and put it away.

Ah, it was a match made in heaven.

My fingers were becoming pruny by the time the last plate was ready to be washed and seeing it, I eagerly dunked it into the warm water, excited that we were nearly done.

"Ah! Sora…" Riku frowned when I looked up at him in confusion; his eyes guided mine down to where I had accidentally soaked his shirt.

Damn, why didn't I think of that sooner?

"Oops?" I said, not sounding the least bit sorry.

His eyes narrowed but his frown turned impish and before I knew it, he had a hand full of suds making an artistic beard on my face. It tickled my chin and I tried to back away but he had a grip on my shoulder. I let him finish and crossed my arms over my chest, jutting a hipbone out.

"Happy now?" I asked, probably looking less threatening than Santa himself.

Riku stepped back and observed, "Not quite." He said, dabbing my nose until it had a big round sudball smothered across it.

"Perfect." He chuckled. I tried to be angry at him, but his shirt had absorbed as much water as it could and now a pinkish nipple was slyly waving at me, trying with all it's malice to get me in trouble.

I ignored it and grabbed my own handful of suds. Gripping his arm to yank him down to my height, I decided a moustache was in order. He closed his eyes and smiled, deciding that it was his sealed fate.

I stuck my tongue out in concentration as I smushed his moustache on with artistic flare. I gave him sideburns too. We grabbed spoons and looked into them, admiring each other's work. I only realised that we were fully laughing aloud when Axel came into the kitchen looking to kick our asses.

"Hey, dudes, don't make me slice you up. Because I will. I am full of fucking food right now and it'll hurt me, but if you don't pack that noise in… I'll go all out." To prove his point, he made a few hand chops at us, before nodding and dragging himself back into the front room.

Riku looked back at me in surprised and I nearly exploded into more laughter. His huge surprised eyes and full bubbly moustache made quite the picture.

He didn't like me laughing at him, so he spun his tea towel tightly and chased me around the kitchen aiming to whip my bum.

Axel's whiny complaints and mild threats drifted from the hallway.

"I'm going, I'm going already! Sheesh, you can certainly tell when your stay has become unwelcome around here!" The redhead moaned an hour later, muscles tensing under my fingertips as I shoved him out my door.

As soon as he was eating yard, I turned to boot the silver goons out. Loz and Yazoo went quietly, but Kadaj, upon hearing his rude dismissal, grabbed my pot plant and shoved his way out the door.

"I'll be taking this." He said, strutting down the path, over Axel, as though I didn't have a say in the matter.

I'm pretty sure he wasn't allowed to do shit like that…

I said a silent goodbye to my beloved plant and turned to see who was left. Wakka came through the door, Tidus slung over his shoulder snoring loudly. I stopped them on their path and checked Tidus over for smuggled felines and called it clear. My cat was safe this time.

Roxas waved at them, still standing on my side of the door.

"What are you doing?" I enquired.

"I'm waving them off! It's considered polite in some cultures."

"Not that, moron, why are you still in my house?"

Roxas looked hurt, but recovered quickly. "You're kicking me out?" He took one look at Axel, who was wiggling his ass up in some weird preparation to stand. Yeah, I'd be scared too…. Nonetheless!

"Out!" I grinned, fingers sliding around Roxas's waist to land on his lower back, where I helped move him forward over the threshold.

"You wouldn't!" He said, eyes wide as Axel was now standing and turning slowly towards us. It was quite funny really, watching Axel's gleaming green eyes widen with love at the sight of Roxas hurtling towards him.

As I pushed him into his arms like a fisher feeding his pet shark, Axel was already enveloping his arms around Roxas's petite frame, making plans for the night.

"C'mon kid, I'll show you how to paint the town red, literally…" he beamed, turning to Kadaj and gang.

"You wanna come shoot some shots with us?" He grinned seductively, thinking it a marvellous idea to get them all pissed. He soon had an arm wrapped around Kadaj's shoulders, the other tightly around Roxas as he lead the way to their sorrows, or better yet, my freedom.

I shut the door with a quiet click and relished in the silence.

Riku had decided he needed a shower, so he… much to my dismay, left ten minutes ago using my front door.

I guess Axel definitely finished it then. I decided to take a look and it shocked me to see that yes, it had been filled, looking good as new. I guess a part of me was expecting to hear it was unfixable, or that my thing for Riku was SO strong, it was keeping the wall at bay.

But yeah…. That didn't work too well. I ran my fingertips along the damp plaster. It was cold and I flinched away slightly. I could hear Riku showering and with a defeated sigh, I went to lie down on my bed.

I felt bad, the sun had set and the dusky light floated through my window and I realised that the day had pretty much ended already and the one thing I wanted to achieve today was totally blown up in my face by people who were challenged mentally. The most ironic thing is that I haven't even known half of them for more than 48 hours! I quiteliked being dorky and near-friendless.

Rolling over and tucking a hand under my pillow, I gazed out the window to study nothing in particular.

And to think the one person who always seemed to be in my thoughts and who stole all of my attention effortlessly was the one person who seemed grade-A in evasion.

Fucking story of my life, isn't it?

Gah, I felt so pooped. I was only used to catering one fat moggy who had an attitude uglier than Tidus's bare ass, but running around after that lot definitely had taken it's toll on me. I tried to stifle a yawn and pouted when I didn't succeed. Maybe if I just closed my eyes for a little bit…

No! If I do that then my opportunity to see Riku will be over! Kaput! Finished! The End--!


Absently, I rub my cheek into the pillow and let out a breathy sigh. Awww, I'm a goner, my eyelids feel like bricks.

Well, okay… maybe just a little while then…

"Sorrraaaa…." I groaned and try to bat the hand shaking my shoulder gently away.

A breathy chuckle washed over my ear and I shuddered, curling into a tighter ball. Nooo, I was having a nice dream… go'way…

When fingers fluttered through my hair, I gave an appreciative 'hmmm' and tried to make dream Riku do that to me… it felt good.

"Sooora… wake up, sleepyhead." I drifted into consciousness and blinked my eyes open. They felt heavy and I focused on the fuzzy picture before Riku came into view. I smiled happily, not quite sure whether I was entirely awake or not.

"Ooh, Riku… I was just dreaming about you." I hummed, patting his thigh which was next to my shoulder affectionately. The hand that was in my hair trailed down my neck and rested on my shoulder, squeezing it gently as the breathy chuckle was back in my ear.

"Hmm, good to hear…" Then lips were pressed gently against my exposed shoulder and it was about that time where my senses were catching up to me. Riku was here, he was actually here in my bedroom, kissing my shoulder, listening to me telling him that I was dreaming about him—oh god.

I shot up quickly, looking dazed and confused. Riku's hand slid down my arm and rested at my elbow. He smiled warmly at me and then presented me with a small red box.

"I have a gift for you." He said, thumb rubbing gently at my arm. I looked at him and the box, and felt like I was floating. I nimbly took the box and asked, "How did you get into my house?"

I undid the gold ribbon holding the box closed as I questioned him, waiting for an answer. When he didn't say anything, I plucked the lid off the small box and inside, nestled between some brightly coloured crepe paper was a key. I looked at Riku in surprise, only to find him holding up a key as well.

"I used a key." He said. I looked closer at the key he was holding up and realised it was identical to my house key. Then I blinked and looked down at the one in my box, quirking an eyebrow in confusion.

"That's a key to my house. I got it made for you."

Oh. All of a sudden it all sunk in. Why Riku wasn't here today, Why Axel took his time fixing the wall, why I now found Riku sitting on my bed when he didn't have any possible way to get into my house anymore without… a key.

I picked up the nestled key and felt my throat tighten. God, I was not going to cry. I refused to. I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked up at Riku, who was now unsure whether he had done the right thing by my awkward silence.

There were a few questions that I had to get out, but all that managed to escape was one that covered quite a lot.


Riku rose an eyebrow suddenly, but the smile came back when he realised that I wasn't angry.

"Well, I would have thought that I had made that quite obvious…" He said, tugging me closer by the elbow. A hot mouth nibbled on my ear before he whispered huskily,

"I like you, Sora…"

I felt my breath hitch.

Shit, I think my heart just seized up and died.

He continued to nibble on my lobe as he carried on. "I can't bear the feeling of not seeing you when I wanted… you don't realise what you do to a guy…"

He trailed off and the hot breath against my ear had made my entire body tense, every single muscle in my body was tingling and every hair was on end.

I am pretty sure my face was glowing and he chuckled again, nuzzling his nose into my hair and breathing in.

"You'readorable … and …" He licked the entire shell of my ear this time. "…I'm infatuated."

That's it. I shuddered and flopped down on my mattress, breathing heavily. I was completely and utterly turned on. The key in my hand was digging into my palm as I was gripping it so tightly and I groaned as I lifted my hands to my face.

"Shit Riku," My voice was muffled through my hands and I drew my knees up in the air as I tried to catch my breath.

"I-I thought you were going to forget me…. I was so sad… but now… here you are, offering me a chance to be with you… and I go and get a boner!" I wailed, distraught by the immense set of emotions running through me. I felt so relieved, if I was floating before, now I was a shooting star.

I felt the mattress dip further and my hands were gently pried from my face. I would have thought Riku to have laughed at my expense, but he was looking down at me with such awe that I couldn't help blinking up at him, curiously.

"Sora … you're crying."


I reached my fingertips up to my face and to my disbelief I found them wet. Oh. Wow.

Riku lowered his head and began kissing the tears away. I just laid there and let him, too overwhelmed with the situation to even begin to do anything.

He kissed my eyelids, and my nose, my cheekbones and my chin. Then he reached my lips and it was so feather light, I wondered whether I imagined it. I slowly opened my eyes and found him staring down at me again. It was with a look I can only imagine that was on my face every time I looked at him these past few days. The look I probably had right now.

Then he smiled, and lowered his head to capture my lips again. We laid there kissing for what seemed like ages. Occasionally it would turn heated, tongues brushing timidly at first, before the rush of urgency overcame us and it became an outright wild dance.

I felt his hands gripping, kneading, squeezing everywhere they could, my body was writhing under him by the end, I couldn't help it. He made so many emotions run through me, my body couldn't take it. I was practically a puddle of squirming goo when we broke apart.

We parted with an audible smack and I blushed furiously. My hands were still buried in his hair and his fingers were still lying atop of one of my nipples. My chest was heaving as I tried to steady my breath, but shit, I felt so weak.

As my mind cleared I sat up, Riku moving back until he was in my lap. He played with my hair as I laid my head against his chest.

"Hey, so you did invite Kadaj over to my house?" I questioned quietly, listening to Riku's heartbeat.

He nodded, and smirked. "Yeah, I had to guarantee you'd stay in the house."

I nuzzled my face into his shirt, inhaling deeply. "Those lying bastards." I mumbled, not finding it in me to feel angry at all.

Riku laughed and wrapped his hands around my waist. "So, you like this key idea?"

I gave a tremendous sigh. "You have no idea. Those keys just about solved every problem I had going in me."

Riku kissed my cheek then, before Obly came bouncing on the bed, slobbering excitedly. He cocked his head when he saw Riku kissing me and found it a good idea to join in.

I could see the cogs turning in his head and my eyes widened. "Don't. Even. Think. About it." I tried, but the gleam in his eye was too strong and I squealed as his big slobbery tongue made it's was forward.

"NOO. HAAAALP!" I tried to defend myself but found my arms pinned above my head as Riku attacked my other cheek.

"NOT YOU TOOO!" I wailed, but was only answered with some wild chuckles and some dog breath.

I scampered down the hall, hair damp and face flushed red as the trail of steam trailed after me. It didn't make me feel empty inside every time I was in my own bathroom any more, instead… it made me feel quite giddy as I looked at my smooth new wall, kudos to Axel.

I threw on some clothes and searched the house for Mog, I found him curled up snoozing next to Obly. I don't remember having Obly in here, but then I guess he snuck over when Riku did. I nudged Mog with my foot.

"Come on boys, we're having a sleep over." I grinned, Mog didn't look like he wanted to move, but as clumsy Obly got to his feet excitedly, Mog was strewn over the floor anyways. I picked him up, grabbed a cake box with my other hand and made my way down the hall. With keys dangling noisily from my mouth, I some how got the front door open and clambered out, Obly doing circles around my feet.

I hopped over the small fence, praying to God in thanks that I didn't catch my balls whilst doing so, and began locating the brand spanking new key on my key loop.

Finding it, I opened the door with a nudge of my hips and Obly, after having made a clean jump over the fence dashed inside and barked for Riku.

I grinned, placing Mog down, who sauntered off to find the warmest spot he had recently discovered; Riku's bed.

"Alright, kept your ears on." Riku chided at Obly, as he rounded the threshold to find me holding a cake box.

"Oh, you didn't." He muttered, in disbelief. I grinned.

What? Arcs Arcakenum sold good cake.

He barked out a laugh and came to pin me against the front door. "Oh, Sora… that was very naughty of you." He grinned, capturing my lips for a mere few seconds before teasingly taking them away.

I frowned and pressed forward, trying to reclaim his lips, but he moved back, keeping me pinned.

"Oh, no, Sora… bad boys don't get treats." He grinned, kissing the tip of my nose before turning and walking away.

"H-hey! You pulled the exact same stunt!" I roared, following after him. Why the cheek of it all!

He turned his head, locks of gorgeous hair making a display. "Yeah, and I got denied the exact same thing." He waggled his eyebrows before disappearing. I wondered what he was going on about before remembering that we nearly kissed before I took off after Mog in anger. Oh, gutted. Ha.

I remembered that it was now my turn and moaned.

Oh well, that hunk of meat was mine now, so I had all the time in the world.

Yeah, I'll show him just how bad I can be...

When I look back on it, I had once said that within every life, lives a different story.

But now, well… now I'm thinking that some stories are intertwined...

As for my own story? Well, it can't get any better than this…

-The End-

Shit. That's the end guys. I am totally shocked that I finished it. My baby... -wibbles-

I hope this was appreciated and I will actually be sad to say it's completed. So, well…. I'll keep it open a little longer.

That's right. There will be an epilogue. It won't be longer than around 15 pages. But it will wrap everything up entirely.

I want to thank you all for being patient with me, and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll be seeing you around! Oh, check out my Livejournal account for my future projects and details about what I'm working on next! It's in my profile.

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