"Harry, why me. I'm in this damn tournament too. I've got to train and get into shape. Why are you sending me around like a damned invitation." said a young woman of average height in a tight mid-cut one piece skirt.

"Think of it this way Orchid. You're the only combatant who gets to see the others in action before the tournament. That has to be worth something." Harry said as he and Orchid climbed up the large steps into the Count Von Saberwulf's castle.

"This place is creepy like something out of Dracula" Orchid said with an uncomfortable tone.

"Yea and all this fog isn't helping. I'm starting to regret asking to be the cameraman on this one. They aren't paying me nearly enough for all this" Harry said as his eyes darted around for any sign of danger. The two reached the large heavy metal doors to the castle. Orchid knocked on the door. The door let out a loud creak and slowly swung open. Orchid looked around for something or someone that could have opened the door. Harry hurried Orchid forward, "Come on" he whispered. Suddenly, Orchid and Harry heard loud organ playing echoing through the halls of the castle.

"Oh God" Orchid yelled, jumping at the sound. The faint sound of maniacal laughter joined the sound of the organ. Both Orchid and Harry walked on at a hurried pace down the long hall. "There is no freaking way they are getting me to do this again" Orchid yelled as she ran forward the room at the end of the hall where the large profile of person in a large chair could be seen. Just as suddenly as it began the sound of the organ playing and the laughter stopped and only the sound of the large doors closing behind Orchid and Harry could be heard. Orchid whipped around to see a large figure jump off the wall above on the ground of the dark hall. The figure started to walk towards Orchid.

"Who exactly are you people and what business do you have in my castle", howled the figure.

"We are from Ultratech. We are here about your request into the Killer Instincts Tournament.", Orchid yelled to the figure. The figure stepped close enough so that Orchid could see it clearly. What appeared in front of her was what looked like a cross between a human and a wolf, standing slightly hunched over wearing a blue cloth over its chest. The sight brought the word "werewolf" to Orchid's mind.

Harry stopped running and turned around once he heard Orchid's voice. He walked closer to her, "Is this our guy?" he asked.

"Yes", the werewolf looking person said, "I am Count Von Saberwulf. Follow me please." The three walked into the room at the end of the hall. The room had a couch, three chairs, a table with a pot on it and several cups, a lit fireplace and a television in front of the couch.

Harry chuckled and said "You get reception up here?" Saberwulf gave him a quick glare that ended Harry's chuckles.

"Please have a seat and feel free to have some coffee. I apologize for the scare when you came in. People sometimes venture here looking to see a real life werewolf so I started trying to scare everyone off", Saberwulf said with a disguised emphasis on the word "werewolf".

"I see. Well Mr.Saberwulf we are here to inform you that Ultratech's review board has reviewed your request to participate in the Killer Instincts Tournament and you have been accepted into the qualifying round of the contest. The qualifying round consists of one match against your recruiter, myself. This match will last one minute and be recorded and sent in for review to the review board. If the board finds your performance satisfactory you shall move on the next round. Any questions?", Orchid said pausing in between some sentences trying to remember her lines.

"Yes there is one question, where will this match take place?", Saberwulf asked after taking his last sip of coffee.

"Here in a small area of your choice", Orchid responded.

"Yea, and it needs enough space for me to move around with my camera and not get knocked out", Harry added.

"Well it would have to be the graveyard out back. It's the best place. It has the most space and I use to spar with the people from the town not so far from here be for my sickness developed.", Saberwulf said with more energy than Orchid and Harry had seen before in the conversation. "When do we start?", Saberwulf asked anxiously.

"Well show us to the graveyard so Harry can set up his camera and we can start right away.", Orchid said. She had been waiting to test how good she had gotten and this was her perfect chance.

"Follow me then", Saberwulf said as he got up and started walking out the room. Orchid and Harry followed him down the hall and outside and down the steps. They went on a small dirt path that Orchid had not noticed before. After less than five minutes of walking they arrived at the graveyard. The graveyard was small and had a low fencing around it. There were no tombstones only a small stone building where bodies were kept,

Harry took the large red backpack that matched his red cap off his back and set it on the ground. He began unpacking four small cameras. He hooked each camera to a different place on the fencing to catch different angles. Each camera was designed to record the fight in both a regular view and heat vision view so that when the footage was viewed the viewer could switch between both views. Harry then unpacked two white paper-thin circles that he asked Saberwulf to place on the underside of each wrist. Harry explained that they were to record his pulse during the match. Orchid didn't need them because the green bracelet she was wearing was all ready designed to do the same. Finally Harry unpacked a large camera that he was to use during the match to record with.

Orchid and Saberwulf stood 3 yards apart waiting for Harry to give them the signal to begin. "You sure your ready for this?", Orchid asked with a smile.

"I need the cure to my sickness and there is nothing that will stand in my why of getting it especially not a small women such as yourself.", Saberwulf said ready to fight.

"Saberwulf versus Orchid. Face off. Ready Go", Harry yelled.