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Danny was now flying above Jump city blowing off alittle steam. He looked down at his watch and notcied that is was time to meet Jazz, Sam and Tucker and the pizza place they had found earlier. If they were going to have to stay here for two months for a school reserch trip they had to find somewhere good to eat. He found the place and landed in an alley and transformed back to normal. He walked up the stairs to the table his friends where sitting at and sat down himself.

"Hi Danny, find any ghosts?" asked Jazz looking up from the menu in her hands.

"Nope, it looks like for the next two months I might get a vaction. Which is strange seeing as were here for school." said Danny grabbing another menu.

"At least where not in school listening to Mr. Lancer's lectures. Plus we got to choose our group and an upper classmen to take us here." said Sam looking up from her menu also, then looking back down she said. "I think we should get the veggie pizza."

"No way, the meat lovers!" exclaimed Tucker.

Little did they know that the table next to them was having the exact same arrument.

"Veggie!" sreamed Beastboy.

"Meat lovers!" yelled Cyborg.

"No veggie, who doesn't like veggie?" said Beastboy.

Cyborg laughed. "I'll tell you what Bestboy, find one other person here who likes veggie pizza and we'll get you a veggie."

"Deal!" said Beastboy shaking his hand. Beastboy stood and finally noticed the screaming coming from another table. He turned to see a goth girl and a boy with glasses going at it over something. He walked over and asked, "What are the two of you fighting about?"

The table turned to the green superhero. "Well, Sam here wants to order a veggie pizza and I want a meat lovers." said Tucker.

"No animal should be killed just to be eaten. I'm an individual and don't want to add to the madness!" exclaimed Sam.

"Yeah, remember where that got Danny?" asked Tucker.

"Tucker!" exclaimed Danny.

"So let me get this straigh, you are a vegetarian right?" asked Beastboy turning to Sam. Sam nodded he head. "Great! Come with me!" he exclaimed pulling he over to the table his teammates where sitting at. The group just shrugged and walked over with them to see what was going on. "Ha! See Cyborg. She's a vegetarian and she wants to get the veggie pizza." Said Beastboy as the walked over.

"Aw man! Lost the bet." said Cyborg.

"What are you talking about?" asked Sam.

Beastboy explained the bet he and Cyborg had made.

"Why don't you all join us since you were included in those idoit's stupid bet." said Raven.

"That would be great." said Jazz. They all moved to a bigger table and sat down.

"If you don't mind me asking. Why are you green?" asked Tucker pointing to Beastboy. "Why are you all in costume and why are you mechanical, which by the way is very cool!" said Tucker.

"You guys arn't from around here, are you?" asked Robin. The group shook their heads. "We're the Teen Titans, Jump city's super heroes."

"That's really cool." said Danny, then he thought of something. "You guys live in the 'T' shaped tower don't you?" he asked.

"Sure do! You guys want to come see it? If that's ok with you Robin." asked Beastboy.

"Fine with me. It will be fun, what do you say?" answered Robin.

Danny and the group exclanged glances the all said in unison, "Heck yes!"

So after they all ate everyone but Starfire, Raven and Beastboy who flew cramed into the t-car and made their way to the titans' home.

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