Disclaimer: Don't shoot me for borrowing these characters! All
copyright belongs to people that I don't know personally.

Type of story: Lots and lots of MTA, UST and MSR, no rating required
other than this J

Story: When a desperate mother contacts Mulder to find her daughter
who ran away to join a cult, Mulder gets an unforeseen chance to deal
with his past. But when he infiltrates in the cult, Scully must do
everything in her power to save her partner from his 'salvation'.

Spoilers: Lots of spoilers for 'The Field Where I Died', a few for
'The X-Files Movie' and smaller ones for other episodes like
'Pusher', 'Little Green Men', the whole Samantha-abduction thing and
Timeline: The story takes place about two years after the events in
'TFWID', thus somewhere in the sixth season timeline. The events
occur before 'Closure' with Mulder still looking for his missing
All lyrics are copyrighted, written and sung by Roxette
They were my inspiration for this story, and I thank them deeply!


Her blood was on his hands when he carried her outside towards the man
waiting with his car. He would take over her body and make sure she
got her final resting place. But he was the one that killed her. He
saw the blood and realized what he had done.

Before, it had all seemed strange. Unreal. Out of this world. But he
saw clearly now that he had done that what he had feared others to do
for so long now.
He stared at her slim forms and the shadows on her face. She looked so
pale, so innocent and so sweet. And now she lay in his arms and she
was dead.
'Put her in the backseat of the car,' the man ordered, opening the
door for him so that he could carefully put her in.

The man closed the door, satisfied with what he saw. Then he turned
towards him and said, 'Now join Dominique and the others.'

He nodded and left, like a puppet following the pulled lines.

But everything inside of him screamed for her. And he knew he would
not get the salvation that Dominique had preached for so long now.
For him, nothing would matter ever again.

Because he, Mulder, had killed Scully.