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Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was late at night in Kyoto, Japan and in a room of a shrine, sat 17 year old

Kagome Higurashi on her desk chair. Her face was tear-strained, but she was still very beautiful. She has black, silky to the touch, waist length hair; with natural blue highlights when the light hit just right. She had a heart-shaped face with the most extravagant cerulean blue eyes, with little specks of purple and gray if you looked close enough. She had an extremely curvaceous body, nice and petite with mile long legs. She had delicate (but freakishly small, in her opinion) size 4 feet. She was an average height though, roughly 5' 6".

Kagome sniffed. 'I need some cheering up… maybe Inuyasha's online?' she thought as she was logging into her AOL Instant Messenger program.

Else where in a big, beautiful mansion lived Inuyasha Takashi; son of the richest man in the world. He was a hanyou; they were very rare. He had long silver hair kept down that reached down to the top of his butt. He was muscular, but not too muscular; just right. He has amber-colored eyes that you could get lost in if you ever got caught in them. He was about 5' 11" and 18 years old.

He was currently online his AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), bored to death; waiting for someone to talk to, when he saw a pop up on the side of his screen:

FR0STEDFlakes has signed on

'Kagome's online!' Inuyasha thought.

tie my fn sh03s: Yo Kag!

FR0STEDFlakes: Hey…

tie my fn sh03s: What's wrong?

FR0STEDFlakes: Um…

tie my fn sh03s: You can tell me…

Kagome hesitated in telling her situation, fearing Inuyasha would be angered. 'But I want him to cheer me up…' Kagome thought.

FR0STEDFlakes: Don't get mad, okay?

tie my fn sh03s: I'm not promising

FR0STEDFlakes: …Well…

FR0STEDFlakes: I kind of caught Kouga cheating on me after school…

tie my fn sh03s: WHAT!

tie my fn sh03s: I'm going to KILL that flea bag!

FR0STEDFlakes: Inuyasha…

She despised Kouga for cheating on her with another girl like that, but she didn't exactly want Inuyasha to hurt him. Kagome wouldn't admit it, but a little part of her still loved and cared for Kouga; she wasn't proud of that though. Her vision started to get a little blurry, and she knew she was about to cry.

Kagome wasn't responding for a while, and that worried Inuyasha. 'Maybe she still cares for that stupid flea bag,' Inuyasha thought, 'CRAP! That means she's crying!'

tie my fn sh03s: Wait! Kagome I didn't make you cry did I

tie my fn sh03s: Please don't cry

Kagome giggled a bit, despite the tears in her eyes. It was funny how Inuyasha could seem to read her mind. She would believe it if someone said Inuyasha knew her the best.

FR0STEDFlakes: Haha, it's okay.

FR0STEDFlakes: Let's talk about something else and lighten the mood:)

FR0STEDFlakes: Oh; and I noticed you actually said PLEASE!

'I DID!' Inuyasha mentally exclaimed in his head, 'WHERE!' He scrolled up the Instant Message box and found the part where he said "Please". 'Aw, damnit. I never say please… I'm going soft.'

tie my fn sh03s: Feh, whatever.

"KAGOME! Could you come down? I need to talk to you!" Mrs. Higurashi yelled from down the stairs.

"ALRIGHT, MOM!" Kagome replied back.

FR0STEDFlakes: Be right back, Mom is calling me.

tie my fn sh03s: Alright.

Kagome put on her away message and took off down the stairs, where her mom was sitting on the table, along with her third grader brother, Souta. "So, what's up?" Kagome asked.

"Well I've recently gotten a better job in Tokyo, so we'll be moving there next weekend to be closer to the job," Mrs. Higurashi replied.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!" Kagome and Souta exclaimed simultaneously, both in excitement. "That's going to be SO cool! I can see Inuyasha again!" Kagome squealed in joy. "Me too!" Souta yelled.

"Okaa-san, I love you so, so much!" Kagome yelled as she ran over to her Mom to bestow a hug. Souta also hugged and gave kisses to his mother blindly for joy of going back to Tokyo once again.

Kagome couldn't wait; she shot up the stairs, got back from her away message and told Inuyasha the news right away.



tie my fn sh03s: Well you sure sound happy

tie my fn sh03s: What?

FR0STEDFlakes: I'm moving to Tokyo:Squeals:

tie my fn sh03s: ARE YOU SERIOUS?


tie my fn sh03s: I GET TO SEE YOU AGAIN!

FR0STEDFlakes: I KNOW! I'm coming next weekend:DDDD

FR0STEDFlakes: I am just so, so happy I could just jump around my room like a lunatic; which I think I will do now. :)

tie my fn sh03s: lmao


FR0STEDFlakes: I'm just too excited

FR0STEDFlakes: I gtg

FR0STEDFlakes: Bye Inu-kun, see you next weekend for the first time in 3 YEARS!

tie my fn sh03s: Lmao, bye

tie my fn sh03s: Can't wait until you get here


tie my fn sh03s:sweat drop: Lol, you too


FR0STEDFlakes has signed off at 7:26:21 PM

'Wow… I can't believe it,' Inuyasha thought, 'Kagome's coming back to Tokyo next weekend. I should tell Dad and Sesshoumaru.'

Inuyasha ran down the stairs, and blurted out the news of Kagome, happier than ever. "KAGOME'S MOVING TO TOKYO NEXT WEEKEND!" Inuyasha exclaimed as loudly as he could. "Damn, boy! Are you trying to make me deaf!" Touga, Inuyasha's father replied/yelled.

"Wait; did you say Kagome's moving here?"

"HE- Sorry- yeah," Inuyasha said with a huge grin on his face.

"Ohhhh I can't wait to see that beautiful little best friend of yours again," Touga said; you could practically see the stars twinkling in his eyes… Just kidding.

"So…Kagome's moving here, to Tokyo, next weekend…" Sesshoumaru repeated with the slightest upward turn of his lips, otherwise known as his so-called "smile"… which is pretty scary if you think about it.

'I can never get used to Sesshoumaru smiling…' both Inuyasha and Touga thought at the same time.

Over at Kyoto, the words from the Higurashi Shrine you could hear all the way from across the block…


Mrs. Higurashi, hearing this, sweat dropped and fell anime style. 'I think she's a bit TOO happy…' she thought, 'But I want her to be happy after what Kouga did.'

Kagome then went to bed, anxious for next Saturday where she would move and hopefully see Inuyasha that day.

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