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Of all the things, Naruto has to have Alzheimer's disease. Such a rare disease and it has to fall on the oblivious blonde. Sasuke gripped his bed sheet as if to hold for dear life. Things have been turning for the worse for Naruto. He wanted to help his student, anything to make it all go away, even if it's impossible. Damn disease.

"Can I see Uzumaki?" he pleaded to the doctor. The doctor inspected Uchiha first than said, "I'm sorry, not in this condition." Sasuke grunted.

"I'm fine." He tried to calmly state. To prove his point, he carefully pushed himself out of bed. Sasuke was able to pull himself out of bed but after another step, he winced in pain, gave up, and dropped himself back into bed. The doctor shook his head and left the room.

'Stupid body, you can't do anything right' He thought as he cursed himself. He wanted to see Naruto. He wanted to tell him that it will be okay even though in reality, it's not. Naruto's going to die soon and it's all because this one deadly disease.

Sasuke stared at the ceiling with silence. Robotically, he reached for his glasses and placed them neatly on the rim of his nose. He was in deep thought.

What's going to happen now? How long will Naruto live? He shook the sickly thought out of his mind. No, you shouldn't worry about the future. Worry about what's happening now.

He occupied his mind with his daily schedule. If Naruto didn't have that disease, Sasuke would've been pleased to skip a couple of weeks of work. Oh what a delightful day it is.

It got Sasuke thinking, 'Why do I care so much about the blonde haired kid? He's a student and nothing more…' Naruto's been with Sasuke for only a mere couple of months and now, he cares so much for him. What's worse was that Sasuke has been watching himself staring at the blonde. Thinking about the blonde made his chest tightened. His eyes widened, 'That couldn't be a good sign.' Could it be that the teacher has fallen in love with the student? 'No, that would consider me a homo and worse, a pedophile' He felt disgusted for thinking of Naruto in such a way.

And yet…

His thoughts were interrupted when Kabuto came in to his room. Sasuke recognized him and greeted him. He was being an asshole to him before and wanted to make it up.

"I'm sorry for acting that way to you um-"

"Kabuto, and it's all right, I'm okay with that." Kabuto smiled and smoothed his gray silky hair.

"Why have you waited? It's not necessary." Sasuke questioned. It puzzled him why this guy named Kabuto cared for him.

"Because, after I saw you, I feel that you were related to Itachi." He grinned. Of course Kabuto didn't want to say it during the accident.

Sasuke was shocked. He hasn't seen his brother for ages.

"How do you know my brother?" He stared at him with disbelief.

"He's my friend, and he told me all about you. It's a pleasure to meet you, Uchiha Sasuke."


In Naruto's room….

"NARUTO!" Both mother and Sakura cried in unison. They have a deep bond with Naruto, and it hurts them to see him in such a way.

Naruto is still knocked out due to the accident. His right foot has been placed in a cask and his face was completely covered in bandages from who knows what. The two girls became all teary eyed as they watched the sleeping boy. He groaned in his sleep.

"Naruto? Are you awake yet? Tell me what you want dear." Naruto's mother said motherly like while holding his bruised hand gently. Sakura brushed his bangs away and touched his cheek. It felt warm.

A nurse came in and tried to reassure the two girls. It wasn't too serious, just a broken foot, a deep scrape on his forehead, and some minor cuts and bruises throughout his body. He isn't going to die, well…

A doctor came in a few seconds later, "I need to talk to Naruto's mother in private." When Naruto's mother moved from her seat, Sakura pushed her seat closer to Naruto. The three left the room leaving an unconscious blonde and a teary pink haired girl.

"Naruto? If you can hear me I'm going to let you know that once you wake up, I'm going to bash you for being so stupid. You idiot, I was worried sick. How could something like this happen?" She shook him gently. Naruto only moaned in his sleep.

She was a bit angry at Mr. Uchiha for causing the accident. It was his fault for causing Naruto to be like this. Nevertheless, things happen. She plans to see Mr. Uchiha afterwards.

"Oh, and I brought you this Naruto." Setting a bouquet of flowers for Naruto, she cupped Naruto's hand and rubbed it. Tears started to flow quietly from her eyes when she took a long look at the now messed up Naruto.

A cry of agony echoed the hallway. Sakura jerked up, and noticed quickly that that voice was Naruto's mother. A rush of footsteps was heard and the door swung open, showing a disheveled mother. Her face was completely red and it surprised Sakura to no end. What had she heard to bring her such agony?

"Oh, my poor son, I should've known!" She broke into loud sobs as she hugged her son. Sakura was deeply confused and she turned to the doctor who appeared at the door for any clues. The doctor was also depressed and only shook his head muttering, "I'm sorry" and left.

Her tears damped Naruto's blanket as she clutched on to his son, but softly as to not hurt the boy. Sakura was going to ask what the matter was but she kept her mouth shut and watched her.

"Naruto, I'm so sorry. I'm such a poor mother to not have known that you were suffering all this time. Forgive me I'm so sorry!" She hiccupped and tears flowed down easily.

What about Naruto? Is he in a lot of pain? Sakura wanted to ask. As her sobs were slowly ceased, she wiped her tears away and released the blonde. A few moments of silence and Sakura thinks now is the time to ask.

"What's going to happen Ms. Uzumaki?" Sakura had to ask. The mother sniffed and to Sakura's surprise, she hugged her. Sakura hugged her back.

Tears were threatening to flow out of Ms. Uzumaki's eye sockets, "Sakura, thank you for being Naruto's friend and helping him when in need." Sakura's heart jumped, is Naruto going to be okay?

"Naruto, he… has Alzheimer's disease… and there's nothing that can help him now…" She tried to hold back the tears but it dripped madly through her eyes. Sakura was shocked. Alzheimer's disease? Naruto's mother let go of Sakura and continued.

"It's something rare. A disease that will keep eating away Naruto's brain cells… His lifespan is shortened." And with that, Ms. Uzumaki burst into new sobs again while Sakura processed the information in her mind. She couldn't believe what's happening. Naruto can't die!

After a couple of weeks, Sasuke was out of the hospital. Naruto is still in bed, he still needs one more week in order to recover fully. Mr. Kakashi, who was fired as a teacher, was taking over Sasuke's position as substitute. Many students were glad to see their old teacher again after an experience with Mr. Uchiha.

And during those couple of weeks, Sakura and the mother has been taking care of Naruto's needs. After they had heard of Naruto's tragic fate, they've been extra nice to Naruto. Naruto's mother was able to heal emotionally after seeing Naruto getting well. He woke up just a week ago, feeling dizzy from too much slumber and not being active for a while. No one told Naruto of his fate.

Sasuke can be able to see Naruto now that he was able to move again. His injury has become small, and he was glad, because he was itching to see the blonde. He came to his room and saw that Naruto's mother was there. Sakura had to stay in school.

"How is Naruto?" He asked, while quietly stepping inside. The mother greeted him to stay inside. Uchiha closed the door shut.

"Naruto, your tutor is here." She shook the blonde a bit. Naruto dozed off after his medication which made him awfully sleepy. He woke up rather cranky and question's his mother.

"It's your tutor Naruto." She smiled towards Uchiha.

Sasuke was really glad and a tad bit excited to see Naruto well. He smiled and smirked when Naruto gave an 'omg, leave me alone' stare at his mother. He then looked up to his tutor.

"Who are you?" He asked innocently while rubbing his eyes. Naruto's mother felt sadness overflowing her and repeated, "It's your tutor Naruto."

"Tutor? Since when have I had a tutor?" Even if those were simple questions, to Sasuke, it felt like a knife had pierced his heart. Naruto was forgetting his teacher.

"Can I speak to him alone miss?" Uchiha asked. You can tell his voice cracked. Naruto's mother understood and left closing the door.

He sat in place of where Ms. Uzumaki sat. 'Naruto probably doesn't know.' He thought as his chest tightened. Naruto stared at his teacher long and hard. He felt like he knows the guy but couldn't get his mind straight on him.

"You're supposed to be my tutor? Funny, I don't remember you." He crossed his arms playfully. Even being hospitalized, he can still be the enthusiastic oblivious blonde he is. Sasuke smiled sadly and reintroduced himself to Naruto, "My name is Mr. Uchiha, nice to meet you again Uzumaki."

Even though, this made Sasuke sad, he covered up those feelings and talked to Naruto as his usual self.

"You will be released soon Naruto, and I will tutor you after your school is over." Naruto groaned and Sasuke smirked.

"You're cold-hearted Mr. uh Uchiha." He pouted. 'He's cute when he pouts' Sasuke thought.

'Should I tell him?' He questioned himself. He knows that his mother will never tell something cruel to Naruto. But he has to know. Should he tell him? He wonders if it is the right thing to do. Will things ever be the same? No, scratch that, things will never be the same…

"Naruto, I… have something important to tell you… and I will promise you that no matter what happens I will always be there for you." He swallowed a lump in his throat as he tried to think of a way in telling him. He knows that Naruto's mother will be shocked to no end but he has to know. He wants to tell him because…

"What is it?" Naruto asked loudly. He felt a warm hand holding his. Here goes nothing-

"Naruto, you have Alzheimer's disease." The teacher's bangs covered his eyes. Naruto was still confused.

"What?" He asked again.

"You… will forget day by day. Your lifespan has been shortened." He finished and he held Naruto's hand even tighter.

Naruto fell silent. Sasuke waited for his response but found none. He looked up, and saw that Naruto was still trying to process on what was going on. Did he hear him right? Naruto couldn't believe what he was saying.

"I hope this is some crude joke you are telling me." His eyes were still in a happy daze with a bit of concern in them.

"No Naruto, I'm not lying. This is the truth." He wanted to believe that he was telling a crude joke as well.

Naruto realized that he was in a hospital after a car accident that he can understand. But this, this is too much. That one sentenced told him that he was going to die?

"I don't believe you. I don't even know you!" He viciously snatched his hand away from the teacher.

"Get out of my sight you!" He screamed. He was frustrated that someone would just come to him and say that he was going to die.

"Naruto, I can understand but this is something that you should know. Your mother already knows."

"Stop it! Stop it! I don't want to hear any more of your lies!" He attempted to punch Uchiha but he dodged quickly and grabbed his fist. Naruto was crying; he was afraid of this man and what he said.

"Don't be afraid Naruto." He soothed the now teary eyed boy.

"Just stay away from me!" Naruto tried to back away but Sasuke held him still, with a tight hug.

Naruto struggled helplessly in the arms of a stronger person and gave up. He hiccupped and shivered.

"Why, why are you telling me this?" Naruto pleaded to his teacher.

"Because… Naruto-"He stopped his sentence and brought his face toward his student. He stared into the blue cerulean eyes he adore and brought his face closer-

And he kissed his blonde.

Naruto's eyes widened when he felt the lips of the older. Sasuke's chest tightened at what he was doing but he didn't stop. It's too late to stop. He has to tell him. He has to tell him.

"I'm in love with you Naruto."

End. Chapter 8

The ending felt corny to me, but I have no other ways to end it. And oh, I feel that my writing hasn't improved one bit. (Teary eyed).