Chapter 1- Vampire Hunter

I stalked around the edge of the building, angrily kicking at the broken cement that surrounded the building. The guard at the door wouldn't let me in. Damned vampires. They always chose the places with the door guards, or they had the half vamps wait outside for the day, and sleep on their backs when they flitted that night. Damn. I hate them all. My best friend is one of them now. Damn. Why didn't I keep an eye on him when he left the theater that night? Why did I let him leave without me? And why had I ever wanted to be a vampire in the first place?

My name is Lepoard. They call me that for how fast I strike. Even though vampires are the hardest thing on earth to kill, I haven't failed yet. Except that one time when I came face to face with my vampire best friend, and couldn't kill him. I hate him and his whole race but I'd do anything to not have to kill him. It doesn't matter now. He made his choice, and even if it was to save me (which I doubt), the bastard stole my dreams and now he has to die. Along with all of his race. But I'll save him for last. Him. For stealing my dreams...

The vampires had holed up in an old abandoned hotel for the day. There was a half vamp out side the door to make sure nothing happened to the full vamp inside the building while he slept. I couldn't really see his face, but he reminded me of someone I knew...or used to. Either way, he was going down. I began a slow descent from the tree I had perched myself in, and crept around the side of the building.

I knew something was wrong. I had had that feeling before. Someone was watching me. I carefully scanned around in my field vision, and saw someone descending a tree nearby. When he touched ground, he slunk along to the side of the building, heading towards me. I grinned, my extrasharp teeth glinting. This guy was in for something he didn't expect. As he crept along the side toward where he thought i was, I ran around the side of the building he wasn't on, around the back and came up behind him silently. As he leaned around the corner of the building, I grabbed him around his mouth, and pressed one of my extra sharp nails to his throat, hard enough to draw blood. Whoever he was, he won my respect instantly as he expertly tried to throw me off. Apparently he didn't know I was a vampire (or half vampire rather) and I had no trouble holding on. "Calm down or I'll rip your throat out." I whispered in his ear. He stopped struggling instantly. I roughly twisted both arms behind his back and tied them there with a bit of rope i carried around for just that purpose. Then I pushed him into a chair. As he looked up, I found myself facing my childhood best friend, Steve Lenoard.

I glared up at Darren, angrily cursing myself for not recognising him sooner. Or course, I had expected him to look older, vampire or not. In the twenty years that I had been hunting vampires, I had only seen him once, two months after I had started out. I was fifteen then. Darren had aged a grand total of 4 years. As I glared at him, I tried to call up the anger at him that came whenever he wasn't there. It wouldn't come. I couldn't be angry at this guy. He was the only one who would be friends with me until grade 6, after I had made my name as a wild child and playground legend. Damn. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. I should htae him. I had hated him since I told him I would hunt him to the ends of the earth when he left with Crepsley. I saw his eyes widen as he registerd my appearence. I had a roughly trimmed crew cut, though I was still clean shaven. I was dressed in a black T-shirt and camouflage army pants. Around my back was a one strap pack, filled with anything that could be used against vampires. Not alot though. All those things in the stories like holy water, garlic, and crosses don't work at all. I have a mirror to reflect sunlight into a darkened building, a wooden stake (just because I lost my knife in the last battle), and other things of that sort. There was a kitana strapped to my belt and I had a small throwing knife strapped to the inside of my wrist. All in all, the thirty-five year old me was a lot different than the fifteen year old me. All the better. I could see he was surprised to see me here. We hadn't seen each other in twenty years. I was slightly surprised at his appearence as well. His dark hair had been lightened somewhat by twenty years of sitting in the sun while his mentor slept. His face, once so welcome to me was no longer open. His eyes were still warm, but his face showed no emotion at all. It was scary to see the amount of scars that covered his face and bare arms. His skin was dark and mottled with old bruises. But he did not seem overly pleased to see me. And I could only wonder why he didn't feel the way about me as I did him.

I wan't happy to see Steve at all. This was the man who had killed over five hundred vampires and almost all of our generals. Here was the man who had killed Evra when he and I had been in the city twenty years ago. And here was the man who had killed the only female vampire in centuries. Arra Sails, the devilishly fast and toughest fighter in vampire history. Killed by Steve and three other hunters he had ganged up with for that purpose only. I was most unhappy.