Trial By Fire

It was a cloudy day when Cid Fields walked into the prison. He had just finished what he thought was his last meal. The taste of fried steak, hash browns, and eggs still lingered in his mouth as he took the long walk to the execution room. Some of the inmates he had beaten up laughed at him as he and the guards walked. He gave them the finger. He walked in to the room and saw a large circular chamber made of metal with Ultratech's branding on it. Ultratech said they were testing a new kind of lethal injection to be used in the army as a weapon. He didn't care he was going to die anyway so what did it matter. He and the guards walked to the door of the chamber. One of the guards opened the door, pushed Cid in and slammed the door shut. Cid saw 18 Ultratech gaurds and 27 scientists. "18 guards I no I killed a couple of people but don't they think 18 guards is over kill." Cid thought to himself. 2 of the guards took Cid's shirt off him and laid him on a table in the middle of the chamber. One of the guards by the wall pushed a button and restraints wrapped Cid's arms, legs, and waist to the table. A scientist with a laptop yelled out "Get to your places everyone!" and then walked to Cid. "Well Mr.Cid my name is Dr.Zolo. I think you have been a worthless drain on society for far too long now, but today that's all going to change now isn't it." Dr.Zolo said as he started to type on his laptop. "Today you repaid your debt to society." Dr.Zolo said as he continued to type. Then a large gun like structure was lowered slowly from the ceiling and shot a red light on to Cid's chest. "What the hell! Where's the needle? I thought this was going to be a lethal injection!" Cid yelled franticly as he tried to break his restraints. "HA! HA! HA! What you thought would happen and what will happen are two entirely different things Mr.Cid." Dr.Zolo said in a maniacal voice that made even the other scientist uneasy. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!" Cid yelled as he tried even more franticly to free himself from his restraints. Cid relized that there was no breaking free and that he would just have to pray for a miracle. "Any last words?" Dr.Zolo asked. "Yea. Fuck you." Cid said. Dr.Zolo laughed as he pushed a button on his laptop. A thick red laser blasted from the gun above Cid and into his chest. After a few seconds the laser shut off. "Is he still alive? Was it a success?" Dr.Zolo asked. "He's alive sir," replied a scientist who was sitting at a computer. "WHY THE HELL IS IT SO HOT?" Cid yelled. "ANSWER ME GODDANM IT! WHY THE HELL IS IT SO HOT?" Cid yelled again. "His temperature is rising," one of the scientist, said. "NO SHIT DUMBASS!" Cid yelled to the scientist. "Sir," a female scientist said, "I'm getting a pulse but no sign of a heart. I think you should see this." Dr.Zolo walked to the female scientist's computer and looked at it for a moment, "Its working" he said. Suddenly Cid busted into flames and yelled in pain. "The laser was stronger than it should have been I must have miscalculated." Dr.Zolo said too himself. Cid's body turned into one large almost liquid flame and shot it self threw the female scientist into the wall. Before the female scientist knew what happened her body was engulfed in flames and she was already dead. "I want him stunned not killed!" Dr.Zolo yelled as he ran for the exit to the chamber. Cid's body retook the shape of a human, but he hardly looked human. He was naked and his body was all red and his body was made of fire. In the sockets where his eyes once had been there was nothing but fire. His other more male specific parts were gone as well. Cid got up and ran at one of the scientists and punched his head in. The guards drew their guns and fired long thick streams of white foam at Cid. With every stream that it him he felt more frozen. Dr.Zolo open the door that led to the rest of the prison went threw it and locked it shut. He could hear as the other scientist banged on the door and begged for someone to open it. "Survival of the fittest" Dr.Zolo said coldly as he took out his cell phone and started to dial. "What do you want Zolo?" A deep voice said from the phone. "Project Cinder was a success, but there was unforeseen difficulties. We need a full force of Ultratech soldiers to subdue him." Dr.Zolo said to the man on the other line. "They will be there in seven minutes" the deep voice on the other line said. Dr.Zolo hung up and lit a cigar. "Oh boy am I going to get it" Dr.Zolo said to himself. He listened for the screams of the trapped scientist and guards. When he heard none he assumed that they were all dead. He heard loud bangs at the door to the chamber. Must be Cid trying to get out, he thought. Zolo knew that Cid could eventually break threw the door but it would take him a good 45 minutes to do so Zolo had no worries.