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Naruto Bloodline so far….

Dragon's eyes – it like having night vision…he can see heat weather they come off of people or objects it also always him to see over 12 miles away and 360 degrees around him but it's NOT the Byakugan! He can only see heat not the Chakra circulatory system or the Chakra holes (Tenketsu)! Please don't confuse the two.

Wings and Tail - Wings sprout from his back and he can fly! His tail bones grows and extra few feet and helps him steer himself while flying also good for attacking.



Naruto talking to Aidan

Aidan talking to Naruto


Flashback or Ino vision

Chapter 14

Dragon's spirit

I'll follow you into the dark

The second part of the chuunin exams had ended, the finalist included, Naruto, Sasuke, Temari, Shikamaru, Neji, Zuko, Gaara, and Kankuro, these finalist were given a month to train for the final part of the exam…

Naruto had just visited Sasuke in the hospital, after his fight he had been taken here, the blond had to smile, he had also visited Hinata the girl before her fight had helped him put away his dragon wings, now the dragon boy stood before his teacher Kakashi…

"Sensei," He said "Please train me for the next part of the exam!" Naruto pleaded with the older man

Kakashi sighed "Naruto I have someone to train you, I'm needed to train Sasuke he needs me right now…" The jounin replied to his student without a care.

Naruto frowned and turned to see who would be training him for the month, his jaw dropped and he pointed with an accusing finger "You!" He shouted "The closest pervert!" Naruto cried

Ebisu cover the boy's mouth "Let not talk about that and I'll show you a neat trick!" He said

Kakashi's eye widen "OH you know each other?" he said

"Yeah…you could say that…we're acquainted" Naruto said grimly "Why he he training me He hates me!"

Ebisu smiled "Actually I volunteered to train you, when I heard Kakashi was looking for someone to train you I stepped up to the plate immediately!" He said dramatically

Naruto blinked "So you knew you'd be training me?" He asked and watched Ebisu nod, the blond frowned and looked at his jounin instructor Kakashi "He is already better then you, he actually wants to train me…not like you've taught me anything beyond teamwork and tree climbing exercises"

Kakashi blinked "What ever do you mean?" He asked

Naruto chuckled "I won't go into details if you can't figure out…after all a teacher who plays favorites is blind to everything else" with that said he walked away with Ebisu

After they left Ebisu explained to Naruto about proper chakra control and brought him to a hot spring…

After a couple of fall into hot boiling water Naruto now stood a little wobbly, his ankles deep in the boiling water…

"Hey! I'm getting it!" He cried happily, Naruto looked at Ebisu and smiled…

Ebisu nodded approvingly "Good, good!" He said he turned his head from his student and growled as he spotted a man peeping in on the girls "HEY YOU!" He shouted "I will not allow such degusting acts to proceeded as long as I'm around!" The special jounin charged at the man only to be thrown back…by a giant toad

"Hey!" Naruto cried "You knocked out my trainer!" He pointed at the old man…

Said man turned and looked at the blond, he was old with white hair "I care why?" he asked

"It's your responsibility! You have to watch over my training now!" Naruto said

The white haired man huffed "Do you know who I am? I am the toad hermit who lives on the grand mountain!" He said making a funny pose "I hate boys and I'm in the middle of important research!" He said pulling out a familiar orange book "I need this research for my book!"

Naruto twitched "You write that prevvy book!" He shouted "You're a pervert!"

The toad sage laughed, "I'm not a pervert! I'm a super pervert!" He said

Naruto twitched "I don't care WHO you are you better watch my training or else!" He threatened

"OR else what? You'll spite on me? HAHAHA…EH?!?!" The sage's laughing was cut short as a large, red scaled creature, with large teeth, and large wings stood next to the boy

"Or else Aidan is going to get sick eating a pervert like you" Naruto said calmly

The old said chuckling "Now, now no need to get violent, I'll watch just call off scales here"

Naruto nodded and walked back over to the hot spring again, he focused into his feet again and stepped onto the water, only to fall in again "Damn it!" He grumbled and took off his shirt.

The pervy sage blinked and stared and gasped "Your…"

Naruto looked up "eh? What are you talking about?"

The older man shook his head "Nothing" he smiled "Maybe I will train you a little brat"

That was Four Days ago…

Naruto was working on the summoning jutsu and failing "Why do I need Toads! I have a dragon damn it!" He yelled as a tadpole with legs appeared

The Hermit sighed "It will help on your chakra control!" He backhanded Naruto "Now stop complaining!" He snapped and re-took his spot watching the girls.

Naruto growled "Then why don't you give me a fucking hint!" He snarled

If only he saw that smirk on the old mans face "Alright brat" He said and stood up "Follow me"

All that day he took Naruto around Konoha, out to ramen, and other places…ran from Temari and Ino.

Naruto yawn "Well it was an interesting day what was the point of it anyway?"

Jiraya sighed "How could you run from such beauties?" He was near tears

Naruto twitched "There psychos that's how! I fear for my dignity, my life, and my sanity!" He said

Jiraya laughed "Well Naruto now we come to the end of our day…hope it was fun" He said before shoving Naruto off a cliff…

Else Where

The four elves and one girly boy where sitting around the shop they worked at and were bored out of there minds…

"I wish Naruto was back, there are so many things to teach him" Malrín said "I'm also worried to death about him I hope he is okay!"

Dúrvain growled "Your babying him again! Let the boy grow into a man! Geeze Women you act like such a mother hen sometimes!" The elf boy said

Both Chi and Malrín didn't like what the dark haired male said and glared at him; Ten, being the wise priest he was backed away.

"Care to repeat that?" Chi asked so sweetly

Malrín smiled "Yes Dúrvain please do!"

The next few hours all you could hear was the poor guy getting the life beat out of him.

Haku sighed "Well I sure met interesting people here at least I'm never board for long" He laughed happily as the two elf women beat up the poor elf boy.

Naruto was falling, the wind was rushing past his ears, he blinked, he no longer was falling…

The blond now stood in a damp sewer looking place and smiled, he knew where he was "time to make a deal with a bastard fox" He said and walked forward.

Iruka sighed as he graded papers, he was worried about his favorite blond Naruto, the teacher had no clue where his ramen eating partner was…all he knew was that he was training with an elite ninja…that wasn't Kakashi-sensei.

The chuunin looked out the window "Naruto…be safe" He prayed for the boy who was like a son to him.

Neji was training hard, he total confidence he would beat Naruto, the boy was the dead last, he would fail and Neji would be victorious. Tenten was currently helping him train like always, but after her lose he was weary of even her skills to help him.

Lee looked out from his hospital bed and sighed, he was defeated in the prelims he sighed, sadly "At least Naruto will be in the finals" He said

Naruto's eyes opened and his hands went into a series of hand signs…chakra busted out from his coils…smoke filled the air…and Naruto fell on top of a red giant toad boss.

Aidan was resting in her cave Naruto had told her to let him train on his own for a while, she was cool with that, the blond had left her with his MP3 player, she had music, she was going to be fine "Kimi wo suki ni natte Dorekurai tatsu ni KaNA?" she sang out happily enjoying her favorite song, unaware of what was going on.

To be continued…

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