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Terri walked out of the ballroom and then ran. Ran as fast as her heels could take her, she needed to get to the basement.


It had been 1 hour since Frank had been arrested. He was tossed in some tiny cell that Phillip had on the grounds. If he could get out of the cell he could take the 3 guards he had out easily and silent, but things just had to be difficult.

"Comfortable?" One of guards asked.

"Fantastic...would you mind not speaking to me, your voice is causing my brain to loose cells"

The two other guards laughed at their captain when Frank had told him off. The captain walked over to Frank's cell.

"You better watch your mouth...your already in deep shit, and my boss has got some nice things planned for you"

"And I got some for you Michael..." Michael turned around to see Terri leaning against the door, the face aching with seduction. Frank's eyes got wide what is she doing here!

"Uh...Ms. Shaw...your not suppose to be down here..."

Terri walked over to him. Swinging her hips, the other guards eyes eyed with hunger.

"Is it my brother...don't let him intimidate you, i don t...besides..." She was now standing directly in front of him. guard number 2 and 3 were on each of her sides. Not directly next to her but a few feet away. She smiled and leaned up to Michaels ear, staring directly into franks eyes, "...you just as big and bad as he is...don't you trust me on that" Michael nodded, "Well...you shouldn't"

She head butted Michael, then kneed him in the gut, while raising the chair next to her and throwing it at the guard on her left. Causing him to fall over against the wall, injured. Guard number 3 then grabbed his gun and got it out, but not quick enough. She grabbed the arm that had the gun and twisted it around, punching him in the face, knocking him out cold.

"Terri behind you!" Frank yelled.

She turned around and there was guard number two, no gun but a knife. She took her stance smiling. Then motioned for him to approach her. He lunged for her she blocked his move and knocked him to the ground. He took the knife and raise it up under her dress splitting it down the side. She did a full 360 trying to not get cut. She looked down at her dress and smiled.

"Thanks" She ran forward and kicked him in the face, heels piecing his neck. He fell backwards, holding his neck. She then brought out a silencer from her holster that was underneath her dress and walked over , shot him in the head, and the same for the other guards. Walking over to the keys on the shelf she picked up the one to Franks cell, when she got there she opened it. Told Frank to turn around and unlocked the keys to the cuffs. When he faced her again she immediately wrapped her arms around him. Then brought her hand to his face, "I had to do it...it was the only way to get out out of their...I gout your note and you were right, Phillip has gone crazy, he and Donald both, Frank I'm so sorry" She hid her face in his chest. Frank just rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. Looking at the scene in front of him. Terri looked up and around, "We don't have much time come on" She handed Frank the gun and then brought the other she had out of her other leg holster.

"Who are you?"

They walked up the stairs and into a deserted hallway, Terri ignored him, Frank got upset and grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall.

"I asked you a question, what the Fuck is going on Terri"

"Alright...My name is Theresa, or Terri for short. I'm undercover agent for the CIA"

"So you lied to me"

"No I didn't lie to you Frank, everything you know about me is the truth, Albert is..or was my father, I found out about him when I was 19 years old, I was already working for the CIA then. After meeting my father it was like i was the daughter he always wanted, Phillip has always been jealous. When my father suspected that his new client Donald was trying to set him up, the CIA sent me in. I didn't realize I would go so far though"

"How long have you been doing this?"

"Ive been undercover for 6 years...Frank I have never lied to you"

"I know...but right now...we have to talk about this later because you need to duck..."



Frank pushed Terri away and stopped the club the guard was about to hit her with. He used the club to bring him closer and then broke his grip on it. Frank flipped the club over to the handle side and then smack the guard across the face with it.

"Holy shit! I didn't even hear him"

"Your lucky I saw him"

"We gotta go Frank...there is a bomb in this building, and if we don't find it...it wont be good"

Frank nodded and they both ran down the hallway. Terri turned the corner and found the elevator. They pushed the button to go to the main level.

"How big is this place?"

"Big enough to explode and make it look like a terrorist attack that you did"

"What exactly is going on?"

"Before my father was killed, he signed over a new will last year, leaving everything to me. Phillip was upset and thats when he turned to Donald apparently"

"If your father and you are dead then he gets the money for it. And since he cant shoot you like he did his father he plans to just blow you up. And I'm the scapegoat."


The elevator dinged and the door opened. Frank made sure it was clear and told her to follow him. When they reached the room that Phillip and Donald were in she stopped him. Told him to wait while she got the guards out.

She stood in front of the doors and ruffled her hair, ripped more of her skirt, then she opened the door and ran into the room.

"Donald, he escaped! He tried to strangle me! He had a gun and he shot the guards...Donald he is free!" Donald's eyes got wide.

"Guards! Search the grounds, I want that man back here!"

They nodded and ran out the door. Frank wait for the door to close before he shot them all, using the silencer. Donald walked over to Terri and put his hand on her face.

"No one will touch you again"

"Take your hand off her"

Donald froze and put his hand up. Frank had walked into the room and had his gun to Donald's head. Phillip was about to grab his when Terri grab hers and pointed it at him.

"Oh no Dear brother, I'm afraid the rules are going to take a turn for the worst for you. How dare you, humiliate me and the family with your excursions and then you do this"

"You don't know what you are talking about"

"Oh yeah...Why don't you call Susan...Wait you cant...her body was found a month ago in the river outside New York, nice job though."

Frank pushed Donald forward to Phillip.

"I mean you got Donald to burn off her prints and then removed her teeth, what did she do huh? Find someone better, were the drugs not what she wanted from you"

"Shut up!"

"No. you FUCKING SHUT UP. You killed our father you sick bastard, because of money..all because of fucking money. You could've had it all"

"Shut up you whore. Your just like your mother. Aw daddy sure loved her, that one night in heaven brought you into our little world. Daddy's princess. And the pain in the ass to the rest of us. Do you know what it was like, to have your own mother leave you when you are 7 because your father was unfaithful and had a child with another woman. Only to have that child grow up and become his favorite"

"He loved you"

"Not like you, you were everything he ever wanted, I was his name"

All of a sudden Terri felt pressure against her back.

"Ah Issac nice of you to join us" Donald said as Frank turned to see Issac holding Terri with a gun to her back.

"Drop it" he said. Terri dropped her gun, "You to" He said to Frank. Frank did the same also.

"Well looks like the tables have turned" Phillip opened the crate to reveal a bomb. He set the timer for 15 min. Make sure it didn't go off to soon. Phillip wanted to get away.

Terri looked over at Frank, she had her hands raised. He nodded to her, she nodded back. Suddenly she elbowed Issac in the solar p lex. Then grabbed his arm with the gun and banged it against her knee making it drop. Then she flipped him over. Frank then grabbed the gun he placed down and shot at the now running Donald and Phillip. He got Phillip in the leg, but Donald escaped through the door.

Terri stood up with her gun in her hand, she kicked Issac and told him to stand, he did and raised his hands, "Please...I've always liked you"

"You know, I think I want you to kneel" She shot him in the leg. Then she pressed her heel into the wound. He screamed. She shot him in the head, death coming quickly.

"TERRI!We got to go" Frank screamed to her. She ran over and was almost to the door, he was right after her, then it happened. She heard a shot and then covered herself. She wasn't bleeding then she looked at Frank, who was kneeling on the ground screaming, holding his shoulder, he was shot. Phillip had a gun in his hand. She was about to run over but Frank looked up holding his wound.


"I'm not leaving you!"

"Damn it Terri! Go!"

Swallowing the tears she turned running past the bullets. She made her way tot he outside and ran into the arms of a police officer. She looked around...there were hundreds of agents there, but she never made a call. She then focused on the police officer in front of her.

"Officer inside! There is a man injured"

"I'm sorry we need to come over here, there was a bomb threat and we need to clear the grounds..."


"Terri!" Terri looked over to see Tony. She ran over and he hugged her, "Where's Frank?"

She pointed to the house. Tony held her close.


"You know I always though about my Sisters taste in men. She never was a great picker"

"You seemed to like Donald"

"He was a business deal, nothing more, nothing less"

Phillip kicked Frank in the stomach.

"Why don't you fight like a real man?"

"Like you?" Frank said holding his stomach.

"How much more man to you possibly need? Now if you would be so kind and die!"

He was about to shoot frank when Frank grabbed a knife from his ankle and stabbed Phillip in the leg. Phillip screamed, already having one leg with a bullet, now the other with a gun, it must've been painful. Standing up Frank looked at Phillip. Frank spit blood on the floor then wiped his mouth. Taking in this pathetic scene. He then leaned over Phillip and put his head in his hands. Leaning his face so close, he whispered, "You wanted to make me upset and fight, well you got it, but you, are NOTHING" He set him up so that Phillip was kneeling, facing the same way Frank was, with his back to him. Frank spun around and the kicked him. Causing Phillips neck to break, slumping over dead.

Frank straightened his coat and then looked at the bomb


"SHIT!" He dashed out of the room.


"I NEED TO HELP HIM. SOMEBODY GO AND HELP HIM" Terri screamed. Tony had her in her arms as she struggled to break free. She shoved Tony away and made a dash for the house, another officer was already on her tail, and thats when it happened.

The entire house blew up into a giant ball of fire into the night. The officer grabbed Terri , threw her to the ground covering her body with his, while her screaming. The officer yelled for her to stay down. The fire department showed up and ran to the house. Terri pushed the officer off of her and stood on her feet. She ran her dirty hands through her hair and screamed, then began sobbing, reaching for the house she walked, Tony ran up to her and stopped her hugging her. She screamed and sobbed. Yelling his name into the night. Tony wrapped his arm around her back and neck, trying to calm her down...she sunk to the ground.

"Frank..." She sobbed.


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