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Here's to the new fic/sequel! Infiltration Into Duel Academy

Chapter 1: Back in Action- Seto's New Creation, Jou's New Decision!

Let's meet Katsuya Makoto Himura-Kaiba, descendent to the Red Eyes Black Dragon, 3rd Placed Duelist of the World, and husband to the technological superpower CEO of the turn of the century, Seto Kaiba, in the last three years.

There was nothing much to say about him other than being what people considered an orphan, (his father died in a tragic car accident and saved his life, his sister was forced to sever ties with him on account of his mother, and he emancipated from his mother for he didn't want her grubby hands on his inheritance courtesy of Seto.), with sun kissed blond hair and honey brown eyes.

He patiently waited for entrance to Seto's office, (he had a meeting in there), and played with his DS while Seto's secretary, Monique Johnson, was filling out paperwork and setting up her organizer on her laptop. (1)

After a while, he put his DS down and stared at her. She stared back. "Is something wrong, Mr. Kaiba?"

He snorted. He felt old whenever someone called him Mr. Kaiba. "You don't have to call me Mr. Kaiba, Monique. Remember? You can call me Jou, like you did THREE years ago?"

She shrugged. "Okay then, MR. Jou." She smirked when Jou glared at her. "Why are you staring at me as if I might turn into your hubby any second?"

"Because I'm bored, and I want to see Seto. When's he coming out?"

Monique took a deep breath and returned to her typing. "Right now, he's currently in a meeting with representatives for the new Academy he has created, Duel Academy–"

"I know that already," He pouted. "I helped him decide the name."

"Oh? You told him to call it Duel Academy?"

"Hell no!" Jou huffed and crossed his arms indignantly. "He didn't like the name I suggested and called it Duel Academy!"

"What did you prefer?" She was very interested now.

Jou reduced his answer to a mumble and she couldn't quite hear it. "What?"

"Duel Shcooel."

She raised an eyebrow. "Du-el Sh-coo-el...?"

"That's right."

"You wanted it to rhyme?"

"Damn straight! I wanted it to roll off the tongue, ya know? Dueeeel Shcoooooelll." Jou smiled proudly. "Impressive, huh?"

She rolled her eyes and gave a small snort. "You WANTED Seto to become the laughing stock in the entire academic establishment?"

"Ah, shut up! It's a good name!"


Just then, a group of men proceeded out of the doors. One was tall and wore an Obelisk Blue uniform, representing the highest rank in the Academy. Strange enough, this unattractive character added pink lace and frills to Seto's prized, robust uniforms that made Jou want to gag. Girly, no?

One man who was talking beside the girly man had a Ra Yellow uniform on, representing the middle rank in the Academy. He looked the most ordinary of the bunch.

The last man trailing behind him in a cheerful manner was on the buff side with a Slifer Red uniform on, representing the lowest rank in the Academy. Jou was slightly pissed at Seto when he arranged the Egyptian Gods from highest to lowest, especially when he emphasized that Slifer was the lowest of the low, both socially, mentally, physically, and powerfully. He assumed that Seto had never gotten over his grudge when Yugi had beat him exclusively in the fight between Gods, even though the proper ranking would be Ra, Obelisk, and then Slifer.

Jou sighed. Seto would never change.

The Obelisk Blue girly man wrinkled his nose at Jou's messed up golden hair and casual attire and stuck his overgrown nose up in the air. "We should tell Mr. Kaiba to call security. He has some riff-raff in the building."

"Who're you calling a riff-raff, ya butt-ugly two-faced pansy!" Jou retorted angrily.

He blubbered. "What, what! How dare you call a superior such childish remarks, you little high school drop out!"

That hit the mark. Jou did graduate from high school, but Seto told him that he didn't have to go to college because he can support him himself. "I hope you didn't make it to Obelisk Blue by whoring the instructors! Because you'd get the short end of the stick with your ugly assed face!"

"Why, you insolent little–"

"Is that your natural skin color, or did you have TOO much fun with makeup?"

"I will not stand for this!" The man bellowed. He turned to Monique. "You call for security, woman, or I'll make sure you never work in a respectable company ever again!"

Her eyes narrowed and she slowly flipped him off. "I don't take orders from you. I take direct orders from Mr. Kaiba and his family."

"But I am a superior to Duel Academy! One of the selective branches of Kaiba Corp! I hold more authority!"

Jou smirked. "Guess again, ya over dressed clown! I'm more important than you."

The man laughed. "Don't make me laugh, boy. You're making yourself sound stupid." He brushed the tapping on his shoulder away as his other two companions were trying to gain his attention.

"Dr. Crowler," The man from Ra Yellow whispered. "I think you should stop. You see, this young man—"

Dr. Crowler brushed him away. "He has insulted me when he has no right to! You might not want to get on Mr. Kaiba's good side, but I do! Now," He pointed at Jou but stared at Monique. "I'm ordering you to send this piece of vermin away from the premises."

The secretary glared. "Like I said, I don't take orders from anyone but the Kaiba Family."

"None of them are here!" Dr. Crowler hissed. "It is your job to listen to your superiors!"

"Is that so?" Jou raised an eyebrow. "Okay then. Monique," She looked at him. "Please call for security and make them escort Dr. Crowler here off my premises."

Dr. Crowler laughed. "YOUR premises? You own Kaiba Corp?"

He nearly face faulted when Monique pushed the security button. "Yes, Mr. Kaiba." She readjusted her head phone. "Security, we have a problem up in Mr. Kaiba's private office. We need to escort a Dr. Crowler off of the premises. Thank you."

Looking as if the world was crashing down on him, Dr. Crowler looked even more white. "What was that? Mr. K-kaiba?"

"That's right." Jou straightened himself up as important as possible.

The man from Slifer Red gave a small, friendly smile. "May I introduce to you, Mr. Crowler, Katsuya Kaiba?"

"K-katsuya Kaiba?"

"Yes." Monique confirmed. "Seto Kaiba's husband." She emphasized the last part slowly and delibrately.

Dr. Crowler's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water until the security came and escorted him out.

"It was nice to meet you, Dr. Crowler!" Jou mocked sweetly and waved at Dr. Crowler's back trembling in anger. "We should do this again sometime!"

The Ra Yellow man turned to him. "We apologize on behalf of Duel Academy. Dr. Crowler can be a bit..."

"Like a queen!" The Slifer Red man joyously interrupted. Jou took an extreme liking to the man.

"Anyway..." The Ra Yellow man fidgeted a bit and took a bow, as to show that Jou had the superior authority of a Kaiba and he had no problem with that. "We apologize again, and hope you don't judge the attitude of Dr. Crowler with the other professors of Duel Academy."

Jou nodded. "Of course."

They both gave a bow and left.

Jou found his husband sitting up straight and doing typing at about 500 words per minute. Seto did not acknowledge Jou's presence as his face was in complete concentration and near to overload.

The blond remembered from Seto's doctor to stop the power hungry brunet from working too much, or face exhaustion and sickness, so he served as a line drawer whenever he knew his husband would plan on pulling a week of all-nighters. This was one of them.

"Seto," Jou coughed to get his attention.

He didn't even look up, but he did give a welcoming smirk. "It's nice of you to drop by, pup."

Jou smiled and walked up to the front desk and gently moved the laptop to the side slowly. He remembered two years back when he forcefully pulled it away and saw first hand that Seto would snap in aggression and ACTUALLY bite him for doing that!

...And it wasn't the pleasurable type of bite. This one time he actually had to get stitches!

Of course, Seto apologized profusely and kneeled to Jou's request when he told him to lay off the laptop for a while. That was the only positive side about him getting injured...

God, his life is so...strange!

Jou pushed the save button on the laptop and gently closed it, and putting it to the side.

Seto raised an eyebrow, the look in his eyes suggestive. "What's the occasion?"

"Pervert," Jou muttered as he sat on the edge of his desk instead of the CEO's lap like he did so many other times. "I want to ask you something."

"No, pup. I'm not helping you buy Alaska and calling it 'The Winter Wonderland of Katsuya'." Seto concluded monotonously.

Jou pouted. "I was drunk at the time! DRUNK!"

Seto smirked. "Oh yes, that's right. I told you to lay off the vodka, but no..."

"Alright, alright! Now come on, I really mean it! I want to ask you something!" Jou whined.

He chuckled. "Spill."

"I want to become an Instructor in Duel Academy, Seto." Jou begged. He wanted to so badly. He hadn't been dueling in a while now, so he wanted to teach the new generation some authentic dueling skills. And he really wanted something to do. Earning a living just like Seto has.

So it was a shocker when Seto coldly replied no.

"What?" Jou blinked.

"I said no." Seto answered again.

That was when Jou got annoyed. "Why not?"

Seto sighed and picked up the graph papers laying on his desk since the laptop was not accessible to him at the moment. That was one of his power trips: busing himself with his work while giving Jou an ultimatum without blowing up.

He leafed through them. "My Dueling Academy is a very prestige school of dueling education for the best of the best. It is nearly impossible for an instructor to be picked, evaluated, and become one of the best instructors in the Dueling World into such a manner without obvious connections, but—" he added to interrupt Jou from saying his definite connection was being married to the Discoverer of the Academy himself. "I will not give you my recommendations for the reason that I know you for far too long that you would reject any help in doing so."

"Well okay then. I'll apply for the job myself." If Seto believed that he couldn't make it through connections, then he'll do it himself.

Seto shook his head. "It's best if I spare you the humiliation, Jou. I'm telling you before hand that they will attack the records of your past, mark any defects and weaknesses in your academic records, and taunt the way you duel no matter what. If you past the preliminaries, you would have to write a 30 page report on the subject you want to teach.(2) If you get past that, (which I doubt. You hate writing anything that has the words 'report' 'essay' and 'excerpt'), you have to take a rigorous test of winning 50 duels of the best in the Academy. Barely anyone makes it, which is why I pride myself with capable and elite instructors."

Jou clenched his fingers into fists. "So, obviously, I'm too juvenile and stupid to teach a bunch of kids Duel Monsters?"

Seto blinked. "I didn't say that. I'm telling you that you don't need to prove you're the best by becoming a prestige instructor."

"I don't need to prove anything! I just want to do something with my life, than just wait on your beck and call and spend your cash! Seto, you and I agreed that in our marriage we have no husband and wife positions to carry. Why can't we both work?"

Seto counted to ten. He just didn't understand. "Didn't my doctor tell you to watch me and stop me whenever I push myself in my work?"

"I can help you while I work!" Jou defended.

"Duel Academy is on an island." Seto retorted. "How the hell are you going to be in two places at once?"

"Then come with me to Duel Academy! I know for a damn fact that they leave the most prominent suite to you there! And you can practically work based on phone and computer anywhere!"

"And what if something goes wrong on mainland? I would have to fly back and forth to run my company!"

"You're the goddamn rich, Seto Kaiba! You're the richest man on the planet! I'm sure you can afford a private copter in and out of the island!"

Damn. "And what happens if you don't make it as an instructor? I'd have to comfort your blubbering ass all the way home."

"You won't have to because I'm not going to fail! Come on, Seto! I've always bended my lifestyle to fit your needs. Can't you do the same?" Jou put on a well rehearsed sad face, and he knew Seto was slowly buying it.

Damn it. He had a point and he was pulling the sad face for brownie points. Seto hated to bend to the will of the 'I'm a deliciously cute puppy just got kicked so love me forever' sad puppy face. The stoic face of Seto Kaiba was slowly crumbling into the 'Okay! Let me keep you so you won't be sad' Seto Himura's face. He sighed. "If we do so, would you stop badgering me?"

Jou felt like flying and crushed into Seto on the big black rolly chair, hugging him to death. "Yes! I'm gonna be a teacher!" He pushed his mouth against Seto as a reward and grounded against him making Seto moan involuntarily.

To Seto's dismay, Jou jumped off and ran out the door, but at the last moment pulled his head out and said. "I love you, oh handsome, powerful, sexy husband of mine!" And disappeared.

Seto sighed and leaned against his chair in exhaustion, his erection obviously not gone until he imagined Dr. Crowler in a bathing suit. Yep, that did the trick.

He wondered why Jou wanted to be an Instructor of Duel Academy. After all, he hated school back in the day, and it was clearly obvious to Seto that Jou felt bad for the teachers for their sad, low-paying, boring jobs, but nevertheless tortured them until he graduated. So what had changed his mind?

And he wondered whether he did a good thing in helping out his husband, or did a bad thing if the press took hold of this, a homosexual teaching children in an elite Academy? Or worse, would Jou be picked on and sneered upon if he did become an instructor and the others just believed that he made it onto the account of being married to the guy who discovered and owned Duel Academy?

He was going to have to take precautions for his rambunctious husband. Jou had to struggle all through his life: gangs, slums, bad teachers, the death of his father, the loss of his sister, being picked as the last person to graduate from high school, etc.

But not this time. Seto Kaiba always took the best care in his family and he had the plan to make sure Jou would not be frowned upon because of his connections to him and not his dueling ability.

If Jou wanted to be an instructor, Seto was now willing to join him on the ride to get there. Well right now...

He was just proud of himself being saved from sleeping on the couch if Jou didn't get what he wanted. Because he was unsatisfied and really needed some Jou time once he got home.

He shifted uncomfortably at the thought of his husband unclothed and willing on their bed.

Damn. Not again!

(1): Yeah, um, if you're new to my writing, you can read Lasting Impressions for a better look at the reason why he's a descendant of the Red Eyes and stuff like that. But you don't have to, it's just a little refresher from my older readers who read my earlier story and can assume it's a sort of sequel. Other than that, this is a stand alone story with a solid base from it's predecessor's.

(2): I'm not sure if that's true or not. All I know about getting into Duel Academy as an instructor is to win 50 duels...

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