- 21 -

Dominique walked over to the ready-to-use gasoline tanks. He started
spreading the liquid over the room, pouring it in between his
victims. The he caught a shadow behind him. Quickly he turned around,
staring at Mulder who looked at him and pulled the gasoline tank from
his hands.
'You lied,' Dominique said matter-of-fact. 'I could have known you
would only pretend.'

'I can't let you do this,' Mulder said weak, knowing he had no defence
but his hands. 'You've gone too far.'

'Why did you come here?' Dominique asked. 'You never wanted salvation,
did you?' 'I came here for Vickie Moss and these other people that you
have taken in. They don't deserve to be here.'

'I gave them happiness.'

'You gave them drugs. You fed them lies. They don't know what you're
like. They believed what your drug-induced words claim.'

Dominique sighed deeply, stretching out his hand towards the agent.
'Don't you know by now that I want the best for you?'

'The best?' Mulder laughed. 'Killing the woman I love was that for
the best?' 'You volunteered to come here. You must suffer the risks.'

'I didn't ask to be drugged.'

'No, you asked to be killed. Anyone who comes here under false
pretences needs to die. Just like your partner. You did kill her
didn't you? You do remember that?'

'I didn't kill her. She's still alive.'

'She's dead, Fox. Remember? Her blood was all over you.'

'No, I set it up,' Mulder said confused. 'She's alive and well. She
waits for me outside, with the FBI. It was all a set-up. I'm still an
FBI-agent. I need to arrest you. I have to.'

'You don't have to do anything. You can give in to the sleep and
slumber of happiness. I know you're still out there somewhere, where
I want you to be.'
'No,' Mulder shook his head. He seemed to move too slowly, still under
the influence of the drugs fed to him. He wanted it to end, yes.
This slumber. The daze he was in right now. This wasn't him. This
person with the pale face and the dark eyes was not who he really
Dominique stared at him for a few moments. Then he said: 'I'm sorry
you feel this way Fox. You can arrest me now, but you know I'll be a
free man some day. I know you won't harm me. I gave you a bit of
peace. You can't harm me because I haven't harmed you.'

'You drugged me!'
'You took those pills voluntarily.'

'I will do what I can, what lies in my power.' Mulder's thoughts
seemed to return to him. He wanted to reach instinctively for his
gun, but couldn't. It wasn't there. How was he supposed to stop this
when there was nothing he had to defend himself with?

They both heard more cars all stopping outside of those stonewalls.
They were here to help Mulder. Scully must still be alive! Mulder
glanced outside the window, staring at the cars that came towards the
building and the men rushing out. They were here to help them.

Mulder laughed as the realization struck him that it was just a matter
of moments now.

Dominique cursed, losing his posture and dropped the canister on the
floor. 'It's over,' Mulder repeated softly. 'If you're lucky, you can
still live through this. But don't you dare put this place on fire.'

'I have to. They expect me to kill them.'

Mulder smiled, standing aside as one by one the members of 'Salvation
Awaits' got up and looked at Dominique in anger. Dominique held his
breath as he stared at them, one by one getting up.

'I don't think that's what they had in mind, Dominique,' Mulder said.
The women left the room first, walking down the wooden stairs,
ignoring Dominique who stood dazed in the room. Then the men left
until there was just the two of them.

'How?' Dominique asked in fear.
'Ask Vickie. She switched drugs. And they all played along.'
'But Gretl '

'I'm betting she didn't know. Let's go down, Dominique.'

Surprised and startled Dominique walked before Mulder out the room.
Suddenly something hard struck Mulder in the back of the neck,
sending him down for the count. Dominique turned, looking at Gretl
who held a gun in her hands.
'Where are they?'

'They're downstairs,' she said with a heavy voice. 'We can still do
this, Dominique. We can, I know it!'

'Torch the place,' he ordered. 'Make sure he stays in here. I want him
to burn to death.'

Gretl smiled and kissed her lover hungrily on the lips, as he walked
halfway down the stairs and glanced at his members who were
attempting to open the doors from the inside, while the FBI was
attempting to do the same from the outside.
At that time a loud noise could be heard from above, and before anyone
knew what was happening, the building was on fire.