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Pairing: Shadow x Amy With hints of Knuckles x Rouge and Sonic x Someone...

Chapter One

Warning: Language.

All I've known has been destroyed, all by that damned pink hedgehog and her friends. How DARE they remind me of my promise. My promise to Maria. Maria...

The dark sullen Hedgehog sat against a window pane looking out over Westopolis. Rain splattered down onto the thousands of people in the city. He looked down at them from his perch with distaste. They have no idea how close they came to perishing. Foolish Humans. He remembered helping that blue faker save the planet, he remembered Maria but he did not remember surviving the fall to earth after the faker and he moved the ARK to stable space. He Shook his head clearing the image of the blue faker. He did not wish to think about him. He was the Ultimate, he did not think about blue faker. He stood from his sitting position, fully forgetting Sonic. He stretched to loosen out his muscles, He wished to run. Run to where ever his legs took him. Shadow made his way to the roof, jumping up the grey boring concrete steps two at a time. He came to a door at the top of the stairs, a green door. It's significance to him was freedom from this disgusting place. He opened the door and the rain lashed in like bullets. He cherished the feel of the cold wetness on his fur. He walked fully out in the rain, letting it beat down on his black and red quills. He walked to the edge of the building, stood there for a few minutes with his arms folded looking down upon the moving umbrella's on the street below. Shadow grunted at them. He unfolded his powerful arms and jumped over the ledge. Falling through the air he stealthily manoeuvred himself and was soon running down the wall instead of falling. As he reached the bottom he jumped to the floor, startling a few of the passers by. They obviously recognised the mysterious hedgehog as they all moved back in fear. Shadow looked disdainfully at them before running straight forward away from Westopolis and away from the humans.

Shadow ran. Ran until he was gasping for breath. The black and crimson Hedgehog found a place to rest himself. He had no idea where he was, and he was content with that. If he didn't know where he was then humans wouldn't know where he was either. Well that was his logic. He sat beneath a beautiful willow tree, surrounded by grassland and a beautiful crystal blue lake. He sat with one leg close to his chest and the other stretched outright. He shut his crimson eyes and let the quietness and tranquillity rush over him. It didn't change anything inside the hedgehog though, he liked the silence, it reminded him of the ARK. A small noise was heard in the distance and Shadow's ear twitched in annoyance. He opened one crimson eye to survey his surroundings. As quiet as those voices were, he could tell they were headed his way. Can't I ever be on my own without being interrupted! He listened harder and heard a familiar female voice, along with another female voice that he didn't recognise. Shit, it's her. Shadow sighed audibly, he got up from his comfortable position deciding now was a good time to leave before he was spotted. He started to run but he was stopped in his tracks my a squealing voice

"SHADOW!" a shrill female voice ran through the once peaceful woods. He turned his head to the side and stared at the owner of the offending voice. There stood Amy Rose, a beautiful pink hedgehog in her dark pink dress, her knee high boots and the red band in her hair. Shadow frowned as he waited for her to say more. His eyes flicked to the rabbit stood beside Amy. He recognised her, but only just. Cream stood there looking at Shadow fear evident in her eyes, but she stood strong alongside her hedgehog friend.

"What?" He replied

"Oh nothing silly. I just haven't seen you for ages" She smiled at him. Shadow on the other hand became suspicious of her motives.

"Your point?" This obviously wasn't the reply she was expecting because she visibly stiffened and her smile vanished to be replaced by a frown.

"I was going to ask if you wanted to join Cream and I, but since you've been so rude. I'll pass" She huffed. Shadow smiled slightly. He always knew which buttons to press on people. "Come on Cream" Amy steamed striding past the dark Hedgehog ignoring him. Shadow's eyes watched her stride past him and he felt a sudden urge to hold her. He quickly shook his head and glared at Cream as she followed Amy. Cream on the other hand was more concerned about Amy, she knew Amy liked Shadow, and this just made Cream upset for Amy.

As Amy stalked away from the moody Shadow, her expression changed to one of sorrow. Cream is my only friend. Why does Tails have to agree with Sonic all the time... and why does Shadow hate me...The Rose Hedgehog thoughts led her to one conclusion. She was annoying. She almost laughed at the thought, but she couldn't help the possibility of it being true.

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