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Chapter 1. Changes


"Are you sure your ready to go back to school, Troy?" Gabriella asked as they walked down the street.

It had been almost a year since the 'incident' with Troy's dad. Since then his life had done a complete one-eighty. His mom was under extra stress due to Jack's absence.

So much infact, that she had to work double shifts at the clothing store where she worked and Troy had to take a part time job to help out.

"I'm sure! No one probably even remembers it." Troy said as they approached the school.

"Just remember that I'm right here if you need me." Gabriella said taking Troy's hand.

As they walked into the school, everyone in the hallways stopped what they were doing and looked at Troy and Gabriella.

But when Troy gave them a long stare, they immediately went back to their lives.

"I've still got it." Troy said smiling. Gabriella just shook her head and smiled as well.

Since Troy still had a slight limp, it took a little longer than usual to get to Mrs. Darbus's class. Troy insisted that Gabriella go ahead and not risk being late, but she refused and kept her word to being there for him.

"Ah, Mr. Bolton and Mrs. Montez. Good to see you back. Your both five minuets late. But since Mr. Bolton here had a little trouble, I'll let it slide." Mrs. Darbus said winking.

"Smooth move, man!" Chad whispered.

Troy just shrugged and sat down. He hoped he wouldn't get this kind of attention from everyone.


Troy couldn't have been any wronger. All day, everyone of his teachers had been going easy on him and excusing him for mistakes on quizzes and tests.

"Hey, Troy! Ready for practice?" Chad asked as him and Troy walked to the gym.

"Yep! I hope I'm not to out of practice." Troy said.

'At least Chad won't give me special treatment.' Troy thought to himself. He thought to soon.

"Troy, we've been talking. And since you're the team captain and we understand the stress you've been going through, we just want to let you know that anytime you want us to go a little easier on you just let us know." Chad said once they were all in the gym.

"Yeah. And we'd totally understand if you wanted to sit out a couple of practices." Zeke added.

"Guys, thanks for that. But I really think I can do it." Troy said grabbing a basketball.

"Ok. But just remember that!" Chad shouted after him as Troy ran down the court.

Now Troy really hated his dad.


"Have a good day, Troy?" Gabriella asked when she found him on the roof in their hideout.

"Well, if you mean 'good day' by everyone treating me like I'm royalty ,including my teammates. Then yes, I had a blast." Troy said sarcastically.

"Just look at it this way, it was either this or being in a hospital right now where they treat you like you can't do anything by yourself." Gabriella said smiling.

Troy just laughed and took her hand in his.

"Thanks for not treating me different." Troy said before leaning down into a passionate kiss.

There was at least one thing that hadn't changed in his life.

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