Well here you guys go, I've had a lot of requests to make a little sequel to my story, and this is what I came up with.

It has been 10 years since Shika and Ino were married, and...oh, you'll see! My next story will be dedicated to anyone who cn tell me where the daughters' name comes from. (what Anime, I mean.)

In the years following our last sight of Shikamaru and Ino, he has graduated to a jounin level, taking over a class at the academy, when he wasn't out on missions. Ino remained a chuunin, rarely taking missions anymore. She also continues to work at the flower shop with her mother, and sometimes teaches the kunoichi classes. You'll find out what else had happened as we go along!

"Alright, you heathens, you're free to go." Shikamaru sighed, collecting the last of the exam papers. His class pushed and shoved out the door, leaving him alone in the classroom. 'It's that time again, gennin graduation…' He thought to himself.

He had only just sat down into his chair and closed his eyes when a small body plopped heavily into his lap. "Ooof. Miori? Are you out of class too?"

"Hai, Papa!"

"Well, where's Shikaji?"

His little daughter huffed and crossed her tiny arms. "Stupid onii-chan. He left me and went off with those other boys, he doesn't like me."

He lifted his daughter onto his shoulder, getting up from his chair. "You know that's not true. Why didn't you just force him along, you're pretty good at that…" 'Like your mother...'

"Too troublesome, papa." Shikamaru chuckled every time his daughter said that word.

They headed outside to the front of the school, in search of the older of the Nara-Yamanaka spawn.

"Oi! Shikaji! Time to go!"

"Hurry up, baka!"

Shikaji turned, sighed and headed for his father and sister, his father's signature look spread across his features.

Shikaji (9 years old) was a quiet boy, much like his father, with the same impressive IQ. He was easily one of the top in his class, probably only exceeding his father by bothering to hold a pencil once and a while. (On his mother's motivation, of course.) He looked almost exactly like Shikamaru, black hair, smug expression and high ponytail, his only feature of his mothers' was her clear blue eyes.

Miori, (5 years old) could be called a mini-Ino, with her long, golden hair and darker eyes. Even in her first year at the academy, she had become known as one of the students with the most potential. Unfortunately, she didn't have motivation for anything else but chatting with friends, watching clouds and annoying her onii-san.

The three strolled down the street, Miori chatting and Shikaji and Shikamaru ignoring her. "Oi, dad, we passed the turnoff for our house."

"I know, your mother asked me to swing by and pick her up from the shop. Remember, you guys are staying at grandpapa's house tonight. It's a very special night for your mom and me."

The bell rang, as the three strolled through the door. "Welcome to the Yamanaka- Oh!" Miori, who had been let down, ran up to and glomped unto her mother's legs, "Okaa-san!" "Ino smiled at heir daughter and knelt down to meet her. "Hello there, did you have a good day?"

"Yes! I threw shurinkens really well today, I got almost every one onto the board!"

"That's awesome! That's my girl! Are we going to work on the Shintensen no jistu again soon?"

"I don't know, Shikaji doesn't like me practicing on him. Maybe I can practice tonight at Grandpapa's house!"

Ino laughed and went to kiss her son on the forehead. "And you, sir? How was your day?"

"Nothing to report, really." He grunted, wiping the kiss from his forehead.

"Liar." Shikamaru interrupted. "They've selected him to be in the graduating class next year. He'll be one of the youngest in there."

"Oh! That's marvelous! See, Shikamaru? See what you could've done if you actually tried in class."

Shikamaru only huffed and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Troublesome…" Miori giggled.

"Oh, shush." Ino whispered, pulling her husband into a kiss, quickly breaking the tension.

After they broke away, smiling, Ino turned back to her children. "So? Shall we go? I should feed you before going over to Daddy's. And you need to pack overnight bags."

Ino closed up the shop and the family departed, Ino holding Shikamaru and Miori's hands, and Shikamaru occasionally flicking Shikaji on the back of the head, playfully.

Once home, the kids went straight into the backyard, and Shikamaru flopped onto the couch while Ino started dinner.

'We need more windows in this room, so I can see the clouds from here…' Shikamaru thought, slowly drifting off into a nap.

His sleep was short lived however… a scream soon broke the silence.


Shikamaru glanced up at the clock.

'Seventeen minutes….almost a record.'

He groaned and arched his neck to glance at his wife, "Inooooo…."

"Nope, she called you, dear."


He rolled off the couch and headed for the back door, where the screams emanated from. The scene he came upon looked like this.

Miori, trapped in a shadow with Shikaji standing over her, a bug between his fingers, holding it inches from her hair.

Shikamaru casually stalked over, cancelled his son's technique, took the bug from him and whapped him across the back of the head.

"Ite! Dad! I was just having fun! She was trying to use the mind-thing on me again! I was teaching her a lesson!"

"Look, both of you know that you're not supposed to do ninjitsu without supervision. Especially you, Miori. Mind control could be really harmful to you if there's nobody around to watch it. Your mind could end up anywhere. Knock it off."

Ino appeared in the doorway. "It's time for dinner anyways, guys. Come on in and wash up. Especially you, Shikaji. God only knows how you get so dirty."

The three filed into the house and washed up at the sink, Miori sneaking splashes at her brother when she thought no-one was watching.

The four sat down and began to eat, occasionally talking about something that had happened during the day. After the plates were cleaned and put away, the kids went up to their rooms to pack their overnight bags.

Shikamaru was lounging on the couch when he felt hot breath on his ear. "Watcha thinking about, Shika-kun?" She whispered, sensually.

Shikamaru grinned, pulling his wife over the back of the couch and onto his lap, kissing her. "I was thinking about those papers I have to grade, but not anymore. You just HAD to break my concentration, didn't you?"

Ino giggled and ran her fingers down his neck, sending a chill down his spine.

"Soon." She whispered, getting up.

It still amazed Shikamaru how light and graceful she was, even after having two children, where most women were pudgy and saggy, Ino had retained her near-perfect figure.

The doorbell rang and Miori sprinted down the stairs to beat everyone to it.

"Grandpapa!" She squealed, and Inoshi picked her up, twirling his granddaughter in the air.

"How's my princess?"

"Good! Mommy says we can work on the shintensen no jitsu while we're at your house! Shikaji gets to be the dummy!"

"Oh? Is that so? And where is that boy?"

Shikaji stumbled down the stairs, carrying a bag and a GO board. He dropped the items on the floor and hugged Inoshi.

"Hiya, Gramps."

"I see I'm going to become subject to another Go session. Well, let's get going, let your mom and dad have their peace and quiet. Grab your things."

As the children gathered their things, the adults mingled.

"Shikamaru, how's it been? You still taking care of my precious little girl?"

"Oh, daddy.." Ino blushed, smacking her father playfully.

"Shikamaru stretched out his hand. "Thanks again for doing this, Mr. Yamanaka, we could really use the break."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. You two have fun now."

Inoshi hoisted the children's bags over his shoulder and they left, after a few hugs and kisses were exchanged, Ino closed the door behind him, releasing a deep breath as she leaned on the frame.

"Alone, at last! Peace and Quiet!"

Shikamaru smirked. "Well, from them at least…" He said, hoarsely, grabbing her wrist and pulling her to him.

They kissed for a few minutes in the entry hall, until Shikamaru lifted Ino up, carrying her off to the bedroom.

They laid down on the bed, kissing and beginning to shed clothes.

"Oh, wait." Ino said, pressing her fingers to Shika's lips, bringing him to a halt.

She reached over to the nightstand and pulled a box out, tied with a string.

"Happy Anniversary, Shika-kun."

Shikamaru sat up and opened the box, inside was a new shougi set and another smaller box.

Shikamaru grinned as he opened the other box, revealing a small photo of Ino and the children, right after Miori was born.

He kissed his wife on the cheek, thanking her for the gift.

"My turn."

He pulled a small box out of his pillowcase and opened it, showing it's contents to Ino. Inside was a plain silver rind, with an engraving around the outside. Ino took it to inspect it more carefully.

'Souai.' (Eternal Love)

Shikamaru took the ring from her and slipped it on her finger, along with their wedding ring.

"Oh, thank you Shika, it's perfect."

Shikamaru only kissed her, forcing her back down onto the bed.

They spend the rest of the night making overdue love, like they did that very night ten years ago.

Another few months passed and life resumed on as usual. Shikamaru advanced the gennins from that year and Shikaji entered his last year as a student.

We find Ino at her annual 'doctors' appointment, waiting for the results of her exam.

Sakura entered and sat down on the stool in front of her friend.

"Well, Ino, good news and good news. Your tests are clear, no problems whatsoever. And the other good news is…"

Shikamaru was in his usual place on the couch, reading a book on strategy when Ino came home, a dazed look on her face.

"Ino? Something wrong?"

Ino shook her head slowly, the look staying plastered to her face.

"So….anything happen at the doctors office?"

Ino turned to face her husband. Shikamaru gulped.

"I'm pregnant. 2 months along."

Shikamaru was silent. He looked at Ino, then at Ino's belly, back at Ino and back at her belly, this time placing a hand on it.


"Yes really! Do you think I'm playing with you, stupid!" Ino shouted, obviously annoyed.

'Yep, she's defiantly pregnant…'

Shikamaru smiled and kissed his wife. "So, what's the problem?"

"I thought we decided we only wanted two…"

"Ino, things happen, it's not that big of a deal. We may have to have 4 now to even out the genders though, I don't want to be outnumbered."


"That's what Sakura said, when she looked, she said it looks like twins. It's still a bit early, but she is really advanced."

"Well, there you go then." Shikamaru slapped his knee and rose from the couch, beginning to rummage thought the closet and kitchen drawers.

"What are you looking for?"

"Got 'em." Shikamaru said triumphantly.

Shikamaru walked back towards Ino on the couch, a pair of earplugs and a list of Ino's favorite 'pregnant' foods in hand.

"I'm all set!"

Ino sweat dropped.

I hope you all liked it. There you go, you heathens, there's your sequel! Told you I'd do it!