And I Meant It

She said she didn't love me like she used to. I didn't give her a second to say anymore. I turned and left. I didn't listen to her yelling my name. The floor caught fire with footsteps, my footsteps. They spread like a disease to the door. I opened the door and went out into the pouring rain. The rain immediately drenched me, making my clothes and white blonde hair stick to my body. I could care less about the rain because it hid my tears away from curious glances. I began walking until I felt her hand touch my shoulder. I turned to look at her. She looked so beautiful with the rain cascading down her body soaking her thin nightgown. Her brown curls stuck to her back making them dark and heavy. I looked in to her shining eyes and saw everything I loved about this woman. She looked at me and flung her arms around me. She whispered how she didn't mean that she didn't love me anymore. She meant that she loved me more than she used to especially since now she was pregnant with our child. I had never felt more like a fool but I knew she loved me anyway. So I kissed her like I meant it and took her back to our home.


A/N This is just a drabble really. It just hit me out of no where. If you didn't notice it's Dramione. I hope everyone liked this. Also cookies and pixie sticks to the ones who recognize the Taking Back Sunday reference. Now please do review and tell me what you think!


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