Title: Wash Away part twenty


October, 2007


Thomas Grissom smeared birthday cake all over his brothers face and laughed as Andrew gave him an inscrutable look in return. All of the adults present at the one year olds birthday party laughed along with the antics of the babies.

Greg dashed around the table with a video camera, encouraging Andrew to retaliate back with his own birthday cake, earning the arched eyebrow to be turned in his direction. Nick was preoccupied as he snapped pictures of the boys and of the adults standing around observing them.

Bringing another cake from the kitchen, Sara placed it on the table away from the twins reach and turned to Grissom looking for a match. She had bought two tiny cakes for each of the babies and the one large one for their guests. Taking in the sight in front of her she was glad that she had taken Catherines advice. Thomas had icing all over his face and in his thin brown hair. He was leaning towards Andrew and trying to feed him a chunk of the cake that was wadded in his chubby hand, but Andrew batted his hand away with a scowl. Catching Catherine's eye, Sara exchanged a knowing smile with her. They had fromed some new indescribable bond since Sara had returned to Vegas as a mom. Sara did not question it overmuch, she just accepted it for what it was.

Lighting the single candle, Grissom stepped back to stand behind Sara as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Folding her hands over his, she thought of the past year and the roller coaster ride that she and Grissom had been on.

They had left the hospital with the babies and returned to her small cottage where they decided to stay for two weeks until they could make the long drive to Vegas.That first night in her cottage Grissom had wrapped his arms around her and they had slept without nightmares for the first time in months. Only the cry of the babies had interrupted their slumber, but that had been a sweet welcome.

Grissom had asked her to move in with him when they returned to Vegas and she had happily accepted. She knew that the townhome would be plenty big enough for two tiny infants, although she worried that it would be too small for two toddlers.

The ride back to Vegas had been one of the most constructive of their relationship. They had worked through some of the roadblocks that had hindered them in the past, and Sara had learned something else about Grissom that she had always suspected but was not sure about. Grissom was a traditionalist at heart. He wanted the mother of his babies to have his name. He wanted them to be a family in the truest sense. Sara had never expected a romantic proposition from Grissom. Romance had been something she had teased him about when they were together. It was not something he did not know how to do, because when he wanted to be charming there was nobody better than Grissom.

She thought of the case where he had made the offhand comment about two people not sleeping in the same bed and maybe one of them was suffocating the other one. She had retailiated with a comment about romance. He had taken the hint and been romantic for weeks afterwards when they were away from work. It was simply not something she expected from him on a daily basis.

Bringing her head back now, she smiled up into his twinkling eyes. The past twelve months had been some of the most wonderful of her life. She had returned to work when the twins were three months old, finding that she had a never ending offer of babysitters from coworkers at CSI. Grissom had told her how David had shyly approached him at work after he had returned and told him that his wife had offered to keep the babies for them when Sara returned from her leave of absence.

There had been some rough paths to cover, including soothing the hurt feelings of Nick, Greg, Catherine, and Brass. They had all been angry and full of questions, but one look at the boys and their anger had melted. It still took several weeks for Sara to convince Nick and Greg that she trusted them and leaving them alone with the twins when they were four months old was one of the wall breakers. Both Sara and Grissom were furiously protective of their sons and despite the offers to babysit only left them with very few individuals.

Now they stood in the dining room of their new home, surrounded by friends like Brass, Catherine, Warrick, Nick, Greg, Lynsey, Doc Robbins, David and his family.

Now the sound of 'Happy Birthday' rang out around the room. Thomas giggled and clapped while Andrew's face scrunched up in fright. Sara was quick to pick Andrew up as he clung to her and burried his head in her shoulder. Night and Day, Grissom called them. He rubbed Andrews back and whispered comforting words in his ear as the party guests dug into the cake.

Grissom smiled at his family and friends. This was what it was all about.


Note: I do hope that I did not disappoint too many people. Thank you again for the reviews. I can't say that enough. I also apologize for any unanswered questions, perhaps I will do a sequel down the road. Anythings possible.