Light spilled on to her face. She looked so beautiful bathed in the wonderful glow. The curve of her body barely covered by the thin sheet looked so enticing. Her beautiful unruly hair, that so resembled her personality, was splayed about the pillow elegantly almost as if done on purpose. She looked so good lying in my bed with her body still flushed from our previous actions. I knew I loved her. I knew it when I was eleven years old when I first met her. She was a bossy little swot but she stole my heart from the very beginning. And in the end I stole her heart to make me feel whole again. The day I made my vow to her, and she me, was definitely the most beautiful day of my life. She bears the ring on her finger proudly and I do too. I don't know what I would do without the perfection that is Hermione. She makes me feel normal and alive. I'm not just the man-who-prevailed to her, I'm Harry her Harry. She loves me for who I am not what I've done, my fame, or money. I love her because she is everything to me. And now she is giving me one of the greatest gifts ever. She is now bearing our first child. A little girl to be named Lily Gwendolyn Potter. I couldn't be happier than I am right now with my hand on her barely showing stomach feeling our daughter grow.


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