November 12, 2006

I'm sorry to those of you who thought this was a new chapter… And I also know it's against FFnet regulations to post an author's note only-chapter. X:

This story is on hiatus; I'm not sure how long, or when I'll get back. My computer crashed and I lost chapter twenty-four… which really sucks because I was having writer's block and I finished it, and I was actually proud x.0 I also another new story I was working on, and planning to post sometime next month… but those plans are gone. ): Not including those, I lost my homework/music/pictures/AIM/PHOTOSHOP!, and I'm pretty much dying right now. T.T

I hope you all understand, I think I'll be back by the time winter break comes around; which is about the third week of December.

I might even be able to work on it by hand, and type it up at someone else's house… But I'm not sure. I am sure that I will work on the story during the time my computer is dead. X:

I know I might've disappointed you all, and I'm still very sorry and I feel almost ashamed. X.x I'd also like to point out that the average review count for each chapter went down… that really deflated my inspiration balloon. /:

I'd like to see it go back up again to the 35-40's, the next time I post another chapter, pretty please? (:

Also, if you have the time, check out my friend's one-shot; She's new, and I think she'd like if she gets a lot of positive feedback, along with constructive criticism. But, honestly, I don't see anything wrong with her story; she is good for a first-time writer:D I promise. Her story is called Fake, and her pen name is hi pandabear. It's rated M, but only for language; so if you don't mind profanity and just a little mentioning of nudity, go read:D

Thanks again, and I'm very sorry.