Title: Wide Eyes Terrified

Author: Shauna

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Rating: Putting this one up at R for themes and events.

Summary: Peter learns just how harmful loving Edmund can be. The question is, will he realize before it manages to destroy them both? Will he be able to cope, knowing its his love that puts Edmund in danger? (this is NOT SLASH)

Author's Note: I've been working on this for months, and am only just now posting it. Its my first Narnia fic so please go easy on me for any mistakes. It is set not too far into the future. They have been Royalty maybe for a year I guess if you really want to know. This is ridiculously angsty, I'm warning you now, and it is NOT SLASH. I repeat, NOT SLASH. There is no incest, or anything of the sort, it is merely brotherly/sisterly love.

Dedication: I am dedicating this one to my girlies: rae, red, and custard! ;) They are soooo amazing, and I am in love with their works. This one goes out to you, for being some of the most amazing people I've met in this fandom. :) I would also like to Dedicate this to OchEEcho and Capegio, for pushing me to post this (and blackmailing me no less!). Everyone should go read their works because they are some of the best on this site.

"Three weeks vacation? That's enough to make anyone rejoice!" Lucy exclaimed loudly, draining half her glass in one large gulp. Susan eyed her reprovingly, but was unable to remove the smile from her face.

"Apparently Oreius has observed no questionable activities of any sort as of late." Peter spoke. Lucy turned to Edmund, eyes bright and saluted him with her cup before taking a sip. Edmund returned the gesture, taking a sip from his own cup.

"Where is Oreius anyway?" Lucy asked. Peter shrugged his shoulders as all eyes turned to him.

"Probably working on some business as usual; he never really finds the time to come down here, after all, he is head of the guard." The blonde king responded.

"Humph, business. One should always make time for vacations if you ask me." Lucy exclaimed. Susan fingered her fork idly before placing it down again. She eyed Lucy brightly, nodding in agreement.

"Well at least its business that we don't have to deal with right now." The others nodded their heads in agreement. Lucy left to get more to drink, as Edmund finished off his second cup. Looking over, he saw Peter's untouched glass; with a small shrug he grasped the cup and took a large gulp while Peter watched, grinning animatedly at Peter's obvious amusement.

"So what's first on our agenda, now that we have nothing to do for three weeks?" Lucy asked, returning.

Edmund took another long gulp from Peter's cup, and began coughing. Peter clapped him on the back as their brother struggled to regain his breath. The sisters stopped and watched worried as Edmund continued to cough. When the coughing finally subsided Edmund glanced up cheekily at the worried faces around him.

"Sorry, went down the wrong pipe!" he grinned. The joyous atmosphere restored itself, and the siblings continued their friendly banter, allowing the occasion to keep them up far into the night.

Later on, Peter and Edmund slowly walked along the balcony, enjoying their night off. Both kings took every advantage their reprieve offered them, and it showed in the content looks upon their faces. Edmund took another sip from Peter's cup, which he had taken from the hall, smirking at his brother.

"You know, the Heavens sure picked a great night to look so lovely." Peter remarked, idly looking up. Edmund coughed and nodded, following his brother's gaze. "They're just as beautiful as they were the night you almost died…" Peter whispered to himself, hands gripping the railing tightly. Edmund caught this movement and turned questioning eyes on his older brother. When Peter refused to look back, Edmund placed a slim hand atop his brother's, squeezing gently. The action evoked a response from Peter, who glanced down at his brother.

"It's finished. She's dead- and she will not harm us again." Edmund whispered, matching Peter's quiet voice, reassuring his brother as he had done many times before. Peter swallowed, closing his eyes in an attempt to quell the memories that threatened to overwhelm him. It had been almost a year since that day, yet the memories still continued to plague him. Edmund turned Peter to face him, placing his glass on the railing and resting both hands against his brother's face.

"Peter look at me." Peter's eyes opened at his brother's gentle request as he fought to calm himself. "She's dead, she cannot hurt me." Edmund whispered sincerely, bringing Peter's forehead down to press against his. Edmund gazed at his brother intently, watching the myriad of emotions flicker through the bright blue eyes he knew so well.

"She's dead, she cannot hurt me." But who says someone else won't? I can't lose you again Ed. You were stolen from me once; I can't- I won't- let you be stolen from me again.

"I'm not going to leave you Peter." Edmund murmured, reading Peter's thoughts, something only he had ever been able to do. Peter nodded numbly, staring into the intense brown eyes of his brother. Edmund smiled gently, moving his hands to Peter's shoulders, though their foreheads remained touching. "I promise." And Peter allowed those words to wash over him like the waves they stood above. As a faded melody, muted and distant, Peter let those two words wind around his heart, calming him with their ghostly harmony. Edmund watched Peter's face slowly relax, and allowed himself to relax also.

"Feel better?" he asked lightly. Peter smiled slightly in return, but Edmund could see it was genuine. He turned back to the stars, hands dropping from Peter's shoulders to lean against the railing. Peter gazed at his brother's profile, noting the soft smile gently gracing his lips. And I promise never to leave you Ed. Edmund spoke up again, picking up as though nothing had happened.

"It's rather a pity that Susan never takes the time to enjoy this." he replied nodding down towards Susan's room. The candles flickered, illuminating their sister as she poured over transcripts at her desk. Peter gave a breathy sigh, shaking his head in wonderment at the sight. He smiled, eyes returning to their earlier cheer.

"Sometimes I just don't understand how Lucy can put up with her." the blonde king spoke.

"How Lucy can put up with her? Are you kidding? I can't understand how Susan puts up with Lucy!" Edmund joked, laughing. He coughed once more, clearing his throat, turning back to glance over the wall of the balcony. Peter turned as well.

"You sure you don't mind me drinking this?" Edmund asked, glancing at his brother. Peter nodded.

"It's not as though I were about to drink it, so you might as well." He responded.

The dark-haired youth grinned cheekily, taking another sip from his cup. There was silence for a few moments as the boys stood side by side, hair gently caressed by the votive zephyrs carried upon the waves. Edmund was the first to break the silence as he rested his chin on his hand.

"I suppose we'll have another really long mission coming up." he spoke, changing the subject. Peter turned to him, eyes questioning. Edmund shrugged, staring down into his drink.

"We usually get time off before things pile up, which sends us on a really long or really dangerous mission." he continued. Peter understood his sentiments, and turned towards the sea once more. Beside him, Edmund coughed again, but this time it was a deep cough that shook his entire body. Peter turned to him suspiciously.

"Maybe you should get that checked out?" he asked, studying his brother's face closely. Edmund waved it off lightly.

"Nah its nothing, nothing to worry about." he shrugged once more, turning away. Peter continued to stare at Edmund suspiciously, but eventually shrugged also as they continued walking. Below them, they could see Lucy on the beach, shoes in hand, her small feet splashing through the surf. Peter nodded towards their sister, who was watching her footprints wash away with each wave of the incoming tide.

"She always finds something to enjoy, even in the most boring of things." He remarked, grinning. Edmund smiled brightly, turning to him.

"That's what makes her Lucy though. Susan used to be the same way; I just hope that Lucy doesn't grow out of it like Su did. At least she has Tumnus spend time with." he exclaimed, nodding down towards the beach. Mr. Tumnus was swiftly but silently moving towards Lucy, apparently to sneak up on her. Lucy continued to walk, engrossed in the imprint and fade of her footprints in the warm evening water, unaware of the silent faun coming up behind her. Peter and Edmund turned to each other, grinning.

"Something tells me this is going to be rather amusing." Peter stated, smirking slightly.

"Something tells me someone is going to get wet." Edmund quipped. The two kings watched fondly as Tumnus sneaked up behind Lucy, who screamed in fright. Upon realizing it was only Mr. Tumnus she then proceeded to shower him with water. The brothers chuckled, high-fiving each other before swiftly heading towards the stairs at the corner of the balcony. Peter frowned when he heard yet more coughing coming from dark-haired youth. He turned instinctively, casting a querying glance at his younger brother. "Edmund?" he asked, worry mounting when Edmund did not respond.

Edmund continued walking, though his lungs felt as though they were on fire. There was a rushing sound in his ears, as he fought to breathe evenly. Dimly he could hear Peter call his name worriedly, but he could not get enough air in to respond. The glass fell from his hand, shattering on the stones. He fell to his knees, doubling over as the coughing became worse.

Peter watched almost in slow motion as the glass fell and shattered. He jumped at the noise, time seeming to start again, and fear gripped his heart in its icy claw as Edmund fell to his hands and knees. He swiftly dropped beside his brother; clutching Edmund tightly to his chest. Deep wracking coughs shook his brother's body with no signs of subsiding. The world seemed to spiral, or at least Peter's did; it narrowed into one single point, a point he could not seem to reach.

"Edmund!" he cried, trying once more to reach his brother.

"Pe...Pe...P'ter!" Edmund managed to cry out. It was a small, strangled cry, one of desperation. His world was spinning, spinning and lurching and spiraling with a sickening force. Peter could feel the shudders enveloping Edmund's form, and he tried desperately to calm him down. Edmund continued to cough, chest heaving with exertion. Peter gasped, terrified, as the coughs wrenched Edmund forcefully from his grasp. Edmund bent over and, if it were possible, the coughs became even worse. Peter stared, hands grasping his brother more tightly, petrified of what he was witnessing. Completely at a loss for what to do, he held Edmund as his brother coughed into his own hands, face close to the balcony floor.

Just as quickly as it had begun, it was over. A strange silence filled the air, punctuated only by the harsh sounds of the dark-haired king struggling to get his breathing under control. Edmund sat back on his heels and leaned into Peter's shoulder, eyes closed. Peter held his brother, rubbing soothing circles upon his back, hoping to help in some small way. He felt completely useless, scared about what had just happened. What if it happens again? What if its worse next time? What's wrong with my brother! Eventually Edmund managed to open his eyes, and looked down at his hands. With his brother's head against his chest, Peter felt more than heard the small gasp that escaped Edmund. He glanced at his brother and was met by Edmund's shocked stare. Peter's eyes widened as well as he looked down, following Edmund's line of vision. Staring down at Edmund's hands, he knew then that something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Edmund's hands were covered in blood.

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