A/N: I got this idea from a case on the show 'Unsolved Mysteries' and from my beta; stardustshadows

Title: Lost and... Found? 1?

Summary: It started out with a case he didint want to work but when Greg Sanders turns up missing, he's got the whole lab looking for him. A year later he unexpectedly found-but he doesnt remember his life as a CSI. Will Sara ever help him remember?

Rating: PG-13 with possible R


Two. That's how many hours of sleep Greg Sanders received walking into the crime lab. Grissom had called him a half an hour ago about an emergency case; DB in the desert and no else was available to work it. Greg didn't believe that for a minute, but it wasn't as if he could say no to his boss; if he did he'd be out looking for a new job and that wasn't an option. A pay cut was bad enough, losing his whole income would send him packing, back to California. He didn't think he could do that, not after working so hard to get where he was today.

Stepping in the locker room he was surprised to see a certain brunette. "What are you still doing here?"

"Checking out." Sara Sidle yawned closing her locker, "I finally finished the Peters case... it turned out to be the brother."

His voice was surprised as he opened his locker, "Wait, I thought that case was ruled a suicide."

"It was..." Dropping her gaze to the floor, the brunette let out a nervous laugh. "Until I looked it over again."

Shock graced his features as he turned to her, "Sara... I thought you and I made a deal; no more than four cold cases a week. This is the...what..." Putting a finger to his chin in a mock thinking position, the messy- haired man answered. "Tenth."

Her gaze drifted to his, her trademark gap-toothed smile making an appearance, "I know but you're gonna be too busy to do anything, so I thought I'd catch another bad guy." Seeing the smile that graced his face at her words she moved in front of him. "Besides that I'm only up to three."

"Only." He huffed moving his hands to her waist. Rolling her eyes she moved forward capturing his lips in a light chaste kiss. "Mm... It better stay that way."

Giving him a sweet smile, Sara replied. "It will." Playing with a spot on his shirt confusion suddenly set in. "Wait, what you are doing here? I thought you left already."

Letting out a sigh Greg turned to his locker, "I did... until Grissom called me in for a case." Taking out his vest he turned back to his friend, "So it looks like I won't be out anytime soon."

Giving her best puppy dog face, the level three whined. "Will you come over when you're done?"

Not able to stand 'that' look he stepped forward catching her lips in a searing a kiss, pulling back he put his forehead to hers. "Of course... I can sleep when I'm dead."

Playfully shoving his arm, a crooked smile graced her light features. "Well, I gotta go and you should get to that scene."

He groaned and rolled his eyes, causing a laugh to escape her lips, "Oh yes, fun." One last laugh from her at his sarcasm and she left. Retrieving the rest of his things, he shut his locker. Making his out of the room, he hoped this case wouldn't take that long.


A thin plume of dirt greeted the young man as he exited his Denali. The sight of random trees and rocky mountain side proved that indeed he wasn't in the city anymore. Moving his gaze to the crime scene, its yellow tape surrounding the scene in a light breeze. Stepping under the tape Greg was surprised to see a new detective. "Um…hi, I'm Greg Sanders; I'm here from the crime lab." He extended his hand for the other man to shake.

The brown haired, blue eyed lanky man offered his hand before introducing himself. "Oh...um, Steeler, James Steeler."

Seeing the older man's fidgety stance and sweaty palms proved what the blonde was starting to suspect. "You new at this?"

"Huh?" That question momentarily shocked the detective. "Oh... um, yeah, you can say that."

Giving a sympathetic look, Greg responded. "Hey, its okay. I myself am pretty new at this too." Seeing Steeler's nod, he continued. "So what exactly are we looking at?"

Flipping open a notepad, the officer answered. "Victim's female in her mid 20's, no visual signs of struggle and no ID."

Giving his thanks, the level one moved forward ready to process, hoping that this wouldn't take too long.


Signing his final John Hancock on his annual shift evaluation forms Conrad Ecklie stood up, more than ready to go home. Checking his desk for any stray documents, he let out a smile. None. Finally his job was done for the day. Moving to the door the Assistant Director let out a groan hearing the office phone ring. An aggravated sigh escaped his lips as he moved to the phone. Picking it up, he growled. "Ecklie." The words being said to him almost made his heart stop, "Okay, I'll bring my team out there as soon as possible. Thank you." Taking a deep breath the old man hung up the phone before picking it up again. Punching in the familiar number his fingers danced nervously on the plastic, waiting for answer. Finally he got one.


"Gil, it's Conrad... are you still in your office?"

Confusion could be heard in the other man's voice as he answered back. "Yeah... actually, I was just about to leave."

"Good... look, I need you to get your team in here now."

"Conrad, this isn't..."

The older man cut him off. "Gil, this is not the time. Just get you and your team in here ASAP." Anger dripped from his tone. Hanging up the phone, the bald man started to pace. This was not good. Not good at all.


Stepping into the break room Sara yawned widely, surprised to see the rest of the team. "Hey guys... what's going on?"

Nick, Warrick, and Catherine all shook their heads before the Texan spoke. "We dont know, but it must be something big if Griss called us all in."

Needing to say her two cents, the strawberry-blonde added, "Yeah, especially since today's my day off."

Rolling her eyes, the brunette noticed her supervisor enter the room. "Hey Griss, what's going on?"

Confusion grew on all their faces seeing the older mans shake of the head. "I dont know; Ecklie told me to call you all in."

Warrick who had been quiet the entire time, spoke up. "Wait, Ecklie wanted all of us." He whistled. "Damn. It's got to be big."

"Maybe he's leaving." Sara shook her head at Nick's words. That couldn't be it, could it? Seeing the assistant director come in they all straightened up.

"Good you're all here, I'm going to try to make this quick."

"What, are you leaving?" Nick quipped before straightening again seeing the older man's stern look.

"No, actually I brought you all in because you're the best we have." Wow did Conrad Ecklie just compliment them? "And your personal connection to this case may help."

"Conrad, what are you... personal connection... what are you talking about?" Catherine's eyes danced, trying to contemplate what was next.

Running a hand over his balding head, the man let out a frustrated sigh. "I got a call a half an hour ago. A CSI of ours disappeared."

Confusion growing thick, Sara urged the man on. "CSI, who?"

"Greg Sanders."

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