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How to Seduce a Guy (now with ten percent smex!)

by Hamari Kisuya

"All right that's enough training for today," Neji said calmly while patting himself down. In front was the bunhaired weapon mistress, Tenten panting. She fumed inside but on the outside she gave a thumbs up 'enough? We've been training since yesterday!'

"See you in an hour," Tenten's eyebrows twitch but Neji didn't noticed when he left the Konoha forest. Inwardly, she cussed inside as she picked up the weapons that were on the grounds from training with Neji

"He didn't have the decency to help me!" she huffs. Tenten kept on picking up the weapons until she noticed a red hot book with pink font sparkling "How to Seduce a Guy"

Her eyebrows rose, her face scrutinized, and her thoughts were consumed

"I wonder if this was Sakura's...hmmm..." She took the book and tucked under her arm as she kept on picking up her weapons


Look what you're doing, Tenten remind herself, and make sure to return the book back to Sakura

Unfortunately for Tenten, she cut herself with one of her sais. She didn't have any first aid or anything to cover it up and it's beginning to bleed quickly. As a kunoichi, a small cut does not compare to the ones she got hurt in battle however it began to sting and it was bothering Tenten

She ripped part of her chinese top and wrapped it on her finger. Tenten used some strings from training with Neji and tied it around. The blood began to seep through but it wasn't as painful as before

Tenten felt a chill in her body. It was starting to get cold and she noticed she ripped too much of her shirt

It showed her belly

Tenten shrugged. In battle her clothes are always torn so what would it matter? In one hour, she'll resume her training and it'll be torn by the end of the training. She sighs and found out she has lots of time before Neji comes back. Tenten stared at the book for a while before taking a look inside at the front page

Hiya girl! Are you ready to snag your first (second, last doesn't matter) guy?There are types of guys in this world that are extremely dense! I mean extremely! You can't go up to a guy and say I love you. One it's far too cliche and two I (it seems like we was crossed off...) doubt the guy would pay attention! No, no, no what you have to do is work it! (Tenten blushes when she read that) You need to move your hips and work that body of yours! You have to Seduce! Do not worry, this guide will help you from getting the guy you want!

Tenten shut the book before the flames on her cheeks consume her body

"Why would Sakura buy this book!" She exclaim and left the book on the ground. Tenten moved up before practice with her weapons but she kept glancing at the book every time she threw a weapon or move anywhere close to the book. She sighs and stare up at the sky. It'll be about thirty minutes till Neji comes? What to do...

"Ah a page can't hurt..." She took the book in her hands and plops down in front of the tree. Tenten look at the table of contents before going into the book

Chapter I: What is seducing? 14 (Tenten: Wow...that's so interesting!)

Seducing is good for the soul 20 (Tenten: I see...)

How does it work? 22 (Tenten: How can you bend that way?)

Why would you use it? 25 (Tenten: How about I'll just skip chapter one and go to chapter 2?)

Seducing...lead to sex? 26

Seducing equals good! 30

Chapter II: What type of guy? 31

Shy? 32 (Tenten: I don't know any guy that is shy...Hinata yeah but she's no guy)

Shallow? 35 (Tenten: That sounds like Naruto...or Lee...)

Mysterious? 42 (Tenten: Shino for sure! And maybe Kakashi-sensei...)

Lazy and inconsiderate? 45 (Tenten: Shikamaru...)

Pet lover? 49 (Tenten: Sounds like Kiba...)

Love to eat? 53 (Tenten: Chouji and Naruto for sure...)

Hyper? 58 (Tenten: Gai-sensei and Lee...and maybe Naruto)

Coldhearted? 61 (Tenten: Sasuke...Neji? Well he's not coldhearted anymore..)

Smoking habits 63 (Tenten: Asuma-sensei...)

Others 67 (Tenten: I'll go read that section)

She felt into deep thinking and went to page sixty seven. Tenten felt this book wasn't really helping her do anything

Welcome to section of others! So do you know the personality of your love one?

Tenten went into deep thinking again. He's strong, cares but rarely, mysterious, but he's sweet too, Tenten thought listing her guy

Ah if not then whatever this guide will help you for sure! Hahah! So all you have to do is flirt with him. Like you usually do.

Tenten sweatdrops. How can she flirt with this impossible and stoic guy!

Erm...if you don't know how to flirt just compliment him. Strength, looks, you know stuff that boosts their ego. Now depending on what you wear. If it's the usual stuff-

"Which it is," Tenten said outloud

-then spice it up a bit. A rip or two...or maybe take it off! Play the shirt around you know. To seduce a guy, you would wear something feminine but nothing slutty. Something sophisticated but casual. Next is how to act around him. You just have to strut your stuff. Move your lips close to his face, get his hands on your body, you know something to make. him. blush! If you make him blush, that ends phase one. Second phase is to tease him. Act like you're about to kiss him but then pulls away. Something that he'll wants to do but can't because of his guy pride! Make him do the first move!

Tenten's blush kept on rising and rising when she read the small passage. She shook her head and drops the book while holding her head. Maybe she only likes him as a dear friend? Yeah that's right...a dear friend! Man this book is useless! All it does is make her think...and thinking leads to questions and questions leads to theories and theories lead to 'omg he could be gay!'

"What are you doing?"

Tenten jumped with a yelp and turned around to see Neji with his eyebrows curled up and crossing his arms. It seems like he's eyeing her belly but tries to keep eye contact

"Just...reading Neji-kun," she said with a nervous smile while kicking the book to the side. She laughs nervously as his left eyebrow grew higher and higher

"What..are you reading..?" Tenten made a small laugh but then turn into a huge obonxious laugh. When she caught the confuse look on Neji's face, she immediately stopped and he repeated again

"What are you reading?"

Tenten shuffles her feet and played with her fingers like Hinata did but he wasn't paying attention as he kept eyeing Tenten's open...belly.

"It's nothing, really," she said while laughing nervously as she pushes the book to the side. Neji quirked up an eyebrow as he kept approaching her still eyeing her open belly

"N-Neji..." she stutters as he kept approaching her. He was not pleased nor was he happy about how Tenten look. It made her look...seductive

Wait, what? Did Hyuuga Neji thought it was...seductive? He's not a man of looks nor is he shallow but he was taken back on what he thought. When he stopped, Tenten looked at him confusingly at his puzzled look. This time, Tenten approached him and his eyes began to twitch as he felt drops of sweat falling down on his cheeks

"N-Neji, a-are you okay?" He blushes slightly not that Tenten notice of course. She blinks at him with such confusing eyes. What was wrong with him?

"Um, err..." Hyuuga Neji. Speechless.

Never in a million years Tenten would ever get to see this and it just made her confusion grew even bigger. This time, she puts on her determined face and stares at him straight in the eye but Neji was trying to avoid his eyes

"What's wrong?" He coughes nervously and decided to back away. This time it made Tenten frown and moved on forward, thus making the Hyuuga prodigy twitch once more...

"Tenten..." he trailed off. She stopped immediately when she heard her name

"W-wha-t happened to your-" he took a glance at what he kept looking at and stared at Tenten with a nervous look. She realized her belly was showing all this of Neji! (Sage: Geez...girls are slow...and this is the part where Mage and everyone else slaps me)

"O-oh y-you like?" she nervously said.

'Come on, go with it. Remember what the book said,'

Neji shook his blush off and growls at her

"N-no i-it's ridiculous, I suggest you cover it up," he said sternly. Tenten frowns once more and looks sadden as she nods slowly. While she was down picking at the book, Neji took a glance at the title of the book

' seduce a guy? What the?' Inwardly, he began to glare at the book. Who was Tenten trying to...'seduce'? (Sage: Hey guys are slow too)

She grabbed the book tightly and began to leave the training area but Neji stopped her with another growl plus a glare toward the book

"A-ano, daijoubu?"

He aruptly grabbed the book with a troubled look, which made Tenten a little bit shock and freaked out at the same time, and growls at her while waving the book around

"What's this?"

"It's a book Neji," she said slowly. His veins were about to pop as he gripped the book tighter

"I know that," he said bitterly. He made a glare at her now and she was fearing of what he was going to do. He approached her with the same troubled look as he threw the book on the ground

"Who are you trying to...seduce?" Neji said in front of her face. She again blushed but was about to explain that she found the book however she didn't need to for the Hyuuga prodigy grabbed her hands and pressed his body against her

"You are mine, and forever mine," he said furiously before unleashing his lips at hers

'I...' Tenten was speechless but she didn't care for she went with it. Go with the flow, she guessed.

'...I guess that book is not useless after all...'

That was it for the couple as the red hot book glowed with radiance

'I'll have to thank Sakura for this...and to give this back,' Tenten reminded herself but she made a small smirk inside as the Hyuuga prodigy moved his lips toward down her-

'However I think she can wait,'


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