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disclaimer: All flamers are used to vandalise public property. (most likely schools)

Chapter (what was it?) (oh yeah...) 3 - The Story.

"You know very well that my mother and I never really got along." Steve started. I nodded, remembering the night of the show. "Well, I got tired of it. Tired of being stared at on the playground, tired of fighting with my mother, tired of scaring EVERYONE." I raised an eyebrow. "Well, except you." Steve amended. I nodded. "And I was always reading those books. Comic books, mythic books, legends...Well, in one of those books, I found a picture of a vampire. He'd been married to some rich woman. She found out what he was, and left him. The vampires name was Lartin Crepsley. I figured it was just another myth. But, when we went to the Cirque Du Freak, I realised that the man performing with his spider was HIM. The vampire from the story. The book had even had a picture. And I just thought about it for the rest of the show. If this man really was a vampire, maybe I could be one. I could leave it all behind." Steves face took on a dreamy look. "I wouldn't have to put up with people staring at me and avoiding me. With all the fights and all the fear. I could just...disappear." He pause for a moment. Then the moment stretched. He seemed to be listening to something. Then I realised, I'd been listening so hard to what he was saying, that I hadn't even realised that Mr. Crepsley had been calling. Steves face was pale and set. It appeared that he expected me to call Mr. Crepsley, and let him deal the final blow. "Darren!" Mr. Crepsley voice was closer. I looked at Steve. "We'll finish this later!" I hissed, and slashed the ropes binding him. He looked astonished. "Go!" I whispered, and began to run towards the door. As I reached it, I turned around, and just barely made out Steve's back as he disappeared into the woods. Mr. Crepsley called again. I turned and stalked into the building.

I could barely believe it. Darren had let me go, with nothing to show for it except the marks where the tight ropes had bit into my skin. My body was on autopilot, my feet carrying me back to my hotel. I was bunked on the lowest floor. I had long ago learned that vampires could climb very well. It made more sense to stay on the bottom floor, where I could just leap out the window if something happened. Meanwhile, my mind was on the conversation I had just had. It seemed that Darren had forgiven me to some degree. Not completely maybe, but to a small degree. Maybe it was because of the bond we'd had as children. Not that we could relate to much now. I mean, we were supposed to be complete and utter enemies, and we most certainly were not supposed to be helping eachother. Then I thought of something. Maybe, just maybe, I might be able to heal him. Make him not vampire. But then I realised that Darren might like being vampire. The strength and speed he got from being a vampire might be too much to give up. But I began planning anyway.

It turned out that while Steve and I had been talking, even though it had only seemed like minutes, the sun had been going down. And Mr. Crepsley had awakened, to find that I was not where I was supposed to be, which was preparing everything for a quick supper before we went hunting. When he had discovered me missing, he began to search the building, and eventually deduced that I was outside. Now, he was mildly annoyed with me, and with the story I was giving him. "It does not sound like this human could take a hint." He was saying now, suspiciously. I kept my face carefully bland. "He couldn't." I answered, trying to get him off the subject. It worked. "He could not!" Mr. Crepsley cried. "Not he couldn't!" Ever since the death of his old teacher, Seba Nile, Mr. Crepsley had begun to teach me 'proper' grammar. And apparently despaired of me ever getting it right. For the rest of the night, he lectured me even as I climbed up on his back as we readied ourselves to leave the town. As he prepared to flit, I looked back into the woods, and saw Steve, standing just inside the woods, watching. I lifted my fingers in a small wave as Mr. Crepsley flitted. I never saw his response.

I decided to go back to the building during the night. Maybe I could speak to Darren before they left and before I had to find a car to rent for the day to catch up. I was too late. I arrived just as Darren was climbing up onto Crepsley's back. Dammit. I stood up from behind the bushes I was hiding behind and watched, as Mr. Crepsley began to run. Darren turned his head. I saw his fingers twitch in a tiny wave before Mr. Crepsley reached flitting speed and they both disappeared into a red blur. I watched that blur until it was out of site over the horizon. Then I turned and stalked back into town to get a car. I reached a Nissan used car dealer and purchased the fastest car I could find. Then I set out after them in a Nissan Skyline, silver with blue markings. Possibly my favorite car yet.

We kept going straight through the night, with only small breaks to let Mr. Crepsley rest. During those short stops, I sometimes thought I saw a pair of headlights, as though from a car following us. Then they would disappear behind a hill or ridge and I would dismiss it as overactive imagination. Then we split off from the road and disappeared into the wilderness. I didn't see headlights again.

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