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The Prologue

A year had passed since the defeat of Cyber Errol and the destruction of the Dark makers. Jak was finally revealed to be the son of Damas, a great warrior and former ruler of Haven City, thus securing Jak as Mar, the missing heir. With his heroic acts and true identity unveiled, he earned the trust and respect of the Havenites, the people of Haven City, and was earnestly encouraged to be placed on his father's throne. Jak remained reluctantly to such a responsibility and left the guidance of the city under Ashelin; Jak led the Restoration Project for the city. With the help of his friends and the Precursors, Jak proceeded with ridding the city of Metal Heads, rebuilding the city, and beginning the first stages of reinstalling and renovating the wall protection system. It was at this point that, by request of Kras City's ruler, Haven City built roadways for combat racing, a sport that Kras City was taking global. This request was fulfilled, but the Stadium was restored to its former glory for Zoomer-racing. The ottsels, or rather Precursors, used their wisdom of technology and their powers to create a magnificent palace for Jak and his team to reside in. With all of these works, the people of Haven City knew what happiness was once again.

Well, everyone except for Jak. The poor fellow did not know what to do without a little bit of action here and now, and he could never get use to simply running around the palace doing political work. Though he was still reluctant to accept the title of "Lord Mar," at Ashelin's request he became her assistant and was trapped doing what she had to do as the temporary head of Haven City: everyday Jak had to wake up early, follow an agenda that was already set for him, and then retire to bed late at night; there were countless meetings about the city, there were some issues he and Ashelin had to settle between factions, and he was usually all about the palace and Haven City, though not of his choice. Everything was for the people—the only time Jak had a moment to himself was during his exercises, and after those he would reflect on his horrible day and even his horrible life before collapsing onto his bed, totally exhausted. And as if there was not enough on Jak's mind: he had yet to check on Sig, who was named King of Spargus City at Jak's pleading; Keira had gone missing, which occurred when Daxter blabbed unnecessary and exaggerated detail about Ashelin kissing Jak (as a result of Keira's disappearance, Samos was very angry with Jak); and Jak had recently received an invitation to some toast in regard to Krew's death, which meant taking a trip to Kras City and making arrangements for Ashelin, Torn, and Daxter to leave as well. Hell, Jak could not even remember the last time he visited his father's grave, which was located in the Tomb of Mar. This definitely was not the life Jak had in mind.

Now, after hearing (or reading) of the miseries of Jak's life, it would be hard to imagine that Daxter's life would be any different. Ah, this was more so a life of luxury for the carefree ottsel. Though he was not the greatest of help, for reasons beyond understanding Daxter was granted the position of Royal Advisor by the people (it's thought that they caught wind of his stories). As to be expected, Daxter was lousy with the whole advice gig and managed to escape death at the hands of Jak and the guns of Ashelin and Torn. Aside from the political life that he was practically useless at, the ottsel took the pleasure of indulging in Jak's riches, fame, and glory while enjoying the good life with his elf-turned-ottsel girlfriend Tess. With his lifelong dream of pants and the wish for a pool filled to the brim with chocolate (slightly minty), how could the ottsel not feel fulfilled? The only thing that stood in his way now was this invitation to Kras City; like he really wanted to toast to old lardy's death and meet his (probably) equally fat daughter.

And so, after months (trapped) inside the palace and Haven City, Jak and the crew headed off to Kras City, leaving Samos in-charge. What wonders would there be for them in the combat racing city, and what would be beyond Kras City? No one but the Precursors knew what the future would hold for Jak and Daxter.