Hey! I know, I haven't updated this in forever, I just didn't know what to do with this story! But now I do! I now have a plot! When I frist started to write this I had no idea what I was going to write, this is mostly a filler chapter. Basicly funny parts.


Jazz went to the hotel counter to check out as the rest went up to get the bags. "Wow, whose are all these bags?" Asked Cyborg pointing to many light blue bags when they entered the hotel room.

"That's Jazz's, she just loves her clothes." Answered Danny grabbing his two red bags.

"Even if she says she's not a normal teenage girl obsessed with clothes and says she's really a girl more concerted about her education." Said Sam picking up her two huge bags.

"Yeah Sam, and your nothing like that." Said Tucker rolling his eyes getting his bags, one for clothes and one for technology.

Sam shot Tucker a death glare. "Oh yeah, at least I don't have a whole bag devoted to technology."

Cyborg laughed. "Wow, you are a lot like Raven." He said turning to Sam. "And like BB with the veggie thing." Then he turned to Tucker. "And you are sort of like me, the technology part." He laughed and finally turned to Danny. "You are like Robin, I guess your the leader sort right?"

"Got that right!" Exclaimed Sam and Tucker opening the door.

"Hey!" Shouted Danny following them, Cyborg laughed and followed them as well.

"Hey guys, got everything?" Asked Jazz as they walked to her, they all nodded. "Great, we can go."

Cyborg opened the trunk to the T-car and put all their bags in it while everyone else loaded into the car. Cyborg sat in the driver's seat and drove back to the T-tower.

"I got to say this car is so cool!" Exclaimed Tucker on the way.

"Yep, my baby is smoking'!" Said Cyborg rubbing the dashboard.

They returned to the tower within minutes and took their bags up to the living room.

"Follow me, I'll take you to your rooms." Said Robin walking out the huge door, the visitors followed as everyone else went along their normal daily lives.

"Here's yours Danny." Said Robin opening the first door. "My room is to the right."

"Thanks dude." Said Danny.

"After you're done getting unpacked you can go back to the living room." Declared Robin, Danny nodded and he closed the door.

Robin walked on and every few doors he would say, "This is your room." And insert a name then say which titan lived next door, finally he reached the last person and door. "This is your room Sam, Raven's room is next door but she never lets anyone in there. And the last two to go in ended up stuck in a magical mirror."

Sam nodded and walked into the room; she unpacked and walked back out. When turning to walk back to the living room she ran into Raven knocking the book in her hands onto the floor.

"Sorry!" Exclaimed Sam quickly picking the book of the floor; she stopped when she looked at the cover. "Edgar A. Poe?"

"Yes, I've read all his work about a million times but can't stop rereading It." Said Raven grabbing the book. "Why, you a reader?"

"Heck yes! I love him, I love all those creepy writers." confessed Sam brightly. "How they were all misunderstood in their art."

"I feel the same way; do you want to take a look at my collection? I have some of the original copies." Said Raven opening her door.

"What are we still doing out here?" Asked Sam following Raven into her room and to the bookshelves.

A few minutes later Danny was walking down the hall to see if Sam was done unpacking yet we he heard some voices through the walls. He turned to a huge door that said 'Raven' on it, it was cracked and he could see both Sam and Raven sitting on the floor with books all around them. Danny shrugged his shoulders and walked back to the living room.

When he walked in he sat on the couch. "Hey, where's Sam?" Asked Tucker.

"She's in Raven's room, they seem to be having a good time, too." Said Danny like it was nothing, he didn't know about the rule. It was 'No one goes into Raven's room and lives to talk about it.' It was made after the incident with Cy and BB.

"What!" Exclaimed the Titans as one.

"She's in her room?" yelled Beast boy, his eye wide. "And they are having a good time, Raven is having a good time?" He asked as if it was the hardest thing in the world to understand. "Am I the only one crept out by this?"

"Friend Beast boy, you don't give Raven enough of credit." Started Starfire. "She has fun in her own way, and it just so happens that she and this Sam girl have much in common."

"Star is right, when it comes down to it Raven is just like any of us. She's just entertained by different things." Agreed Robin.

"You just have to agree with you girlfriend." Said Danny with a smile, he could already see that there was more to Starfire and Robin that meets the eye. That and everyone else had said the same thing.

"You should talk man! You agree with Sam over me all the time." Said Tucker smiling.

Danny blushed. "Well, that's because she's usually right, over YOU."

Everyone, who got this joke, laughed. They all stopped when Raven and Sam walked in, funny enough, laughing themselves. That was only one of the reasons everyone was staring at them two girls however. The other reason was at they way they were dressed.

Raven had on black jeans with a pair of Sam's combat boots and a shirt similar to Sam's only it had a purple diamond where Sam had her purple oval. She also had on long finger-less gloves on. Sam had on a pair of black jeans and combat boots as well, with the jeans she had one of Raven's belts. Her shirt was long sleeved and ripped in several places and was black with red safely pins.

The two stopped laughing and looked up to notice that they were being stared at. "What?" they snapped at the same time.

"It's just that, I don't think I ever seen you laugh before." Said Beast boy still in a trance. "And I've never seen you in regular clothes, if you can count those as regular."

Raven and Sam rolled their eyes. "We're going to Raven's favorite book store then to Hot Topic. Anyone want to come?" Asked Sam.

"No way, I've been Gothed up once before and that's enough for one life time." Said Tucker putting his hand up protectively.

"No thanks, I was thinking about training a little. They have their own obstacle course!" Exclaimed Danny.

"I wouldn't mind." Said Jazz standing up and walking over to the two.

"Okay, but you have to let us pick out an outfit for you and no questions asked, you have to wear it for the day." Bargained Sam, Raven nodded.

"Fine, I've always wondered what you found so cool about this 'Goth' thing." Agreed Jazz.

"What about you Star?" Asked Raven.

"No thank you friend, I am going to be Danny's training partner. I am most instated in his powers." Said Starfire smiling.

"Fine with us." They said as they left.

------------------------------------------A few hours later-----------------------------------------

Raven, Sam and Jazz walked in laughing. "That was so much fun!" Exclaimed Jazz. "I think Hot Topic is my favorite store now."

"Did I hear that correctly. Jazz the spazz had fun and likes Hot Topic?" Mocked Danny in a fake reporter voice standing up from the couch, then after seeing Jazz was speechless.

Jazz was black mini-skirt that was ripped at the bottom and a black long sleeved shirt with a blue tie. Other that that her hair was up with a black hair tie.

"What?" Asked Jazz.

Tucker walked in and stopped dead. "Wow, 'Goth Jazz'. Now I've seen everything."

"Shut up!" Exclaimed Jazz laughing some more.

"Yeah, it's weird. At first when we picked this outfit out for her she said there was no way that she would wear it, but after we forced her to put it on she loved it. She even bought some other outfits." Said Sam sitting on the couch.

"Great, more clothes for more bags." Said Danny finally speaking, this earned a pillow thrown at him from Jazz.


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