Chapter 2

Severus awoke with an awful headache. His eyes tingled when streaks of light hit him. He sat up and coughed ,his throat was burning.

" Severus are you alright?"

" Dont touch me Mother" cried Severus. " I dont want to speak to anyone".

" I'm sorry. I dont like this way of life any more than you do. But we have to bare it".

" Why do we have to Mother? Why do I have bare it? I'm not like you Mother. I cant just lie down and let someone walk over me. Where is Father?"

" I hit him with a memory charm , he's gone down to the pub. He wont remember any of this Severus. We are safe now. He'll just come home and I will have his meal ready".

Severus sat up. " Until the next time Mother. Until he gets angry or feels like using us like human punch bags. Yes Mother we will be safe , until then".

" You musn't talk about your Father like that Severus. He does his best. He just doesn't understand you and I. He cant see us for what we really are. He only see's the abnormal side. Eileen placed her hand on his shoulder. He cant see the boy that I love Severus. But I can , and thats what matters. The importent thing is for you to do well at school and get as many NEWTS as you can".

" I hate school Mother. Those Gryfindors , well one or two of them...they are ..."

" Severus not everyone is going to like you. What about the Slytherins , haven't you friends there".

Severus laughed. " Well I talk to Belatrix occasionaly , and Malfoy and Dolohov. I supose you could call them that".

" Well then. There is no need to be unhappy after all. Remember you have Albus Dumbledore as you headmaster. I remember him , when I was at school , and Professor Slughorn has complimented you on your potion skills".

" Have you packed for school? I will be going into Diagon Alley later. I will bring you to the train station".

" Theres no need Mother. I'm seventeen. I can apparate myself".

" Severus , I would like to accompany you. Please let me...I ...dont want to be shut up in this house with that man any more than you do."

Severus sighed and picked up his wand. " Very well , come on then. We better go quickly".