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Shino looked upon the ground while he was walking; his heart was wrenching with a creepy displeasure. This usually only happened when he thought he was going to die but that wasn't the case this time. Instead of meeting the Grim Reaper, he was meeting Hinata Hyuga.

All right, calm down…this isn't the first time your going to be alone with her…he thought as he reached her door, signaling his presence by knocking politely. But then…why did he feel this way?

The door opened; and instead of the face of an angel, he received the face of Hell.

Neji. One of his rivals…in more then one ways. Somehow, Shino couldn't shake off the vibe that Neji held feelings for Hinata. Yet, he stared sharply at Neji through his round sunglasses. This boy doesn't scare me…he may be jounin now but one day he'll regret the way he looks at me now.

Neji, indeed, looked at Shino with a sneer stretched across his lips. His eyes…the colorless eyes…at least Hinata's were a lavender shade…his were only lines, to indicate where the eye was. Those eyes looked at Neji as if he was filth, and Shino prayed he would just stop.

"What are you here for, you roach?" Neji said grotesquely to Shino. Ahh…the nickname roach…a name he had required form Neji at the last chunin exam. Shino smirked as the memory resurfaced…seeing the look of pure terror when Neji was drowning in a sea of roaches…was priceless.

"I'm here for Hinata. She should be here if I am correct…waiting for me?" Shino stated, seeing what type of reaction he could obtain form him. Neji's face soon became distorted and his eyes narrowed.

"Why would she wait for a abhorrent bug like you?" Neji asked hotly

"Obviously…she is my teammate." Shino said coolly.

Neji was forced to reconcile and let Shino through the door. Shino could feel Neji's eyes stare at his retreating figure, but it did not bother him, he was about to see the only person that could make him laugh, smile and be happy genuinely.

"Hinata," Shino said, rather loudly, so she could here his voice. In a few moments a girl with long, rich, purple hair popped her head out of a room. Her eyes brightened as she noticed it was the familiar face of her teammate.

"Oh! Shino-kun! Just one minute! I'm changing!" Hinata said jubilantly and her head vanished behind the wall. A small blushed crossed Shino's face. Hinata was changing…if he had gone any further, he would have seen the body of the goddess. Maybe I should have…damn it…I'm beginning to think like Kiba. Thinking that he could react like his rather violent and perverted friend just enraged Shino a little.

A few more minutes and Hinata was out of her room. She had on a black, spandex top and her usual badge coat over it; only it was open, showing her sensuous curves. She wore slightly baggy pants, that were black as night. Her hair was down, and around her neck was her forehead protector. No matter what she wore, Shino always managed to turn pink. She had the heaven's figure, but she never seemed to notice that her body had significantly changed over the nearly last two and a half years.

"H-h-how are you today, Hinata-chan?" Shino stuttered, taking in her presence. Oh, she was too beautiful, and he was so out of character when she was around. How could she do this to him?

"Oh, I am fine, Shino-kun! Shall we go?" Hinata asked her saucer eyes pouring joy into Shino's heart.

"Y-yes, let's go." As they walked out Neji still stood where Shino had left him, his whole body trying to reject the image of Shino and Hinata walking side by side. As they crossed paths Neji telepathically told Shino: Remember this, roach, she is MINE and with that Neji pounded off to find Hanabi and train.

So…is it lust or love he feels for her…Shino thought as he stormed off.

Shino and Hinata strolled in silence for a couple of minutes…neither one not knowing what to say. Shino wanted to start conversation, he truly did, and that was sooo out of character for him, but something in him…it was his heart making his decisions, and not the mind he was use to. However, it was Hinata, who spoke first,

"So, how do you get along with Neji-san, Shino-kun?" Hinata asked in her usual shy and sweet voice "You two seemed to have a mutual respect, but after that chunin exam…" her voice trailed off, obviously reenacting the demise and humiliation of her cousin.

"He had it coming…insulting Kiba, me, and especially you, his own cousin. He said we were all worthless and we didn't deserve to be apart the chunin rank. It angered me to see him with that cocky grin upon his face…I just had to do something. I guess I never really like him much after that." Why did I just say that? Shino mentally slapped himself.

"Oh, I see…he's not like that anymore…after becoming a chunin, and is I did at the same time…he respected me, and you two as well. After the exam…he truly began to see me as a person once more…as a friend and as a rival." Hinata said, smiling to herself "Do you here that, Shino-kun, I now have a rival!" She grinned brightly at Shino, her eyes illuminating his heart. If only she could smile more often that way… to him… and not to a picture of a blonde boy with enthusiastic blue eyes.

"That's great, Hinata. He is my rival as well." Shino stated, not knowing what was coming over him. His voice had gone low, and his heart was beating wildly. What was he doing?

"Your rival?" Hinata looked at him quizzically. "In what?"

"He is my rival in lo-" but Shino was cut off by the most annoying yelp in the world.

"WOO-HOO! Who's up for target practice!" Kiba yelled to his two teammates as he rode on his faithful and overfed dog, Akamaru.

You stupid son of a…Shino calmed himself down and said coldly to Kiba "What exactly do you mean, you half-breed?"

Kiba gave Shino a rather puzzled look but shook it off and said smugly "Oh, did I catch Shino off guard? What were you going to do, confess to Hinata some dangerous secret? I hope it isn't your undying affections for me? I would be hurt if you told her first."

"YOU JACKASS!" Now normally, Shino would never cuss, or yell for that matter, but Kiba was going way to far with this. How could he best friends with a complete jerk?

As Shino was racing to fight Kiba, he noticed a look of fear across Hinata's face. Was she afraid of what was to come? Distracted by his worries, Shino didn't realize the kick flying from in front of him and in an instant, brought him to taste the dirt.

"What's the matter Shino? Can't seem to dodge the easiest of kicks to deflect? Your talent has its limits." Kiba threw his hands up in the air and was about to walk away when he noticed the shaking in Shino's body. He had only saw that once before…

"You want a fight, Kiba? Then I'll gladly give it to you. You caught me off guard but that won't happen again. All my concentration is solely on you." And with his vow in place, Shino let loose an army of bugs, forming them into fists and trying to pound Kiba into the ground. Kiba was able to dodge the first punch that came his away, but the other bug-made hand came from behind and unleashed its fury upon Kiba's back. Kiba yelped and he fell to the ground, in shock that his friend would inflict one of his ultimate attacks on him. Shino stood up and spat at Kiba "We'll be late if you don't get up. Let's leave this battle a draw until after practice." And with that, he walked steadfastly along the trail. Kiba was force to stand up in all the humility, forced his hands into his pockets and followed Shino.

Yet, as Shino walked in his blind anger, he heard a sniff. He looked up and noticed Hinata crying lightly a lavender eyes staring sadly into his face. The pain it caused him was a thousand times worse then the sharp bruise that Kiba had inflicted in his face. All he could do was give her his handkerchief and, as his usual, isolated self, walked to their training grounds. Hinata smiled and followed him, leaving a sulking Kiba to collect his thoughts.


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