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Chapter 9: The Compromise

"Well now. Now that everyone is present, we shall initiate the hearing." The Chancellor clapped his hands good-naturedly, earning a raised eyebrow from Jou.

"Here?" It was almost comical to believe that such an important meeting was going to take place in Seto's suite.

The Head of Ra Dormitories nodded in conclusion. "Mr. Seto Kaiba has informed this hearing to be secretive, lest we have a public investigation."

"No doubt the press would hand over their mothers for this scoop," Seto responded darkly. "They'll start using you in gossip columns more than it already is."

Jou could only nod in affirmation. He had first-hand experience at rumors, Seto being one of the head topics for as long as a year. Not to mention, their announcement of their marriage being played over and over in the public eye. If you picked up the National Inquirer still, you'd find more half-baked rumors than last time. Jou's favorite was the rumor of Seto and him escaping to a private island due to depression from strict Japanese laws and Jou's drug abuse because of Seto physically abusing him after extreme bouts of working under pressure. It's a mass hilarity between his friends.

But it sure shut Yami up when a column was put up about him eloping with Anzu since she was carrying his illegitimate child and discovering that the child had a good chance of being mentally retarded. Good times.

"Well, I believe that it is unethical for Mr. Katsuya Kaiba going around under a hidden alias to children!" Crowler smugly debated. It was apparent that he believed that the others would agree with him.

"Since when did you ever care about the children?" Jou snarled indignantly. "You're only keeping this job because you enjoy bathing in the lime light and making the kids' life hard!"

"Now, now," The Chancellor placated the situation. "What's important now is how we deal with the press."

"Simple," Crowler plucked some lace from his wrist primly. "We kick Mr. Katsuya out of the Academy under that ridiculous alias and we could get some semblance of normalcy back."

Kaiba's growl made Crowler jump like a fish out of water. "You decide on nothing, peon!" It was Jou's assumption that Seto was offended at Crowler calling Jou's alias 'ridiculous', considering that he was the one who thought it up himself. "As a matter of fact, I have a better plan of action."

"Yes, Mr. Kaiba?" Instructor Banner smiled as if everything was fine in the world.

Seto cleared his throat, his demeanor becoming professional. "We tell the truth."

"What?!" Surprisingly, both Crowler and Jou exclaimed in unison.

"I want him kicked out!" Crowler whined.

"I thought we agreed that we were going back to Domino!" Jou sputtered in shock.

"Both of you do shut up," Kaiba pinched the bridge of his nose and they wisely stayed silent. Crowler, who was fearful of his job and Jou, who was genuinely worried about Seto's sudden lack of energy. "Listen. We can put the press on our side. So what if Jou wanted to be an Instructor? Also, we can tell them that he changed his alias for fear of being accused of using connections instead of pure talent. The press will eat it up and sympathy for him will rise. Not to mention, Duel Academy will be greatly publicized because of it. Knowing that the third best duelist in the world would be teaching at the Academy will raise many hopefuls into joining."

The jolly robust head of Slifer Red nodded enthusiastically. "That's an excellent idea, Mr. Kaiba! No doubt that Slifer Red will keep your rambunctious husband permanently?"

"Feh, of course you'd want the President's husband in your dorms," Crowler sneered malignantly. "Desiring to rise your menial livings up a notch...?"

"Well, why not?" Jou challenged evenly. "Believe it or not, Slifer Red is still part and parcel of the Academy. It's only fair to give them SOME sort of luxury while they currently remain in the dormitories..." He turned to Seto for back-up, only to which did Seto shift uncomfortably to the side as if it was his fault that Slifer Red's dorms were that shoddy.

Which was true.

"Er..." Seto looked away almost in an annoyed embarrassment. "I believe we could come up with some sort of arrangement," Ignoring the blatant look that Crowler was giving him, he added. "What do you have in mind?"

Jou, Banner and the Head of Slifer Red gave a three-way look at each other and almost at once they grinned, having known what the other was thinking.

"How about a meal plan other than meatball sandwiches...?" Jou grinned eagerly.

"So, that means your name isn't Malachai Liore anymore, is it?" Kaho smiled tentatively, eyeing her friend's messy blond hair.

"Sorry about that," Jou responded sheepishly. "I wanted to tell you. I really did." They were sitting among the Instructor study desks in the Ra Library where he found her nose deep in a textbook big enough to be used as a cinder-block.

Kaho snapped it shut without effort and looked saddened. "I heard during the staff meeting that you nearly drowned in the Abandoned Dormitory. I was afraid for you."

"Nah, Seto was there to save me," Jou waved it over his head. The last thing he wanted to remember was seeing Seto's cerulean eyes tearing up in anguish over his near drowning. "That was almost the last straw."

"Well, I'm glad you've decided to return to us," Kaho gently patted his hand in sympathy, but almost in reluctance. "What would the kids do without your teaching?"

Jou smirked. "What? The origins of Duel Monsters? If anything, you could've easily taken the job from me."

Kaho smiled wistfully. "Sure I could. But never as passionately as you can. That's just another reason the Instructors don't find me so intimidating. I'm not the type to defend myself...hmm...maybe it's because I don't think there's anything worthy of me to defend, you know?"

Jou opened his mouth in protest, but was interrupted by Instructor Valentine who emerged from the bookcases. "Kaho, you're needed over at the Ladies' Obelisk Dorms. Fontaine wants your opinion on something." It was without his usual sneer, but the look on his face was rather unsettling.

Kaho stood up abruptly and quietly replied, "Don't call me Kaho," before she quickly left, obviously terrified at her back-talking.

The blond watched the proceedings with a gaped mouth, obviously incensed that Valentine pretty much sent Kaho away when they were having some sort of emotional breakthrough with her character. That was unforgivable. "Dude, what kind of beef do you have with her? She's not doing anything wrong to you."

"That's rather none of your business, husband of Seto Kaiba," Valentine remarked darkly. "If anything, you should had come clean over this whole mess and now, your husband has to pay dearly for it. What do you have to say to that?"

"I say that's none of your business either," Jou mocked back, anger within his docile tones. "Looks like you need to listen to your own advice."

Valentine sneered. "Heh. And you should stop playing the hero in this establishment. You may be Katsuya Kaiba, but you're only the holder of that title. Have a nice first year, Instructor Kaiba."

With that, he turned on his heel sharply and strode off, only to have Instructor Kanui's tackle ruin such a threatening exit. "Leooooooon!!!!" Kanui cooed. "What happened to our date?!"

"It's not a real date!" Valentine snarled. "You beat me in poker, so what? I'm only following the bet's rules because I'm not the type to break them. Now let go!"

"It's still a date!" Kanui whined as they proceeded out of the Library. "What's your favorite color? I'll wear it!"

Jou could only scratch his head in confusion. What was that all about?

Jaden, Alexis and Cyrus had uncharacteristically sat next to each other in Jou's classroom much to the amazement of the other students. While Jaden and Cyrus were normally together was fine with the higher ups, considering that they're both in the same dormitory, but Alexis sitting to Jaden's right was a bit unsettling. Despite Jaden being an exceptional duelist, he was still called a lowlife by the Obelisk Blue students and they began to wonder if Alexis had her sights on lower-class boys.

They didn't know, though, that secretly...no, silently, they were united with the fact that they wished for Jou's return back to his class. And as their heads of the dorms had not said anything pertaining to the fact, they could only hope that Jou was allowed to teach them.

"What if they refused to let Mr. Kaiba back to the Academy?" Cyrus bit his thumb in worry.

"Don't jinx it, Truesdale," Alexis warned, though she was also fervent with nervousness. "He could be late is all."

"Both of you guys chill," Jaden leaned back comfortably. "I know for a fact that he will be here. Just wait."

It was Jaden's overconfident stride that made them calm down. After all, Jaden was usually right on a lot of things.

The door slid open and everyone dropped their professional stride to lean forward and see who was approaching the class room. The trio's breaths were hitched with anticipation.

But it was Crowler's profile that stepped forth and murmur was hurried among the students until Crowler rudely commanded them to shut up. Jaden glared at the offending teacher.

"Where's Instructor Katsuya Kaiba?"

"That's none of your business, child!" Crowler growled threatening at his little rival in red.

"It is SO my business!" Alexis shook her head at Jaden's outburst. "It's our teacher!"

Crowler's head began to grow a tick and threw the Instructor's laser pointer at Jaden's head to which he smartly ducked and instead hitting Chazz between the eyes. "Let me speak, you brat!"

"That hurts, damn it!" Chazz hissed under his breath, glaring down at Jaden's uncaring mop of brown hair. "You're gonna get it, Yuki!"

"Threats from rich boys don't bother me!" Jaden grinned wildly. "Go cry to your rich brothers than to me!"

Bastion swiftly held Chazz back who was ready to hurl himself at the defiant Slifer Red. "Now, now, Princeton. Let's calm down like men!"

"Don't let the kid bother you, Princeton," Zane typed nonchalantly on his laptop. "He wants you to act like a fool. You'll become a bad example of us Obelisk Blues."

Chazz stiffened and huffed back into his seat, instead glaring daggers at the Jaden's head.

"Are you quite finished?!" Crowler bellowed then returned to his swift demeanor. "Instructor Liore is no longer your Instructor for this class. He has been expelled from the Academy."

"What?!" Jaden exclaimed.

"That's not fair!" Alexis answered indignantly.

"Let me finish!!!!" Crowler bellowed angrily. When they resorted to silence he added. "Now I'm finished."

"He's right. Instructor Liore is no more," The door slid open. Jou stepped in and smartly grabbed Crowler into a not-really-friendly headlock. His Slifer Red Instructor uniform seemed to be as bright as his demeanor.

Jaden nearly jumped from his seat. "Jou!"

Jou smiled affectionately as he threw the snarling Crowler out of his classroom and started up the holographic screen. "Class, my name is Instructor Katsuya Kaiba and from now on, I'll be your teacher of this subject."

Almost all of the students erupted in cheers.


"This is Heaven!!!" Rivers of tears cascaded down Chumley's face and almost ecstatically picked up his fork and knife at the ocean of many different types of food set on the Slifer Red table. "You ARE up there, God!"


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