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Without warning, he charged. The girl was nothing; she only stood in his way. Yet… she meant the difference between win or loose.

Hotaru ran towards her father when he fell from the sky. He did not move anymore, didn't even flinch for a second. Could he have been defeated?

The other ones in the sky kept his friends and family away from them both. However, none payed attention to the girl who tried to get some movement into her father's unconscious body.

'NO!' Star cried as she tried to zero in onto her enemies. They kept coming and coming. No one let her pass, she could not find a gap to fly through and help her husband. In addition, her nightmare seemed to become reality as she saw her daughter run towards Blade. She was not even a Tekka!

David did not know what happened. He just charged and ploughed into the enemy, knocking them out of the sky, as if he was king. To see Star unhappy was a nightmare to him. Natasha and Yumi followed, but they did not come far. Before they knew it, Star was the only one left and alone.

Held captive by the enemy, David watched as one of them flew away from the crowd.

As the Tekka enemy flew towards her, she moved between him and her father. With her arms spread out as if she was the last one standing – she indeed was. The Tekka landed onto the driveway and walked towards her.

He spat out, as if he was talking to an insect.

'You better stay out of my way.' she hissed, 'Or bad things could happen to you.'

In his eyes, she seemed small, meaningless. As the Tekka moved towards her, little lines spread out across her body, a little sign of a crystal appeared onto her forehead.

'Go away!' she hissed a last warning. Nevertheless, the Tekka kept moving in, and she crossed her arms before her chest.

The little lines became brighter and brighter as the Tekka moved in. He did not know what happened in front of him, but his mission was clear: Kill Blade, kill his family and kill all those who opposed him and find the defender.

When he was just a few feet away from her, she transformed in a light blue light. Before he knew it, a small Tekka stood in front of him, with wings like those of a dragon, a glaive, and a shield. Though he was afraid of her appearance, he did not move away from her. Her design was not of a warrior, but of someone who defended. He had triggered her.

The glaive began to glow bright blue and electricity ran across the crystal blade. 'Go away.' she said for the last time, her voice more metallic than before. 'Go away and never come back!' she spat, 'leave my family alone!'

The electricity became an orb, that grew and grew, and eventually, she held the glaive in front of her, as the orb rapidly moved towards him.

He could not defend himself as she launched the attack.

David managed to free himself, flew towards Star, and freed her of the enemy, who tried to hold her back. She immediately flew towards her husband and daughter, and the actions of her little girl stunned her. She was not a Tekka! The only thought run through her head, she was not a Tekka!

She was, a special type but rare.

Blade still lay unconscious on the driveway as David picked him off the ground, 'We'd better get the heck out of here!' he yelled at her. All she had eye for was her husband. She tried to send to him, telepathically, but he did not answer. Was he dead? On the other hand, was he just out? She did not know.

David flew away from the scene, and as predicted, Star followed him. She went everywhere her husband went.

The Tekka tried to run off, but the orb was faster than he was. It closed him in, and he cried from the pain that the orb gave him. Hotaru spread out her wings, and the orb became smaller and smaller. Without a trace, the enemy disappeared and only a little crystal was left of him.

After the battle, Hotaru collapsed onto her knees, transformed and felt sick to her stomach. This was something that had hurt her into her soul. What she had been through was unreal, she thought.

From a large distance, Dead End watched the little show. She might be the daughter of Blade, but she needed training. Now. Now that they were all down.


Yumi had landed near the young woman and tried to comfort her. Yumi was not too dangerous.

He flew towards the women, 'Morning.'

'Dead! What the heck are you doing here?' she said to him, 'Go away!'

'No, you go away.' With one blow of his fist to her head, he knocked her out. 'She wasn't trained to well.' He muttered and looked down to Blade's daughter. Afraid, she stared at his face. Without warning, he picked her up from the ground.

When Yumi came to her senses, Hotaru was gone.


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