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It is just a start, so you will hear from me some time around.

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Prisoner 22301


Dead smiled when the soft summer night wind caught his hair and stroked his face. It tingled a little bit, and it would rain soon. He had spent enough nights outside to know that it would rain… the wind was somewhat moist… However, above, him in the sky, there were no signs of rain. The stars still twinkled, as the only ones who saw him as he truly was.

A youngster, who was alone and needed a friend and a home, who needed someone to love him.

The Command Centre was a cold building; it gave him no feeling of being home. The windows… the canyon in which it was build… the sky… it gave him no sense of being home, of being safe. All that mattered to him was to protect Blade's daughter. She was their only defender, and the only one who could defend Lree, the cruel woman of the Radamu. He could still feel her around, the way she had tried to manipulate his mind. She had felt he was from Earth and still had a deep wish to protect it.

'Penny for your thoughts!' Yumi smiled, she was happy as always when she saw him standing at the balcony.

Dead turned around, the wind lay down, 'You don't want to know what I was thinking…' he whispered at her, 'Be glad you have a home and a loving family.'

Yumi bit her lower lip, what on Earth did he mean by that? 'So you feel alone?' and she grabbed his arm, 'Now you don't have to feel alone anymore! We are your family now!' Yumi smiled at the thought of her new friend.

'Let him go.' Natasha said to her, 'He needs some time to acclimatize here.' But Dead let her hold on to his arm. He liked it, the warmth of a human body close to his own, the way she liked him and held on to him. As if he was her older brother.

'How is Blade?' he asked Natasha, he knew she had come out of the control room.

'He's still somewhat weak, but it's not what you want to know, eh?' Natasha smiled, 'It's someone else?'

Dead nodded, 'Indeed it is…'

Natasha sighed, 'Since that happened, y'know, a few days ago, that person can't leave her alone. You see her sending constantly, as if she has a constant fight with that person. Hotaru is getting tired of it…'

'Poor girl, she always wanted to be with her family, and now she is, but I am not sure whether she likes it or not…' Yumi smiled sadly, 'Life's cruel.'

Indeed, thought Dead, life is cruel. Hotaru deserves a safe haven. A place she can live out her life in freedom. At what cost?

Blade watched his daughter sleep. He had taken over her task of fighting off Lree. Now that he knew how to do that, he felt strong and capable enough to do so. For a few days, she had been sending and shielding them all. It was hard and in the end, Star had found her daughter unconscious on the floor, exhausted.

For now, she did not sleep at all. Dr. Sash had drugged her so she would stay unconscious. She needed her rest. Was this her destiny, her faith? He wanted to protect his daughter so much; he was willing to die for her, just to end her suffering. It would not end there. It was going to be very hard…

Finally she woke up, it must have been somewhere in the evening. Blade watched her as her eyes fluttered open. For a moment, she did not know what had happened.

'Dad?' she did not understand what had happened. To see him so worried alarmed her.

With a comforting smile he took her into his arms, 'It's okay now… I took over… and she doesn't like me anymore.' For a moment, she smiled sadly, a smile similar to Star when she was worried about him. 'Truly, she hates me, now that I strike back.' He blew away a bang in front of his eyes.

With her head on his shoulder she broke down in tears, 'All this time I wanted to be with you and mom… but now I am with you, and I am not sure whether I like it or not.'

Truly, he had to admit, he had never seen his daughter cry. He and Star knew what his daughter had done in her childhood due to the au pair. However, she never was a stranger to him, she felt a stranger to them… For the first day in her life, she felt wanted and safe when he took her into his arms and let her cry.

'None of us wanted this honey… but on the other hand… what if this all had never happened?' he spoke with a soft soothing voice, that reassured her every time. 'What if your mother never found me? I would still be dreaming of that lovely young woman that beat me up with that Martial Arts contest. Moreover, I would never ever have had you… my lovely daughter. What if the Radamu had never transformed me into a Tekkaman? Earth would have been taken over and I probably would have battled against Earth.' He smiled at her and she smiled back through her tears.

She felt fragile when he picked her of off bed and put her onto her feet, 'I would never have had such a beautiful daughter.'

'What will become of us now… will we all survive?' she whispered in fear.

Blade sighed, 'Maybe... who knows… time will tell.' He let go and took her outside, to the corridors, 'You will become part of the team within a few days… but before that is done, there is something you and I will take care off.' He smiled a bit strangely, 'You will need a pilot and a shuttle.'

Hotaru raised an eyebrow, 'what are you talking about?'

Both wandered through the corridors now, to a hall Hotaru had never seen. Blade had not said a word for at least half an hour. Finally, they reached a huge door, taller than her father was when in armour. Hotaru placed her hand on it, it was cold, hard material.

'This door is made out of Ferro Neutrino, a door that kept me safe during the first war. Now… it keeps something else safe.'

'Pegas?' she asked, for she had heard the stories about the gigantic robot.

Blade shook his head. 'No, the Blue Earth.'

This flabbergasted Hotaru, for she had learned that the Blue Earth 1 had been demolished at the end of the first war; that her uncle Ringo Richards suffered injuries because of the crash with the Space Ring.

Blade showed his Tekksetter to the small security computer and it scanned the crystal. 'I thought that those crystals didn't hold any energy?' she wondered, a little bit afraid for what was about to happen.

'Indeed, but every Tekksetter has its own unique color what cannot be copied. I'll insert yours later.' The doors parted with a sound as if they had not opened for a long time. Nevertheless, the air was sweet and breathable, unlike she had thought. Lights went on and blinded her for a few moments.

In the middle of the great hangar stood – silent like a sentinel – the Blue Earth 1.

In awe, she walked towards the spaceship, as if she approached a king… 'It's beautiful…'

'She is just a little bit damaged here and there, nothing Mac cannot handle. And to Yumi working on this piece of machinery will be a great honor.'

'But who will fly it?' she asked, 'You can repair it, but without a pilot, it's useless. And I can't fly, because I still don't have my license.'

Blade smiled first, and than burst out into a laughter, 'Your pilot!'

Flabbergasted she stared at him, 'Okay, hate to say it, but you have just gone nuts.'

He hiccupped for a few seconds due to the laughter. 'No. You have just received your first mission. Retrieve your pilot.' With that, he climbed up the left wing, helped his daughter up, and opened the door to the BE1.

She had entered a new world, strange and yet she felt at home and exited! 'Who will pilot it?' she asked her father, but he only smiled.

'It's time that you and I have a little father-daughter quality time. And by that I mean that you will go on your first mission, with this beautiful piece of machinery.' He patted her on the back, 'I think I can still fly this machine… It knows me.'

Hotaru raised an eyebrow, now she did not understand her father anymore. 'I took it out at the start of the first war, when it was ready, and I don't think Ringo liked me for that. We had a…kind of… a rough start with our friendship…'

She shook her head. 'Does mom knows about this? Last time you flew out with Yumi, she was angry for at least a month and I didn't like that at all.'

Blade smiled at his daughter and entered the cockpit, 'I know how to make it up to her. I know how to do that…. Take a seat.'

She sat down at the left, just as her father always sat. He smiled about it... in the one and only battle he had seen of her, she had been very defensive, like Shara once was. Yet, her grace and beauty came from her mother. He just hoped that she would not end up like Shara.

Apparently, he had sent a code to the doors that connected the hangar with the outside world. Slowly they opened, and Blade let the old Blue Earth start its engines. Both roared loud and sounded strong, healthy. 'There we go!' he smiled like a boy with a new toy and started the afterburners.

With a thundering sound and high speed, the BE1 left the hangar and chose the sky. Hotaru held the backseat of the chair in fear; this was not what she had in mind!

'Space Knights aren't afraid of flight.' he spoke after a few moments.

'Well,' she answered, 'I am!'

Blade smiled, 'You will overcome that… look around you…' The BE1 flew above the clouds; it was a stunning sight. Next to them was a civilian airplane and on the other side lay a mountain ridge, which peaks came high above the clouds…

'Let's see if I still have it in me! Buckle up!' Like a young dog, he tried out his new toy. When Hotaru buckled up he let the BE1 spin around its axle, went into cross-flight and took a sharp dive down, nearly hit the water and went up again into the sky. Then it went back into cross flight, 'Liked that?'

'A little…' she had to admit, 'Can you do that again?' she asked him excitedly, 'Please?'

'Wait until Ringo has had the BE1 underneath his hands! It's said, and true, that he can do his crashes better than his landings!'

'Wait until Ringo has had… Are you suggesting that you want to save him?' she asked a little awkwardly, 'He is imprisoned!'

'Not when you are done with him.' her father said to her and broke through the atmosphere, 'You are going to save him.'


'Prisoner 22301?'

In this hall, a prison mess, without any windows and only guarded doors, a counting of prisoners took place. He was the only one left. All the others were already back to their cells, so they would not have missed one at all with the count. Prisoner 22301 was the only one left.

A tall blonde man stepped forward, his eyes full of hate against the ones who put him into prison. Where he was, he did not know, and he did not care. Today would be the day he would enter freedom. Today was the day he would die.

'See you in hell.' Ringo snarled and punched the first guard he saw. When he drew his fist back, it was drenched in blood. In his clenched fist, he held a small piece of metal, sharp enough to gut a man.

His legs lashed up high when the other guards charged at him and tried to take him down. Two managed to grab him from behind, but he managed to break free and slashed a throat before he turned to the other guard. 'Prisoner 22301! Don't do this!' yelled Mike, his best friend and a guard. However, Ringo was not about to be stopped by him and hit him unconscious with his elbow.

Ringo hadn't lost any of his strength when he charged, in fact, he had became stronger than he was in all those years and proved that by breaking bones, necks and smashing his fists into stomachs and faces. It gave him great joy to see them all go down, to see them crawl at his feet and lay dead on the ground. He would die today, and in a glorious battle!

Now he understood why Sabre had wanted to die like this, it felt great, marvelous! The longer this took - he was still smashing his fists, and feet into the bodies of guards - the greater the kick became. This was truly good!

Two guards entered the hall were the fight took place, took out their guns and aimed at him. 'Not a chance…' A bright white Tekka appeared behind them. Her eyes were gold, her wings made out of crystal moved between them and she smashed them away as if she swiped away a bug. Ringo watched the woman approach in awe. Well, if he had to die today, he would battle her as well! He grabbed a gun and fired it until it was empty.

She did not give in, 'That doesn't hurt me one bit…' she whispered softly, 'uncle, and we'd better go… now…'

This was awkward… If she intended to kill him, she would have charged a long time ago. However, she did not. Instead she treated him with respect and approached him. 'Come, I will bring you to the Blue Earth.'

'Impossible! The Blue Earth was demolished at the end of the war.' He did not know… he did not know!

'Care to see your honey?' More guards appeared in the hall and started firing at them both. Hotaru flew up; her wings spread out and covered Ringo with them. Bullets ricochet off of them and flew away in all different angles. Ringo could not believe his eyes - an enemy Tekka protected him!

Suddenly, she spread out her wings and within her hands appeared small orbs. They grew quickly larger and created an orb that covered Ringo totally.

#you may demolish the hall# the order was simple, #but no kills!#

Hotaru smiled inside her armour, #yes father#

She seemed to like it at the start… but now… when she saw the people moving in on her…

From afar, Blade could feel his daughter's fear growing; it was good that she knew how fragile a human's life was.

Within seconds, had the orb absorbed her as well, and she closed her hands before her chest. Then she spread out her hands, and the fragile shield grew so fast, that it knocked the guards off their feet. All of them lay unconscious on the floor. 'We'd better run.' She said to him, without paying attention to her surroundings.


'What took you so long?' Ringo was flabbergasted and felt as if he could faint when he saw Blade standing in front of the old Blue Earth. He could not bring out a simple word, only touched his friends face to see he was real and not a bad dream.

'You really need a shower… but right now I think it's time you take back what is yours!' Blade pointed towards the Blue Earth, 'I'm not half the pilot you are.'

'Blade… old buddy!' both hugged.

'Sorry to end your little reunion but several guards are approaching!' Hotaru said to them, 'Get aboard; I'll guard your backs!' She flew up; her wings spread out and created shields all around them as they entered the old Blue Earth. Blade smiled when he took place in his old seat, 'You fly flyboy!'

Ringo felt the equipment underneath his hands. It felt good, marvelous! 'But what is the flight plan?' he suddenly realized.

'There is none, just fly us out of here, and follow my daughter!'

Both men smiled at each other, 'You have a daughter? So you married Star?'

'We wanted to wait with that until we had freed you. And yes, the little angel out there is my daughter… she has the same temper as Star!'

Within seconds, Ringo had taken the Blue Earth out and Ringo finally saw his prison… 'The Space Ring?' he wondered… 'Did they keep me there?'

Blade nodded, 'Yes, and I have only found out recently… Sorry.'

'No need to apologize, hopefully your daughter avenged me a bit.' he said in return and enjoyed his newly found freedom a lot. 'Where to, captain?'

'See the coordinates?'


'Fly me to that place… fly the three of us home.' Blade said to him and watched his friend, 'You need a shower.'

For a moment, they stared at each other, and both burst out into laughter.


Hotaru enjoyed her newfound gifts and danced into the sky… no one had dared to follow them and she was happy about it. It didn't feel good to charge at those people, but a mission was a mission and she followed the orders. Against her heart's desire, tired but unhappy about the last thoughts she entered the Blue Earth…

'That is what a Space Knight sometimes has to do.' Ringo said, 'We've charged at your father's family, and none of us liked it, because we knew about their existence.'

Hotaru listened to him and stared to the outside world again. It felt better now that she had received information about that, but it still gnawed at her heart.

'Hey, lighten up will ya!' Ringo smiled at her, 'there will be better moments, moments of joy and friendship and safety...'

'And love.' Blade smiled, thinking back at the moment he fell for Star… right at the beginning of the war…

Slowly he gained sight of the Command Centre and Ringo had to blink to push back the tears that he felt burning behind his eyes… it was true, not a bad dream, he was home! He was free and he…

'WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU TWO BEEN!' A woman's voice yelled at both Blade and Hotaru. Hotaru hid behind her hands, her mother could have quite a temper.

'Saving Ringo?' Blade answered with an apologetic smile.

'Yeah, right!' she blazed, 'and the Radamu Queen is drinking tea with me right here, right now!'

'Star?' Thank heaven that the Blue Earth was on autopilot, or else they would have fallen from the sky.

'Ringo?' the sound of his voice made her realize it wasn't a lie, like Blade could lie to her… 'Ringo! it is you!' she smiled and laughed and cried all in the same time! 'But…'

'I think you should ask your beloved little daughter and your beloved boyfriend. And I should yell back at the both of you: WHY ON EARTH AREN'T YOU TWO MARRIED!'


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