Uchiha's Jealous Streaks

By: kohana28

Chapter 1: Possessive much?

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The bright golden sun is peeking out from the white puffy clouds in a clear blue sky hovering above Konoha. Anyone would have thought that this is a sure sign of a great day coming up.

Save for one.

Team seven is currently at their usual meeting place waiting for their sensei to arrive. This wasn't unusual to them though they still find it irritating to wait at least four hours in the sun for their perverted teacher.

"Remind me to give our sensei an alarm clock on his next birthday." Sakura muttered frustrated at the tardiness of their teacher as she plopped on the grass beside Naruto who is currently sleeping. Although she knew very well that it wouldn't help anyway. How did they know? Well, they tried.

Sasuke's eyebrows twitched at Sakura's action a while ago. He doesn't want HIS Sakura sitting with an idiotic moron namely, Naruto. But the past years of keeping an aloof persona and a cool facade restrained him from dragging Sakura away from the dobe and placing her right beside him. Besides, he knew that HIS Sakura will not like a dobe like him … though that didn't really stop him from feeling a teensy, weensy bit jealous.

Years have passed before Sasuke finally managed to swallow his pride and admit to himself that he really like Sakura, more than a friend. Though he's still having a hard time admitting it to her due to certain circumstances, he also can't help but feel a little over protective with HIS cherry blossom…… not to mention possessive.

It wasn't as if he's not trying to tell her, really.

Suddenly, a soft poof caught his attention as their silver haired sensei arrived with his hand at the back of his head in a sort of sheepish way.

"Kakashi-sensei, you're late again!" shouted Naruto as Kakashi continued to scratch the back of his head.

Sakura just hung her head.

A totally bad sign.

Sasuke shifted a little farther from the three.

Kakashi raised his eyebrows as well as Sasuke, both a bit surprised at the pink-haired girl reaction or rather, lack of reaction.

Naruto, meanwhile, seemed to be unaware of the current happenings around him as he continued to blabber about the tardiness of their sensei.

Kakashi and Sasuke both sweat dropped at this.

"Ah, well you see, I passed by a family turtle crossing the street so I decided to follow them until they got home safely." Kakashi stated.

Sakura finally snapped and begn yelling at their poor sensei until he got deaf.

Or maybe, not so poor after all.

'I knew it was too good to last.' Sasuke thought referring to the lack of reaction of a certain pink-haired teammate who was apparently trying her best to control her emotions though, it obviously didn't worked.

A huge sigh escaped the young man's lips as he waited for them to finish.

This is going to be a long day…..

Team 7 was exhausted from the day's training. Kakashi seemed to be in mood that day as they received a hellish training from him.

"Okay, that's it for today children! See you here tomorrow at the same time. Bye!" he said cheerfully as he opened his beloved book to read and left in a blink of an eye.

They groaned as they knew, tomorrow morning when they arrive all they'll see is birds, trees, grass and perhaps some squirrels but certainly no Kakashi and his perverted book.

"Gosh. Kakashi-sensei sure had a great morning. He was irritatingly energetic to see us in pain, ne?" Sakura said annoyed.

Sasuke couldn't agree more though he'd bit his own tongue before admitting that out loud.

"Ah, forget about our perverted teacher Sakura-chan, do you want to go to Ichiraku with me?" Naruto asked looking at her with hope filling his blue eyes as he threw her his infamous foxy grin.

Sasuke fought the urge to kick Naruto face as a big fat vein appeared on his forehead.

'How dare he ask MY Sakura on a date right under my nose?'

Sakura sighed. "Okay! I'm hungry anyway." She said as Naruto did a little victory dance.

Needless to say, the raven-haired genius was shocked beyond his wits.

……though the overwhelming feeling of jealousy that ran through his proud Uchiha veins didn't last as Sakura asked him a question.

"Would you like to come with us Sasuke-kun? Sakura asked with her eyes wide and filled with anticipation for a positive answer.

He smirked inwardly as the blonde boy pouted in the corner, obviously hoping that he will refuse.

'Ha! As if I'm going to let HIM spend some time alone with MY Sakura!' his inner ranted as he nodded dumbly which made Sakura beam widely as his stomach did a few cartwheels.

Of course, the reason that made him say yes was the fact that he too, was hungry at the moment and certainly not the breathtaking smile Sakura gave him when he nodded.

Anything, actually, but that.

They walked side by side to the ramen stall, Naruto pouting while Sakura, happy and content.

Sasuke tried to keep his head towards where they are heading but Sakura's face kept him from doing that.

'Snap out of it Uchiha! YOU ARE AN UCHIHA FOR GOD'S SAKE! Control yourself!' he scolded himself inwardly though it didn't help anyway.

Finally, Sakura got tired of all the glances she's been receiving from the raven-haired boy so she turned to him at exactly the same moment Sasuke turned to glance at her again.

"What?" Sakura asked quite irritated. She thought maybe she had something in her face like dirt or something.

Sasuke reddened slightly as he muttered an almost inaudible "Nothing."

Sakura frowned at him but kept on her way with her gaze forward.

'This is so unlike him. I wonder if he's okay.' She thought, her brows stated to crease with worry.

Sasuke noticing the worry look on her face started to worry himself.

'Did I do something wrong?' he asked himself thinking of things that he could probably have done wrong.

It was always like this now, him being conscious every time he's with or near Sakura. Normally, he wouldn't care, but every rule has an exception, right?

It was really hard for his part for him to watch every move he makes in front of Sakura; he always thought it would affect the way Sakura would look at him.

Meanwhile, Naruto just gazed ahead; unaware of the inner turmoil his teammates are having as he thought of what he would order when they get there.

He immediately lashed out as soon as the "ICHIRAKU" ramen sign board came into view which left Sasuke and Sakura lagging behind.

Sakura just sighed softly and muttered something under her breath.

"Typical Naruto."

The Sakura petals were in bloom today as they dance around the walking couple in the April wind.

Sakura's candy colored tresses played with the wind as her elegant emerald eyes glistened in the sun, enhancing her beauty more.

As the Sakura petals continue to circle around them, making beautiful patterns of petals in the air in which Sakura's face gave a trace of contentment, a small yet graceful smile adorning her lips, Sasuke wondered about the thing that has been bugging him every day since he realized he loved her.

Should I tell her now?

He repeatedly thought this, his mind a bit dazed by Sakura's beauty.

As they neared the ramen stand, in which from afar they could already see Naruto ordering his all-time-favorite food enthusiastically, Sasuke made a decision.

A decision that could probably change his entire life.

A decision that he's never done before though because of a certain feeling that a certain kunoichi induced in him, made him so.

He looked at Sakura again, tracing her smooth, flawless face as her eyes sparkled in amusement as she watched the sakura petals adorn the atmosphere with their fragrance and lovely pink color that seemed to encourage the feeling of contentment to everyone.

Though Sasuke's case was different.

As he combed his hair with his sweaty, calloused hands he mulled over on the exact words he was going to say to Sakura. After all, it was his first time and who knows, it may be his last.

Thinking these almost made him smile and seemed to lighten his nervousness, a little.

Now what will I say to her ……

'How about, I love you?'

Nah too cheesy.

'Well, how about I care for you?'

Too corny.

'I like you?'

Oh well, no choice.

He made his final decision then as he stopped in his tracks and looked at her retreating back, apparently not noticing yet his sudden halt in his steps.

Finally noticing the lost of her teammates faint footsteps behind her, she turned around only to be met with a pair of onyx eyes staring at her emerald green ones with intensity.

Obviously taken aback by his teammate's behavior she raised her delicate pink eye brow at him in question.

Sasuke felt it was the time he had been both waiting and dreading for as he watched her turn around, her pink colored tresses following her move, swayed with the wind as she intoxicated him with her fragrance.

'I wonder what perfume she uses.'

'Arrghh! Stop! I need to tell her now!'

As he opened his mouth to speak the words he want to convey, he found his mouth parched as he felt himself tremble with cold sweat running through his pale face.

"Sasuke-kun, daijoubu deska?" Sakura asked him as she placed her hand on his forehead, making the poor boy shiver slightly, his face turning from pale to the reddest color known to man.

'Oh man. Why now?'

He just nodded dumbly watching Sakura's hand retreating slowly as she was about to turn around when Sasuke grabbed her hand.

Sakura searched the stoic boy's face as she said carefully, "Is there something you want to tell me, Sasuke-kun?"

"Yes." He managed to croak out to her.

They just stood there, gazing in each other's eyes, both unsure of what to do next, though before anything could happen a strange green blur appeared in sight as it rapidly came swooshing their way like a storm.

Sasuke was about to speak when he saw Sakura's green eyes left his face and turned towards the opposite direction which made him to follow suit.

"What the –" Sasuke didn't get to finish his sentence as he felt Sakura's arm slipping away from his firm grasp.

His eyes glinted murderously with intent of killing a bowl-cut haired, fuzzy brow and apparently, HIS Sakura's number one fan and suitor, none other than ROCK LEE!

"My dear Sakura-chan, you're beauty never fades as spring blooms, your charisma only increases which forced me, Konoha's Green Beast to simply stare and marvel at your beauty. Here, take this bouquet of flowers from me as a sign of my undying devotion." He finished his little speech as he shoved a bouquet of red roses to her.

"Thank you Lee-san." Sakura stammered politely which made Lee cry for happiness.

A certain young man with fuzzy brows days' is about to be numbered as Sasuke cursed every single thing about him.

He ruined the mood.

He diverted her attention from me.

He gave MY Sakura a bouquet.

He talked to MY Sakura

He ruined everything.

Sakura shook him slightly as she tried to get his attention, which she had been doing for quite sometime now.

"Ah, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura said as she looked at his coal black eyes.

This seemed to work since Sasuke snapped out of his little reverie about torturing a certain Gai-look-a-like.

Sasuke stared at the big, green orbs until he realized how close their gap was as he started backing away, afraid to let her see his blush.

Sakura also noticed this as she blush a bright crimson and turned her back on him.

"Well, let's go Sasuke-kun, Naruto's waiting." With this said she lashed out and headed for the ramen bar.


Mission failed.

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