The Possible Bride

"Sure, KP."

Ever since Pre-K, those two little words had been the most-used in Ron's vocabulary. Kim would go off on some crazy, kooky adventure…and Ron would be right behind her. She was Kim Possible, making anything possible, and he was Ron Stoppable, her much lesser-known partner, never a sidekick. Together, they fought radical evildoers, ate badical food combinations, and were the best friends ever to cause trouble at Middleton High.

Best friends ever, period. Booyah.

And no matter what Kim did, Ron would be right there with her. All she had to do was ask – not need to even add a please and thank you – and he always said: "Sure, KP."

"Wanna help me save the world?"

He had no idea how he could help, but how could he not? "Sure, KP."

"Could you help me baby-sit the Tweebs?"

They weren't so bad – when they weren't building nuclear reactors in the basement. "Sure, KP."

"Teach me the Naked Mole Rap?"

Ron was always willing to show off. With Rufus' help, of course. "Sure, KP."

"Help me shop for Monique's Kwanza present?"

He had no clue what to buy for girls, but he didn't do too badly with Kim. As long as he got some tips from Wade. "Sure, KP."

"Can I help you make nacos for Rufus' birthday party?"

Even though she couldn't cook, Ron still said, "Sure, KP." She could dice and slice with the best of 'em. It was the rest of her culinary talents that left something to be desired.

And the kitchen was pretty much the only arena that Kim didn't rule. Starting with Ron's heart.

"Wanna watch The Princess Bride with me?"

It was a mushy kid's fairy tale, but it was Kim's favorite. And Ron always got a kick out of the Rodents of Unusual Size. "Sure, KP."


And she'd blushed, looking so endearingly cute and just as nervous as he felt that it had knocked his brain offline. Instead of saying something suave, all that Ron had been able to croak out was, "Sure, KP."

They may not have been those three little words – or even 'As you wish' – but as far as Ronald Dean Stoppable was concerned, when it came to Kimberly Anne Possible, "Sure, KP," was a super spankin' bon-bon-diggity way of saying, "I love you."