Confessions by Talent

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, cartoon-genius Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon do. I also don't own the lyrics to Love is Pain, Have You Ever, or On Bended Knee, if I did, I'd be writing cartoons, or songs, and I wouldn't be in my kitchen writing fanfics. Oh, well! On with my story!

Chapter 1: Conversations

It's been weeks since Valerie broke up with me and I still couldn't get over it. I sighed and looked at my food.

"Still depressed huh, Danny?" I heard a familiar, gentle voice so I looked up and saw my best friend, Goth girl, (actually she's more Greenpeace than Goth) Sam Manson.

I asked, "How'd you know?"

She gave me a small soft smile and said, "I can read your mind, remember." She sat down and started to eat her food.

After a while of silence I asked, "Sam, where's Tucker?"

Sam didn't look up from her salad, she just said, "Tucker's trying to update his PDA." I rolled my eyes and looked down at my food. My other best friend, Tucker Foley, was totally into technology; sometimes I think he's a little too much into it. I and Sam spent the rest of lunch in an awkward silence. When lunch ended I let Sam go ahead of me because I had tons of stuff out. When I finally got my stuff in my backpack I ran so fast I didn't see the person standing by the lockers until it was too late… BAM! I accidentally crashed into the person. I didn't really see who it was I collided with until I got up. I felt like throwing up when I saw that the person I crashed in to was none other than Valerie Gray.

"Valerie… I… am… so… sorry" I said as I was helping her up.

Valerie smiled and said, "Its okay, Danny. It was and accident, no big."

I looked at her with worried eyes and asked, "Are you sure you're okay?"

Valerie said, "Yeah, I'm fine, so how are you? I haven't seen you in weeks."
"Nothing special really, I've just been hanging out with my friends." I lied; the truth was that ever since Valerie broke up with me I didn't really talk or hang out with anyone.

"Well, I'll see you later, then." Valerie said after a while.

I nodded and went to Mr. Lancer's English class.

When I sat down Sam whispered, "What happened?"

I sighed and asked, "Did you read my mind again, Sam?"

Sam rolled her eyes and said, "No, but even if I did it wouldn't matter because I know something happened, now tell me!"

I began to tell Sam and Tucker what happened. When I finished Sam looked at me with eyes that held the expression, it'll be okay, and you'll get over it.

"I know why you don't and Tucker comes over to my house tomorrow night, and we could go on my roof and do some stargazing with our telescopes. It'll be fun! What do you guys say?"

Tucker smiled and said, "I'm in! Can we order pizza and watch movies in your theater, I mean, 'downstairs'?"

Sam and I gave Tucker dirty looks; I knew as well as Tucker that Sam's family was loaded with money, though she wasn't spoiled and nobody but Tucker and I knew that, Sam didn't want anyone to know because she wanted real friends, not fake friends that usually came with all that money. That's Sam for you!

Sam sighed and said, "Sure Tuck, we can order pizza and watch movies downstairs," She looked at me and asked, "So, are you coming, Danny?"

I smiled and said, "Yeah, I can't wait!"

She smiled and said, "Great! Oh, and there's something I need to tell you when you come. So, I'll see you guys at 6:00, okay?"

Tucker and I said at the same time, "6:00, got it!"

When the bell rang I bolted out the door, moments later I realized I forgot my pen, so I went back to the classroom, where I found Sam and Tucker talking, for some reason, I noticed that Sam looked a lot happier with Tucker than when she was with me, I shook my head and thought, Sam is just my friend, why do I care if it seems she's happier with Tucker? Even though I tried to put the thought of something going on between Sam and Tucker, I couldn't help myself, so I hid in the bathroom and went ghost, then when I got to the door I went invisible and listened into Sam and Tucker's conversation.

… "I don't know Tuck… maybe I shouldn't enter the lame talent-show." I heard Sam say

Tucker replied, "Sam, how long have we hade this 'thing' going on?"

Sam sighed and said, "We've been having this 'thing' for months."
Tucker said, "Right, now remember when we said that we were going to tell Danny me and you are you-know-what."

Sam nodded and said, "I know, I know, it's just that it was easier when we decided that we were both going to tell him that we had a 'thing.'"

Tucker replied, "Sam, all I'm saying is that you need to tell him in a creative way."

Sam sighed and replied, "But if I do the talent-show, it'll all be focused on me, and I want you to be there."

Tucker looked at her and said, "Just think about it, okay." Sam sighed and she and Tucker left the room. When I knew I was all alone I turned back to my human-self, then I said aloud, "I knew it! They do have something going on!"