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She watched him like she did every night when he was there. She didn't know who he was, (besides that his name was Frank), or where he was from, though his accent sort of gave him away. One thing she did know was that whenever he was in her bar, he was doing business. And judging from her instinct, it wasn't very safe, and probably very illegal. But that wasn't her job to share her opinions, it was to serve the customer, and the customer was always right.

Making her way over she stood in front of him, he didn't look at her, he never did, eyes always on the door, waiting for his next assignment. But she knew he had to drink some time, and she knew exactly what would come next.

"Water, bottled, not open,..."

"...or chilled, medium sized glass, with 4 cubes of ice" She said looking down at her note pad writing it. She didn't need to, but it made her look busy. He turned toward her, looked her up and down, she raised her head smiling.

"Am I mistaken?"

He didn't say anything , just stared at her, now she wished he never looked at her. Those eyes will haunt her for the rest of her life. Finally he spoke, breaking the trance.

"No, it's fine"

"Coming right up..."

She put her pencil back behind her ear and notepad in her apron. He gave a smirk when he watched her leave. She walked over to the other side of the bar and got out a bottled water. Grabbed the glass and shoveled four cubes of ice into it. Taking a tray she set it down and walked back over to him. He now had company. She made a disgusting sound to herself. It was one of the men who had been coming in every week watching Frank. Not only did she dislike this man, he had tried to get her to sleep with him for the past week. It was not pleasing, so swallowing her pride and walked over and set the tray in front of Frank.

"One bottle of water, unopened, not chilled, medium glass, with 4 cubes of ice...is that all I can get for you this evening Frank"

"Thats all for now Terri" He said while pouring the bottle of water into the glass. How did he know who she was? She shook her head and turned toward his company.

"That will be 4.50 ..And sir, anything I can get for you this evening?"

"Bourbon Sour"

Frank watched as she took the order and drank his water. He watched as she put on a fake smile and nodded her head.

"Anything else?"

"Your number?"

Frank coughed on his water. He grabbed a napkin and turned away to wipe his mouth.

"Let's get back on track here, I'm on a schedule" He said to hurry things along.

"Just a Bourbon Sour"

Terri walked away to let them talk, and mixed the other mans drink. She set it on the tray and then walked back over to them handing it to the man with Frank. She came in on the end of their conversation.

"It will arrive precisely at 12 pm that afternoon. I leave at 12:01, no waiting, no questions, any questions?"

"Perfect, I think this will work out perfectly.

Terri stuck the tray under her arm, "That will be 10 dollars" The man smiled and put a 50 dollar bill in between his index and middle finger in front of her.

"Keep the change darling, in fact, why not tel me when you get off work and we can discuss a even bigger tip, if you play the cards well"

Frank eyed the man suspiciously. Terri smiled and leaned over the bar and whispered into his ear taking the fifty, "I don't associate with scum bags who flaunt money for sex" She leaned back away from him. She slammed the 50 back down in front of him. Making people stop and stare. " Like I told you last night and the 4 nights before, we don't like your kind. Now...if you would be so kind and take your money and leave, don't make me call Bubba" The man rose from his seat and put both hands on the bar. Frank was clutching the napkin in his hand. Ready to make his move.

"You better watch your mouth bitch, you don't know what man you're dealing with" Terri met his gaze and smiled.

"Oh yeah, point him out, cause i can tell you one thing, if your a man, your one sorry piece of shit for one" and that was it.

He lunged over to grab her, Terri jumped back slamming into the bar. But nothing happened, Frank had stood up and grabbed the mans hand twisting it behind his back, and with Franks free hand he smashed the man's face against the table.

"I believe the lady asked you to leave" He whispered into the struggle mans ear. He pushed himself away from the guy and shook off his coat. The man wiped the blood off his face and backed up, right into Bubba, the bouncer.

"Deals off" Frank said as the other man was escorted out of the club. Frank walked over to where he was sitting, and started to help Terri clean up the mess.

"Sorry about that," Frank said. Teri wiped her forehead and smiled.

"Comes with the job I suppose..." Frank stopped and looked at her "I meant, being a bartender...idiots like him don't go well with the truth. But nice job though...with the whole flipping things you just did" When she said flipping she tried to reenact with her hands. But failed, he laughed and then pulled out his wallet. He pulled out a hundred and was about to give it to her, she stopped him.

"No, its ok, it wasn't your fault, I was the one" She rambled but he stopped her.

"I insist"

She hesitated for a moment then took the money. She was about to say something when her boss came out and waved across the room for her.

"I got to go...duty calls"

"Yeah, me to, thanks for the water"

"Thanks for the bar brawl"

He laughed, she could never get tired of that laugh.

"Yeah...welcome for that, goodnight Terri"

"Good night Frank..."

He walked out the door and Terri walked over to her boss, time to face the music.

1 hour later

Terri was ecstatic to be let off early, but she wasn't ecstatic about having to walk to her apartment in the dark, at two o clock in the morning on a Sunday. She knew the risk, this was LA, but it's the price you have to deal with when you cant afford to fix your car. Something wasn't right though.

Wrapping her coat around her she stopped and looked behind her. No one. She turned back and wrapped the coat tighter, as if it was some way to protect herself. Slipping her hands into her pockets she continued walking. She heard a noise behind her and turned around. Nothing. She sighed and told herself it was nothing and continued walking. She was about a block away from home when she heard another sound behind her and she turned around, it was nothing, just a car on a trash can. She put a hand up to her chest and laughed. Turning around she said to herself...

"Terri your justing imaging things...AHH". She screamed when there in front of her was the man from earlier at the bar. He grabbed her and turned her around so that his chest was pushed against her back. He pressed and knife up to her throat.

"Stupid Bitch I needed him, and you had to go and piss me off. Now thanks to you I'm up shit creek. So now I'm gonna make you pay." He carried her down the street to an alley, with her kicking and trying to get away. She wasn't succeeding. He turned her again and pressed her up against the wall, choking her. He held the knife in his teeth and attempted to undo his pants. Terri didn't know what to do, she was pinned against a wall, being choked to death and now was about to be raped. Only a miracle could save her now. Then suddenly

" 'Ello mate"

A punch sent her attacker flying off of her and she slid down the wall, instantly bringing her hands to her throat. She tried to move and get up but she couldn't feel her legs. She heard lots of noises and yelling, and then it suddenly went quiet.

A dark figure knelt in front of her, she tried to fight him off

"Terri! Terri! It's Frank! Can you hear me? Are you ok?"

That British voice was the last thing Terri heard before slipping into total darkness.

"Bloody Hell"

Was the choice of words he uttered when he felt Terri slip unconsciousness. He did was any other man would do. He took off his jacked and wrapped it over her body, seeing as her coat was ripped in the attack. Picked her up in his arms and carried her to his car.

Driving back to his home he opened the gate and drove up to his garage. After parking the car, he went to the back seat to get Terri, he picked her up and brought her into his house. Carrying her to the guest room he set her on the bed, after making she she was alright he walked out shutting the door. Going downstairs he un tucked his cuffs, and he undid his tie. Then walked over to the alarm system punched the code and set it on. Unbuttoning his shirt he walked back upstairs to his room, shutting the door, hoping for a quiets nights rest.

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