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Tears of A Dragon:

The Beginning

The sun was bright, the sky was clear, all in all the day seamed so perfect. Naruto Uzumaki woke the very morning, he was so excited today he turned five and next week he'd be able to go to the Ninja academy! The little boy jumped from his bed and ran toward the window, he looked threw the glass, he saw the villagers setting up for the annual Defeat of Kyuubi Festival, turning from the window he run over to his piggy bank there he proceeded in taking out all his money.

He decided that this year he would go to the festival and buy himself a real present this year, Naruto counted how much money and let out a happy yell "YEAH! I have enough for one game at the festival and four bowls of ramen!" he jumped into the ran and made a bee-line for the bathroom to clean up for the day.

(Later that evening)

Blood, it clouded his vision, Naruto hadn't done anything wrong, and all he did was walk up to one of the booths and asked to play the game. The vender yelled at him, calling him a demon and other fowl words, he then moved backward and bumped into a random villager. Things got horribly out of proportion, the villager slapped him, and other villagers laughed and joined in; one of them used a kunai on him and gave him a nice cut on his head.

Somehow he had gotten away, he ran without knowing where he was going, his tiny feat moved of their own will. Naruto stopped for a brief moment to get his bearings straight, he breathing was hard as he forced air to enter his lungs, his eyes shut tight in fear of where he might be.

Naruto opened his azure colored eyed and looked around only to see his feat had carried him someone in the surrounding forest of Konoha, a rustling sound from the behind made him jump, he turned quickly and scrambled to get a way.

As he left the clearing, a tanned skinned man with a scar on the bridge if his nose and a worried look on his face step out into the clear were Naruto once stood "Naruto! Where are you?" Iruka and seen what the villagers had done, he was trying to force his way pass the crowd to hopefully save him. The Chunnin teacher was filled with worry when he saw the young boy run off, and worry turned to fear when he saw the child run into the forest, Iruka then found himself looking for the child in said forest. Being Naruto's teacher he learned first hand that the boy was nothing more then a lonely, lost child, knowing that alone scared Iruka, the Chunnin moved forward a little more and shouted "Naruto!"

Naruto didn't hear the yelling, tears rolled down his checks, he was tired of everything, the cold stairs, the hateful names, and the coldness. Naruto fell to his knees, he ran to a dead end, a solid cliff, he moved to look over the edge, and it was pretty far up. Naruto scooted closer, he wonder what is would be like to jump; would it be like flying? He stood up, his feat touching the edge "I wouldn't do that young man" A sudden voice made him jump back in surprise and turn to face someone he never saw before.

The person who stood before him, was a young women, he tell from the feminine voice and the floral kimono she wore; however, her face was covered by a cowl, Naruto threw all the abuse he had endured was quite weary of the new stranger. As if reading his mind the women spoke again "I have no intention of hurting one so young, now come from that cliff and walk with me" her voice left no room for argument, Naruto did as he was told and let the women lead him away from the cliff.

Naruto felt dazed, this women was holding his hand and not hurting him; she was leading him somewhere in the forest, Naruto didn't even bother to look at his surroundings he felt safe with this person. The women stopped suddenly and spoke once more "where here" Naruto looked up and saw a cave with a decorated canopy at the entrance, confused he turned toward the women "where are we lady?" the women didn't say anything, she only moved forward toward the cave tugging lightly on his hand to follow her. Naruto eyed the canopy and became entranced with the intricate design, it had dragons of every size and color weaved into it, not realizing he stopped, Naruto gazed at all the colors of every dragon on that beautiful canopy, he azure eyes falling on one in particular; a deep garnet colored dragon, Naruto felt hypnotized by it; their was a strange feeling, like he had seen that one particular dragon before.

The women was getting impatient and tugged on Naruto sleeve again, leading him into the further into cave, time was of the essence and she had a mission to complete, the elders needed to know if he was one.

Naruto was pulled from his daze and lead into the cave, he looked up at the woman, he watched as she pulled of her hood revealing a emasculate face, eyes of the deepest green, skin of palest snow, ruby red lips, fire bright hair, and her ears were a pointed at the tips. Naruto was once again mesmerized, this time by the woman's beauty, he cleared his throat "who…who are you?" Without even looking at him she spoke "I am Elsa Rainwood, Naruto go open that chest in the corner…now"

Naruto blinked, for the first time he was their looked around, the caves interior was covered by tapestries, paintings, furs on the ground, and in the furthest corner was a chest. Naruto moved away from Elsa and made his way to the chest, he looked back at Elsa "What's inside?" Elsa smiled "A gift" that made up Naruto's mind and he quickly went over to the chest and stood before it. Without hesitation he opened it, and looked in side a bright smile soon turned back into a frown, inside was some kind of oval shaped rock, it was bright red with marble white veins running all over it, and it looked about the same size of his head. Naruto reached in and picked it up with both hands, as he touched it the rock did something amazing, the colors on the rocked started to swirl around, and the rock felt warm to Naruto's touch.

Elsa smiled, he was the one, the elders will be happy; Elsa, walked over to Naruto and kneeled down next to him, she placed a hand on his head and whispered into his ear "you are a very special boy Naruto, in years to come you'll have an ally not even your father had" her hand began to glow "you'll soon have a friend, no a Sister by you side very shortly, don't let the hate of this village change you, now sleep"

Naruto's eyes felt heavy, the room began to spin, and darkness took over him as his eyes gave way to sleep. He fall into Elsa's arm, the woman wrapped her arms around him and lifted off the ground, her smile still attached to her face "Naruto Uzumaki, no that's not your true name Naruto Kazuma the name you were denied to protect you from your father's enemies, humans their so strange, but you Naruto will be very interesting the first in ten generation to be the dragon keeper, you may choose whom you wish to see you new brethren and I hope you will make wise decisions" Elsa whisked him off into the darkness.

(The next Morning)

Naruto felt something or someone holding him, he cracked open one eyes half expiating Elsa to be their; however, he was confronted by his teacher Iruka. Naruto looked around; he was in Iruka's house, in his lap, on his bed, the academy teacher was asleep sitting up hold Naruto with one arm and in the other was his rock! He remembered what happened, he remembered how the colors swirled around, and how warm it felt, and it was also the very first birthday gift he had ever received from anyone! Naruto didn't want to wake Iruka-sensei, but he wanted his rock! Slowly he moved out from Iruka's arm and reached out to grab his rock when, Iruka's arm grabbed him again and pulled him close to the chunnin's chest "Naruto" Iruka said, Naruto looked up and saw Iruka was awake "Iruka-Sensei…how did I get here?" Iruka only hugged him tighter, "I found you clutching this thing in the woods and brought you here; Naruto, if you ever need anything don't haste to come to me"

Iruka gave Naruto some ramen for breakfast and cleaned him up, afterward he walked Naruto home, the academy teacher handed the boy the rock and left, he needed to think things over.

(At Naruto's Place)

Naruto smiled, he had met Iruka-sensei last year at the ramen stand, the Chunnin had bought him a bowl of ramen, he signed at the memory, Naruto looked toward his table and saw something on it all wrapped up. Walking over he placed the rock down next to the wrapped parcel, and unwrapped the object in question; under the wrapping was on old leather bond book with a picture of a dragon on it, he opened to book only to find it filled with blank pages.

Blinking, Naruto closed the book wondering who gave someone a blank book; a sudden cracking sound made him jump, he looked franticly around for the source, his eyes landed on the rock, he watched as it began to shake, he watched as the flawless surface began to break, he backed away as a tiny scaled head, and claws started to push its way out.

Naruto stared in wonder as what he once thought was a rock hatch into a baby dragon, he looked on in amazement at the dragon sitting on his table, Naruto felt his feet move on their own toward the tiny creature, his hand reached out towards it, the dragon looked up and flicked it tiny red tongue, Naruto felt a burning pain run threw his tiny five year old body, screaming loudly he fell to the floor unconscious.

To be continued

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