Kari and TK bid goodbye to their friends at school. TK was taking Kari out for a night on the town at seven pm for her 18th birthday, even though her birthday wasn't really until Saturday.

Yolei, Ken, and Cody wished good luck to the happy couple, but in reality, they didn't like what was going on at all.

Ken looked out the window into the schoolyard, and saw his best friend Davis still sitting on the jungle gym, starring off into space.

"Poor Davis" said Cody sadly.

Davis had heard that Kari, the girl whom he loved since they first met, was now officially TK's girlfriend.

This really upset him a lot. It was bad enough for her to go out with someone else, but did it have to be with TK, his most hated romantic rival.

The wind was ruffling up Davis spiky brown hair sending dead bugs onto his face, but he still didn't move.

The only hint that he was officially alive, were the tears that fell from his eyes.

"Ken, do you think he'll be alright?" asked Yolei, her boyfriend replied with, "I don't think I can answer that Yolei!"

The three friends walked out of the school, and decided to let Davis have his space.

They really wished they could help him, but still, they knew Kari and TK were happy now.

All three of them did want to see their friends happy, but not at the cost of another friend's happiness!

That night, Davis was in his room watching DragonBall Z, a show that he truly admired.

The characters fight off the evil creatures reminded Davis of what he had done and was still doing for others.

Davis was the new leader of the Digi destined; he was the bearer of three Digi eggs, Courage, Friendship, and Miracles.

With his Digimon Partner Veemon at his side, Davis was able to save is friends lives countless times.

He was the first to break Ken's/ Digimon Emperor's No Digivolving spell.

He Destroyed Ken's base and Kimeramon.

He never gave up while things seemed hopeless.

He was the only one who could break Malomyotismon's brain control.

No matter what was going on or how hopeless the situation was…Davis would always lead the others to victory.

The only problem was, on the show, many of the Z fighters, were sometimes compensated for such a hard battle.

Davis on the other hand, his problems just continued to grow and grow.

His friends never gave him as much as a real thank you. Bullies at school kept picking on Davis to try and sample the So-called Power he possessed.

And to top it all off, the girl Davis was in love with, was now in the arms of TK.

However, it was partially because of Davis' feelings for Kari that he was now facing these problems, even more alone than ever.

Instead off falling in love…he was falling to pieces.

Davis looked up from his bed, and saw Demiveemon, fast asleep. He smiled; at least he had one friend who understood his feelings.

Then he looked out the window at the starry night sky. He looked up at the biggest star, and said, "Hi Dad…How are you feeling tonight?"

Davis' Father had died in a car crash 6 years ago, and Davis looked up at the same star every night, and prayed to his fallen father.

Davis' life had changed ever since that terrible day.

Now that his Dad was gone, Davis had officially become Man-of-the-House. He had a big responsibility to care for his mother, and his older sister.

Davis' Mother had a job as an Accountant for the Obadiah Social Committee.

However, the business had gone down like a dropping brick, and showed no sign of rising again. The payment was not going well either.

Luckily Davis' older sister Jun, who was nearly 25, had already graduated from medical College.

She now had a job as a Nurse down at the Hospital where Joe worked.

Her Salary was indeed very high, but her paycheck only came, about once every 18 months or so. Not in enough time.

Also, Jun had worked so hard, and yet she was still Near-desperately waiting for her promotion, from Nurse, to Doctor!

Joe was there to help her as often as he could, but the head supervisor just couldn't give Jun what she wanted.

He said "2 years of study isn't enough experience at this place to become a Doctor."

Still, even with all that money Jun made, it was still not enough to get out of the woods.

The family had to pay for rent, for car park, bills, and even permits, ECT, ECT.

The Motomiya's financial troubles were getting so bad, that Davis had immediately applied for, and had a Job at the movie theater.

Lots of people thought working at the movies was fun, but nobody really knew how difficult it was for Davis.

Davis had to drop out of school, every now and then, so he really only went to school three days a week, instead of all five weekdays.

Even if he could fit school into his schedule, he had to arrive late, and leave early to make it to work on time.

This was indeed one of the key reason's his grades were going down. For he barely even had the time to open a book lately.

It was mostly Tuesday's and Thursday's, and Saturday's he was off to the theater, but not to sell snacks, not to work projectors, nor count the money. He was a Janitor.

It was his job to sweep the floors, pick up the trash, and any other of the messes those ungrateful teenagers left behind.

All that hard work and people were mostly still criticized him, and said, "Get a better job ya Dork".

Easily, the worst part of it all was seeing all the happy couples, boys taking their girlfriends to see romantic movies. It only made him wish he had won Kari's heart even more.

The tragic death of his father and the shame of losing Kari. No wonder his life was so banged up!

He missed his Dad so much, and was so tired of being mistreated that sometimes he wished that he had powers like Goku off Dragon Ball Z.

That way not only could he become even more powerful than any being in this world or the Digital World.

He could fight crime on his father's behalf, in avenge over his death, and…who knows maybe even impress Kari.

Sadly, Davis was no longer a guy who believed that dreams could come true anymore.

He took one last look at the star, then lies back down quietly, and fell asleep. For tomorrow was Friday, and he had to go to school.

Later that night, the large star that Davis was looking at, began to cast a ray of bright light through Davis' bedroom window.

And there, stood the spirit of Jake Motomiya. He looked down at his 18-year-old son, and sat down on his bed.

"Davis my son." he cried, "You have done so much for so many, and yet all you receive is more suffering."

"The way I see it boy, you deserve nothing more than to have your wish come true".

Jake held his hands together, and a beam of light began to travel from his hands into Davis body.

He changed most of the cells in Davis' body so they weren't like a normal human's body at all.

He was also awakening special powers that were hidden with in each of the three Digieggs he had collected, giving him the power he desired.

This way, Davis would be exactly like he wished he could be, Stronger, faster, and Do only the right things.

When all was done, Jake blew a kiss to Davis, as he floated away

Towards the sky.

"Your wish has been granted Davis…when you wake up, you will be very surprised…Sleep tight son…I love you"