"I'm hungry…" Sokka said yawning. "What's for breakfast?"

"I'll check and see what we have" Katara said looking into an empty bag "Uh-oh… looks like were out of food."

"Oh no!" Aang screamed. "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!"

"Might I suggest we go to the market?" Momo said.

"That's a good Idea Momo" Sokka said patting the lemur on the head. …………………… MOMO! YOU CAN TALK!

"Well of course I can talk you fool!" Momo replied.

"Aang… Your pet lemur just called me a fool…" Sokka said in confusion.

"He did!" Aang said in surprise. Momo why did you call Sokka a fool?..

"I'm sorry Aang." Momo replied. I should have said idiot!

"That's better Momo." Aang said nodding in approval.

Sokka was still totally confused but he decided to follow Aang, Katara, and Momo to the market.

"hmm… should we get some apples or some mangos?" Aang asked Momo.

"How about both!" Momo replied cheerfully.

"Ok" Aang said. "And lets get some cabbage too!"

"I'll go get the mangos.." Katara said. Aang, you and Momo go get the apples and Sokka, you go get the cabbage.

Sokka was still in aw that Momo could talk but he did as he was told and headed towards a cabbage stand and began to look for a good cabbage.
"AAAHHH!" Sokka heard a shriek in the distance and it sounded like his sister.

"Sokka help!" Katara screamed.

As Sokka got closer to his sister he could not believe what he was seeing! Dozens and dozens of mangos were slowly devouring his sisters flesh! Katara was on the ground screaming and the mangos were scraping their teeth against her legs and chewing on her arms.


Sokka heard another scream and saw Aang being chased be hundreds of apples!

"What's going on here!" Sokka yelled in despair as he watched as a giant cabbage swallowed Aang and then Katara!

"The food is rebelling!" Momo yelled.

"Momo help! I don't know what to do!" Sokka screamed.

Of course you don't know what to do! Momo said. That's because your stupid! Unlike you I know that we must slay the cabbage!

"Here, use my special cabbage slaying sword!" Zuko said coming out of nowhere.

"Thank you my friend." Momo said taking the sword.

"You and Zuko know each other!" Sokka asked in disbelief .

"Of course we do you moron! I was Zuko's best man at his wedding!" Momo replied.

"Wedding!" Sokka asked. Who did you marry!

"Only the finest of all the girls in the world… Katara… your sister." Zuko replied.

WHAT! Sokka shrieked.

Momo approached the giant cabbage and lunged the sword into it.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The cabbage moaned.

The cabbage exploded and Katara and Aang came flying out!

"Don't worry my love I will catch you!" Zuko said as he ran toward Katara who was falling out of the sky! Katara landed safely in Zuko's arms.

"Oh Zuko!" Katara yelled happily. I knew you would save me!

Katara threw her arms around Zuko and they kissed for about 10 seconds until Sokka was about to explode with anger!

"GET OFF OF MY SISTER YOU FIREBENDING FREAK!" Sokka screamed and began to run at Katara and Zuko.

"Leave them alone Sokka!" Aang said as he pulled Sokka back. Don't you understand? Its true love!



Sokka was awakened be Aang screaming.

"Aang, what happened?…" Katara asked putting her hand on Aangs shoulder.

"I… I… I just had a bad dream.." Aang replied gasping for air.

"Do you want to talk about it?…" Katara asked trying to comfort Aang.

"No… I think I just need to get some rest." Aang replied.

"Ok…" Katara said.

"If Aang thought his dream was bad wait until I tell him about mine! Sokka thought to himself.

"Hey.. Do you guys wana hear about my dream?"

Aang and Katara just looked at him.

"That's ok… I didn't want to talk about it anyway. Sokka said and went back to sleep.