Title: Hungry
Author: Frodo Baggins of Bag End (FrodoAtBagEnd/Febobe)

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Characters: Frodo, Sam, Aragorn. (Others to appear later.)
Rating: PG. This story falls within the guidelines of the FrodoHealers group in both letter and spirit, free from profanity or sexual content.

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Summary: After their rescue, Aragorn wants Frodo and Sam to only gradually return to eating solid food - but the appetites of hobbits will not be denied.

Story Notes/Announcements: A baby plot bunny from Shirebound's hutch, its tiny nose still wet, fed on lots of carrots and lettuces and love.

A special note for those concerned: it has been -weeks- since Frodo and Sam were rescued. That's why our little hobbit heroes are getting so tired of their liquid diet:)

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Part VI: Samwise

Bless me, if Strider didn't look a sight when he came through that door, fair close to huffing and puffing for all the shape he was in! I'd almost have had a good laugh but that I weren't sure what it meant for nobody - except no good, and that made me nervous, so I went to Mr. Frodo at once. Meaning no offense to Lord Faramir, mind, or Lady Eowyn neither, but sometimes it's my place to be beside Master no matter what.

And this was one of those times.


The voice sounded fair like doom itself, and I'm sure poor Mr. Frodo thought the same, for all he quavered. I thought he might be about to be sick from the feeling, and rubbed his back, trying to calm him down; no, please, Mr. Frodo, it'll just go and make Str- I mean King Aragorn - think he was right, not that maybe he weren't right, but. . . .

"I might have expected this. Perhaps I should have assigned others who would not be so easily influenced."

Oh, now, that set Lady Eowyn into a pretty pique if ever I did see one. Up she stood, quick as you could say knife, and she went straight up to him. I reckon Lord Faramir was just smart enough to know by then; he stayed back and didn't get into the whole bit. Wise, if you ask me.

"Easily influenced, am I? How many did not fall wholly under the spell of Wormtongue's simperings at Edoras? How many in the Golden Hall were not poisoned by Saruman's voice through his mouthpiece? How many have - " Here she hesitated, as if it took real effort for her to say this part. "How many have slain that fell King? How many have touched him, my lord, and lived to speak of it? Think on that, then, before you call me easily influenced!"

She quieted for a moment, glancing back toward us.

"I have been a healer, a trained healer, for many years. . .long enough to know that not all are the same. Horses and humans are not alike. And hobbits and humans are not alike. I do not believe that these hobbits were getting enough to eat. You will note that I have been careful indeed; I have hardly set them loose with anything and everything imaginable. But some more good food, digestible, will not harm them. And has not. If naught else, you must realise that you will kill their spirits by denying them what they long for now."

King Aragorn sighed. "The fact, however, remains that you disobeyed - deliberately defied - my order. Do you truly think that I would harm them?" His grey eyes darkened. "And I, too, have been a trained healer for many years, I might note. . .and have treated many kinds of people. Humans of Rohan and Gondor, elves, my own foster-brothers - Elros and Elladan of the Peredhel. . . ."

"My elder brothers, aye."

A voice sweeter than honey interrupted him, and I think startled all of us: Queen Arwen had slipped into the room some time during the past few minutes, without so much as a word, and now swept smiling over to kiss her husband before moving on to Mr. Frodo's bed.

"Tithen min. . .I came to see whether your supper sounded fine to you. The cooks are planning poached fish. . .mashed potatoes. . .glazed carrots. . .mushroom omelette. . .and a slice of pears-with-cream tart. When we see that this settles well, we can continue advancing things with cream-filled strawberries and even some fruit dipped in chocolate, some gingered fruit, chicken in various sauces. . .but for today, we must keep it simple."

Frodo nodded, wide-eyed. . .and settled comfortably as she put her arm about him and looked back up at the king, who stood there sputtering like an old stove, ready to protest.

"Arwen, I specifically stated that - "

She smiled sweetly, all innocence and roses, as my Mam would've put it, and I couldn't help but notice what Lady Eowyn grinned. "Why, dearest, surely you don't mean those ridiculous orders about not feeding our little heroes anything but liquids and such still? The Lady is correct; their diet should already have been advanced. I was so grateful when she brought it to my attention, for I knew surely you would never have given such terrible instructions. . . ."

Well. I've never seen a look like that on a face since Mr. Lotho got drug home by Mistress Lobelia, and by the ear, no less.

His mouth opened and shut. . .and finally he came over to Queen Arwen, sighing.

"You're right, my love. It could not have been my order. . .it must have been someone else that day. Absolutely."

Lady Eowyn tightened up her lips against what looked like a laugh, and Lord Faramir too. Mr. Frodo didn't say a word; he was too busy working on another bite of apple cheesecake for the queen.


All that and biscuits too.

-the end?-